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The Bachelor

The Bachelor: Nice To Meet You, I'm Your Biggest Fang

The Bachelor is back. And it’s Bradier than ever. Yup, that’s my new verb. Learn it. Love it. It’s take two for Bachelor Brad, who broke two ladies hearts a few seasons back… something that the ladies of America have not let him live down. Until now. After some soul searching, three years of therapy and whole lotta ab crunches, Brad is finally ready to find love.

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The Allure Of Arranged Marriage

At 31, I was already a world traveler and a world-class dater. I had lived at various times in two other countries, and as the proverbial "nice Jewish girl," had dated every type of unavailable man from Orthodox to Sikh to WASP. Everything ended badly and I was starting to consider myself an expert in cross-cultural heartbreak. The way some women carry pepper spray in their purse for protection, I carried a checklist of red-flag warning signs and dating requirements. By the time my sister Skyped me to see if I could join her for a yoga workshop in the hot beach town of Goa, I had decided to take a break from love.

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Want a Happy Marriage? Put Yourself First.

People may throw around the words "commitment," "faithfulness," "perserverance," and "compatibility" when it comes to discussing what makes a happy marriage, but according to an article in the New York Times, the most satisfying marriages occur between spouses who help each other become more interesting people. In her piece titled "The Happy Marriage is the 'Me' Marriage," Tara Parker-Pope argues that since people view modern marriages as emotional and intellectual partnerships, it's not enough to marry someone for security or social status. Nor is it enough to simply stay married. People want to enjoy themselves and to grow in the relationship, which means marrying someone who will help you grow as an individual. So much for relationship first, right?

atlanta america's most chivalrous city

America's Most Chivalrous Cities

In a recent "chivalry smack-down" between five major cities, young women and elderly men were stationed on high-traffic corners and loaded up their arms with boxes until they were visibly struggling to hold them. Which cities were the most helpful, and which gave the struggling shoppers the cold shoulder?

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Safe Sex Etiquette For Singles

Condom etiquette is something that single women don't discuss nearly enough. If we are being put in this position—even occasionally—we need some open dialogue to take some of the awkwardness and confusion out of these situations. So, we have for you our eight condom commandments. No matter what your views are about casual sex, dating, or relationships, it's important to know where you stand on condoms before the moment "arises."

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Study: Americans Are Still Puritanical About Sex

Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow said that stuff about Americans being immature, conservative and work-obsessed? Well, a new study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology finds that there may be some truth to these observations when it comes to Americans' attitudes toward sex.

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Here's How To Get A New Year's Eve Date On Short Notice

When I walked into my local Brooklyn Starbucks one mid-December morning, I wasn't expecting to get a New Year's Eve date. But as a recently minted 33-year-old with chronic No Boyfriend Disease, I did have a goal. Not only to get caffeinated, but also to test out a few pick-up tricks from the dating how-to guide I was reading.

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11 Myths And Facts About Cheating

Not everyone cheats, but a lot of us do. According to a 2006 report on sexual behavior by the National Opinion Research Center, nearly a quarter of married men and 13% of married women have had an affair. But there's more to infidelity than you think. The truth may surprise you.