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Marilyn Monroe

5 Love Lessons From Marilyn Monroe

Throughout the history of cinema, there has never been another screen legend quite like Marilyn Monroe—although her talent was often overshadowed by her many failed loves and her sex-symbol status. But even through the tough times, fighting illness and battling back from relationship woes, she was never without her sense of humor and many words of wisdom.

texting annoyed girl

Why Does He Only Text, Not Call Me?

Where have all the gentlemen gone? In this video from Fox News iMag, resident "bartender" Tobi Dragotta explores the oft-vexing question of why some men prefer to communicate via short, impersonal bits of text rather than hear someone's voice. How do you get a man to put in some effort and call you?

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

Why I Think Kim Kardashian's Quick Engagement Is A Good Thing

Kim Kardashian is catching a lot of flack for her engagement to Kris Humphries, considering her penchant for athlete boyfriends, just six months of dating and that 20-carat rock now strapped to her left ring finger. I've already heard nonsense rumors that this move is just a publicity stunt, and grumblings about the potential union failing before it even begins. Now, I am an admitted cynic. I would have no problem calling out Ms. Kardashian for a less-than wise dating decision, but I'm halting the criticism.

woman and man in bed

20 Percent Of Italians Favor Open Relationships Over Monogamy

Unfaithful politicians and celebrities have been blowing up the news lately, thanks to the wandering eyes of a certain former action star—ahem, Schwarzenegger! But high status men and women aren't the only ones who cheat, and no matter where you are in the world, acts of infidelity are hard to ignore.

cute wedding couple with bouquet in city

Wedding Survival Guide: Dos And Don'ts Of The Big Day

One thing I learned before I got married is that nobody loves to talk about weddings more than women who just got married. They’ll grab on to any socially acceptable opportunity to relive their experiences. Now, I’m one of those women who’s full of tips on how to get through your wedding day. One day, maybe you can pass a few of these dos and don’ts on to the next girl when you go to blab about your wedding.

Sexy woman holding Martini

High-Achieving Women Just As Likely To Cheat As Men

Joris Lammers, a professor from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, studied answers to an anonymous questionnaire given to more than 1,500 business magazine readers ranging from top execs to the clerks in the mailroom. Respondents were asked about their thoughts on power, how confident they were about their own status at work and how willing they were to take risks. Lammers found that women at the top are just as likely to cheat as their male colleagues. "The strongest predictors are not religion or moral belief but power and opportunity," he told the Daily Mail. "Power can undermine your morality and increase your risk-taking, and the effect of power on women is just as strong as on men."

bad boy

Love Bytes: Why Women Adore The Bad Boy

Love Bytes: 11 must-click love and relationship links. Why women continue to love the bad boys in their life, why getting married will not necessarily make you happier, and tips on how to improve your communication skills. These links, along with 15 fictional characters we want to sleep in our beds.