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Love triangle

Does Unavailable = Irresistible?

So, you know, I have a boyfriend now. It's pretty awesome. I'm psyched. I'm happy. I must be radiating blissfully coupled up vibes into the stratosphere because in the last two days, three dudes with whom I have had serious romantic feelings for, hooked up with and/or dated have come out of the woodwork after a lengthy absence and have tried to bark up my tree. It's like Cupid's Evil Cousin whispered in their ears, "Amelia is happy, fulfilled, and no longer interested in dating or DTF—don't you suddenly want to give her a shout?"

parents letting children watch tv

Want To Be A Happy Parent? Stop Trying So Hard

Economist Bryan Caplan, author of Selfish Reasons to Have Kids, offers a suggestion for parents that sounds at once obvious and dangerous in today's hyper-parented society: want to be a happier parent? Back off from parenting. Helicopter parenting, that is. Rather than feeling as if you need to hover about your child at all waking moments, if you feel your own sanity starting to slip: put on a DVD, call the babysitter, and spend some time on your personal needs

Couple kissing

Kissing Can Cause Cavities? Yikes.

Before you pucker up the next time, you'd better brush up. Researchers recently revealed that tooth cavities can be transmitted from person to person through kissing. Just like a common-cold or flu virus can infiltrate the body while locking lips, the same goes for cavity-causing bacteria. And apparently, it happens all the time. Who knew?

Therapy session

Therapist Confessions: Top 5 Problems Couples Share On The Couch

As a relationship therapist who counsels singles and couples, I have been privy to the fears, compulsions, deepest secrets and desires of those hoping to figure out what it takes to find and sustain love. No matter what their ages, histories or financial portfolios, the questions patients ask and the wishes they drop in my lap are heart-touchingly similar. It is likely their secret concerns echo yours. And knowing you are not alone in harboring these emotionally debilitating feelings can be a giant salve, a step toward healing.

Love Bytes: 30 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Love Bytes: 30 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Love Bytes: 15 must-click love and relationship links. 9 reasons to love weddings as a single gal, ways men are being told to get over their ex, and how to tell if he really loves you. Men apologizing for centuries of oppression against women, reject-proof pickup tips for the savvy single gal, and how to stop harassment from your ex. Long vs. short engagements, how to spot a cheater, and why mutual dislikes may strengthen your bond as a couple.

ABC Family's My Future Boyfriend: What If Love Didn't Exist?

ABC Family's My Future Boyfriend: What If Love Didn't Exist?

You've heard of star-crossed love, but what about time-crossed love? In the ABC Family Movie My Future Boyfriend, a writer meets a man who just might be The One, except for one little problem: He's a time traveler from the 32nd century. The story begins when two futuristic explorers unearth buried treasure from what was once the Pacific Ocean. One container includes a large amount of cash and a romance novel titled Forbidden Love by someone named Elizabeth Barrett (Sara Rue). P-A-X-497/341 (Barry Watson), known as Pax for the rest of the movie, starts rifling through the artifacts. As he flips through the book, he sees foreign words—love, passion, and sex—that pique his curiosity. He asks an elder scientist called Bob (Fred Willard) about their meaning and doesn't get any answers. Just like poverty, violence, and first names, love has been removed from this future society.