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danielle chiesi wall street insider trading

She Did It For Love: Wall Street Criminal Wants A Lesser Sentence

Love can make us do crazy things, right? Danielle Chiesi would probably wholeheartedly agree, because according to her legal team, love was to blame when she partook in illegal insider trading on Wall Street. They think she deserves less time in the slammer, because she did it all for love—twisted love, anyway.

woman and man in bed

Women Fake Orgasms Because They're Insecure

After surveying 366 women between the ages of 18 and 32, researcher Erin Cooper found that among the 60 percent who said they fake it, many of them admitted doing it because they were scared of intimacy or "insecure about their sexual functioning."

democrats republicans fight

The Worst Sex Scandals In Politics

Although both political parties have had their fair share of sex scandals over the years, one party in particular seems to have had the overall worst ones. Now how do you define "worst" exactly? Well, The Frisky spells—or counts—it out for us with a scorecard, listing 10 Democrats and 10 Republicans involved in some of the biggest, most recent sex scandals.

Fran Drescher

'Happily Divorced': Fran Drescher's Life Turned TV Sitcom

Typically, post break-up, former lovebirds want to get as far away from the other as possible, at least until they can see each other without bursting into tears or wanting to light the other person on fire. But in Fran Drescher's new TV LAND sitcom, Happily Divorced, the protagonist's (also named Fran) husband never moves out. Then again, the marriage dissolves not out of a lack of love or an affair. Rather, it turns out Fran's husband Peter plays for the other team. As he states in the pilot episode, which dives right into the moment where Peter comes out to his wife of 18 years. He gently tells her that he still loves her and that "There's no other woman in my life but you."

Denzel Washington and daughter

12 Famous Fathers' Quotes About Love

From funny to touching, dads can say the darndest things when it comes to love and marriage. Whether it's to give you advice or to simply tell you the story of how he met your mother (again), you're bound to gain some valuable insight. So in honor of Father's Day, we've compiled 12 famous fathers' quotes on love and marriage in the off chance your dad hasn't already given you an earful!

couple in bed with roses

Study: Empathic Men Are Better Lovers

Conventional dating wisdom may claim that women think with their heads while men think with their man-parts, but new research from Johns Hopkins suggests that we're being a little harsh on the male species. According to a study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, the majority of sexually satisfied men also possess a high amount of empathy. Take that to heart, nice guys.

anthony weiner weinergate sex scandal

Republicans Cheat With Prostitutes, Democrats With Their Staffers

Leave it to The Daily Beast to crunch the numbers on something as salacious as political scandals. We're sure they had a ball doing hardcore data analysis on the last 20 years of cigars, wide stances and love children with housekeepers. Of course, at the end of the day, what we really want to know is which party has been involved in more sex scandals (we'll spoil it for you: the Republicans). We won't spoil the rest of the lurid details.

abortion sign

Man Takes Revenge At Girlfriend With Abortion Billboard

Anger and revenge can make people do some pretty outlandish things. If you're Greg Fultz, it'll push you to post a billboard that shows your ex just how you feel. When Fultz found out that his then-girlfriend had an abortion against his wishes, he decided to put up a billboard in Alamogordo, N.M., with a picture of him cradling an outline of an infant in his arms. To make it more hard-hitting, the sign reads, "This Would Have Been a Picture of My 2-month Old Baby if the Mother Had Decided Not to Kill Our Child!"