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Awkward Sex Advice From Cosmo: June Edition

Man, after a long day at work, it sure is nice to curl up on my couch with a lusty and luscious Cosmo and some Cameron Diaz sideboob! Which, by the way, I stared at for 10 minutes, wondering what would happen to dear Cameron if a gust of wind (or just some heavy breathing) blew through. I mean, can that even qualify as a shirt?


Link Love: Tiffany & Co's Guide To Romance

Six rules for great outdoor sex. 11 reasons being a woman is awesome. Rationale for a modest approach to summer date outfits. Tiffany & Co has a map of the world's most romantic moments. The 12 most-common things women look for in a dating dude. And when Dr. Drew says it's OK for a guy to go to a strip club.

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Is Religion Hurting Your Sex Life?

Religion might offer scores of personal benefits, but it looks like a great sex life isn't one of them. According to psychologist Darrel Ray from the University of Kansas, religious people suffer intense guilt during and after intercourse. Those devoted to their religion experienced regret after climaxing. Atheists and agnostics, on the other hand, boasted satisfying sex lives.

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Around The World In 9 Body Shapes: Which Country Is Sexiest?

It's a small, small world, but it's also a very diverse one. While true attractiveness comes from within (cue the "Kumbayah" music), men around the world do have different turn-ons when it comes to women's body shapes. While here in the U.S. we generally like a toned, sporty look, for example, in Spain, women don't put as much of an emphasis on working out and will smoke or skip a meal to be all skinny and waif-like. In the Caribbean, a lot of women are considered sexy if they're shaped like a Coke bottle—like Rihanna. And in Senegal, it's sexy to have a little meat on your bones—like Oprah.

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Best Ideas For Untraditional Bridesmaids Favors

If you're getting married this summer and wondering what to give your bridesmaids, look no further. The Frisky has come up with the distinguishing, creative bride's gift guide, featuring poetry books, silk scarves and unusual chocolate flavors. So be boring no more and make your bridal party the hippest around with these quirky favors.

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Complete This Sentence: The Best Part Of A Summer Romance Is...

Summer is the best season to fall in love. Tell us about your summer romances. Summer is the best season to fall in love. Tell us about your summer romances. Summer is the best season to fall in love. Tell us about your summer romances. Summer is the best season to fall in love. Tell us about your summer romances. Summer is the best time of the year to fall in love. Go ahead and try arguing with us. Sure, winter is good for snuggling by the fireplace, but summer's conducive to all things romantic: flings, sundresses, tropical getaways, skinny dipping, outdoor brunches, and cuddling up in the park (take that, fireplace!).

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Study: A Long Commute Can Ruin Your Marriage

New research from Sweden claims that a long commute hikes up your risk of divorce. According to the study, 11 percent of Swedes embark on a daily commute that is 45 minutes or longer. While 45 minutes doesn't seem like a lot (especially for New Yorkers accustomed to driving between Long Island and Manhattan twice a day) long commutes are a fairly new addition to the Swedish lifestyle. Alas, it looks like married couples are having a hard time dealing with the change, which ironically creates marital tension by reinforcing traditional (read: outdated) gender stereotypes.

50 Best Summer Date Ideas

50 Best Summer Date Ideas

Ah, summer. The longest, warmest days of the year means the cold-weather date options you've subjected yourself to all winter just won't do (we're looking at you cozy wine bars!). Summer means great weather, tons of time spent outdoors and the shedding of layers. If your brain's still in winter mode, don't worry—YourTango's got you covered. We've collected 50 of the best summer date ideas to make sure every second of your summer romance is spent actually romancing your sweetheart, not hemming and hawing over plans. We've picked our top 10 favorite date ideas in five different categories: music, movies, activities, food and cocktail trends, and day trips. From rooftop dining in New York City to getting out of town for a hike outside Chicago, we've targeted the best summer date suggestions across the country. Whether it's a first date or your four-year anniversary, these date ideas are sure to deliver the dose of summer fun you've been craving all the cold, dark winter long.