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talking dirty

What Guys Think Links: Dirty Talk & Bad Fantasies

Three jeers for the Mile High Club. The missionary position is actually pretty good. When talking dirty goes wrong. Good advice from good dads. What do guys think about ladies with curves? Did Anthony Weiner want to get caught? Couples therapy for dummies. Using 80's movies as a guide for being a better girlfriends. When he doesn't earn much AND he still has to pay for everything. And maybe we shouldn't say, "why is she still single?"

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The Dos And Don'ts Of Losing Weight For Your Wedding Day

You see it all the time ... girl gets engaged, decides that she needs to get in shape STAT, and revamps her diet and fitness routine. Then, after many countless hours at the gym, eating like a bird for months and finally a beautiful wedding - poof! It's now six months later, and she's actually put on more weight than before she had got engaged. Well, we're here to make sure this does NOT happen to you. iMag went to Plus One Health Management's certified personal trainer Gloria Vitolo to get the dos and don'ts of becoming a buff bride even way after your wedding day.

father and daughter napping in a hammock

Study: Fathers Today Are More Involved, But Many Are Absent

Through the years, fathers have become more and more involved in their children's lives. According to a new study conducted by the Pew Research Center, and released just in time for Father's Day, dads are taking more active roles. In 1965, men spent just 2.6 hours a week with their kids. By 2000, that number rose drastically to 6.5 hours. (They must be coaching a lot of Little League and telling plenty of bedtime stories!)

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No Masturbating! What Weiner Can Expect From Sex Rehab

By now we all know that former Congressman Anthony Weiner is on a leave of absence to attend an "unspecified treatment center" for his addictions. But what can he expect from rehab? Apparently, rehab is a sad, dark place you do not want to end up in. They take away all connection to the outside world (to get rid of possible sexy stimuli), they monitor you with surveillance cameras and most importantly...no masturbating!

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The More Expensive Your College, The More You Have Sex

Infographics make things easy for us. That’s why we love them. OkTrends, a site that gathers data from profiles on the dating site OkCupid, has created a merger of two things everyone loves — sex and infographics. This set of charts covers everything from how many times a week students expect to have sex based on their tuition to how often Twitter users masturbate. Oh, and some vegetarian-friendly sex slang is in there somewhere. That’s something we can get down to/spend half an hour scrolling through.

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Link Love: Hot Summer Nights

Do anti-depressants make love suck? Tips for summer love! The time line of the average pregnancy scare. How to talk dirty without using dirty words. And the best ever outcome for the "what are we to each other" talk.

taylor swift love

Top 5 Taylor Swift Love (And Workout!) Songs

If you enjoyed last night's CMT awards and was happy to see Taylor Swift win CMT Video of the Year, then we have the playlist for you. Read on for Swift's top five workout songs that—trust us—you'll want for your next workout!