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What Guys Think Links: Chivalry & Beer In The Shower

Who else is ready for it to be warmer and more humid? Good things. As you know, some guys out there have some great things to say about love and relationships. Others have hilarious things to say. And still others have unintentionally hilarious things to say. Here are some of each from the webz.

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Complete This Sentence: My First Love...

Almost everyone gets over their first love, but you never really forget that person. Whether it happened during your childhood, your teenage years or even when you were already an adult, you'll always hold a small candle for the person who first taught you vulnerability and desire.

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One-Third Of Americans Like Their Cell Phones More Than Sex

One would think that a cell phone pales in comparison to sex, but according to a new survey from Telenav, a mobile applications company, it doesn't. In fact, one-third of Americans would rather do without sex than without their cell phone. In addition to sex, Americans would also pass on alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, exercise, a toothbrush, shoes and a computer if it meant being able to keep their phone.

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Men Who Buy Sex Are More Likely To Be Criminals

Paying for sex is widely derided in this country, but does it mean a man is dangerous? According to a controversial Newsweek article, men who buy sex not only harbor violent tendencies, but maintain a dehumanizing attitude toward women.

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Study: Men Are OK With Lesbian Cheating

A new study from the University of Texas at Austin found that men are more than twice as likely to stay with their girlfriend after they've cheated with another woman than after they've cheated with another man. We ladies, on the other hand, are less likely to continue dating a man that has had a same-sex affair than one who's slept with a woman.

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Link Love: Who's Gonna Hook Up On Jersey Shore Tonight?

Which Jersey Shore cast members will smoosh in Italy? When should you have sex for the first time in a new relationship? Should you tell your boyfriend the sex was just OK? Five things you probably don't know about orgasms. Try calling rather than texting this weekend. And, the heartbreaking plight of a teenage couple in Afghanistan.