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Link Love: 15 Relationship-Ruining Moments

Fifteen comments that ended promising relationships. Matt Titus will answer your dating questions. Eight tips for your first sleep over after a divorce. How to be an all-star wedding guest. 25 signs he is absolutely NOT "the one." Maybe sticking to gender stereotypes will make you better at dating.

bachelorette ashley episode 3

The Bachelorette Episode 3: Ashley Gets Roasted

As per usual, last night's The Bachelorette did not disappoint. The bachelors roast Ashley and it's a bloodbath. I'm not sure who I felt worse for: Ashley or the audience that had to endure such awful comedy. All of the bachelors are terrible, making small-boob jokes and such, but no joke cut as deep as when William steps up to the mic and completely tears Ashley a new one. What does the not-so-funny man say? Um, basically: "I wish you were Emily. You suck. And you have small boobs."

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Link Love: Combatting Unreasonable Beauty Standards

Is a male birth control pill right for you? A magical place called CloudGirlfriend.com. Is it sex or making love? She's gained 15 pounds in the first 6 months they were dating? Ten (realistic) beauty tips from a plastic surgery. How hair extensions made one woman a sex machine.

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Love Letters Protect Happily Married Soldiers From PTSD

Deployment is one of the most challenging things a marriage can endure, and risk of one's spouse developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) doesn't make the loneliness, displacement and jealousy any easier to overcome. Fortunately, a new study posits that the solution lies within something as simple and classic as romance itself: penning love letters.

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When Size Matters: Why Women Want Tall Guys

Ever wonder why we usually gravitate toward the tallest man in the room? A new study found that it's all about biology. Scientists say that women perceive men of substantial height as better fighters and more useful than their shorter counterparts.

Love Bytes: What Men Really Think About Threesomes

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links. Irritating things men say that we need to let roll off our backs, the new 7-year itch and what men really think about threesomes. Why women find happy men less sexually attractive, why working from home may save your marriage, and at what point a woman becomes too busy for love.

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What Guys Think Links: When He's Just Not In The Mood

Why do men like Arnold Schwarzenegger settle for not-so-hot chicks? Why Dan Savage is not to blame for Arnold's infidelities. How to have the "I want to be more than a hookup" conversation. When the dude is totally uninterested in sex. When the lady can't see how bad her guy wants to get it on (or chooses not to). What men think about tan lines. Red flags in a bachelor's apartment. What men think about besides sex but sex too. And how to make a guy's sperm better at baby-making.