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ABC's Happy Endings Explores Life Post-Breakup

When the perfect couple breaks up after a long-term relationship, which partner gets to keep the mutual best friends? ABC's new sitcom, Happy Endings explores that very question, chronicling the split of Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert), the couple that, for years, acted as a gravitational center to a tight-knit group of pals.

cutting money in half

Divorce & Money: Why Even The Happily Married Should Prepare

I know this sounds crazy, but I believe it is best to prepare for divorce before you even get married. As a romantic, I hate this. As a divorce attorney, mediator and coach, I've seen the worst of the worst walk through my office door and cannot tell you how priceless this advice actually is. Being prepared for the unexpected may be one of the smartest decisions you'll ever make.


Vegetarians Like Oral Sex More Than Meat Eaters Do

What's the correlation between Twitter use and sex drive? Or between the word "grammar" and rough sex? This week, OkCupid published a series of infographics revealing the quirkiest sex trends among their extensive user base. You can see the charts for yourselves over at the OkTrends blog, but here are a few of our favorite factoids:

Kate Middleton

4 Reasons Not To Envy Kate Middleton

We're happy for princess-to-be Kate Middleton. Really we are. While we could do without the 24-hour news coverage of her dress/diet/ex-boyfriends/previous family homes, who doesn't love a good royal wedding? By all accounts, Prince William and Kate seem like they've thought this through and are ready for their very public walk down the aisle. We'll even admit, we wouldn't mind the tiaras, lady-in-waiting and new Audi-cum-driver that reportedly await Kate. But we're just as happy it's not us. Here's why…

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Fashion Website Isn't Meant To Alienate Men

I don't know that a formal survey's been done, but I think it's safe to say that in the eyes of most straight men in America, turbans on a women's head aren't hot. Neither are ostrich-feather miniskirts, utility pants, or capes. To many guys, tight, form-fitting, and revealing fashions constitute "sexy." And isn't that what fashion is supposed to be all about? Getting us to look at one woman rather than another?

Women marching

Poll: Can A SlutWalk Change The Attitudes Around Sexual Assault?

Last weekend in Toronto, where I live, a reported 1,000 people marched together in the first-ever SlutWalk. The campaign was a response to a comment made at a local university by a police officer, who said women should avoid "dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized." The police have since apologized for the officer's comment, but it still hit hard with the organizers of SlutWalk.

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Survey: Americans More Excited Than Brits For Royal Wedding

With just over a week to go until the Royal Wedding finally takes place on April 29, the media is abuzz with covering every last detail of the highly anticipated event. Across the pond in American, we are absolutely eating it up, and rightfully so—who hasn't dreamed of some day finding a prince or princess? Apparently, not everyone.

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Pegging Defined

"Pegging" is when a woman wears a strap-on dildo and penetrates a man's anus. Did you know that? Now you do. The term "pegging" was coined in a contest by pioneering sex advice columnist Dan Savage. Here's my opinion on "pegging": Hey, look, I just found a shiny quarter! I bet it's a lucky quarter! I'm going to make a wish and that wish is that I don't have to write about "pegging."

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The 10 Spring Fashion Dos And Don'ts For Date Night

Some trendy pieces seem like they come with "Runway Only" signs plastered across the fronts. Or at least completely covered in WARNING tape. They're tricky. And scary. Basically, they're intimidating to the point where no matter how pretty you think they are, you tend to throw them back on the shelf at the store and walk away feeling like you dodged a bullet: Phew! I almost wasted money on that thing I'd never wear! Well, no more, ladies. You can wear trendy items. You just need to learn how to avoid a few pitfalls along the way. We're about to get you so hooked on the spring season's hottest looks, you'll want to take them for a whirl the next time you have a date. We apologize to your wallet in advance, since you'll now be plucking new clothes off shelves like mad.