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Angry parents in front of couple

How To Repair Your Relationship With His Parents

If you want a future with your boyfriend, you need to get over yourself and start being the girlfriend his parents want to see their son with. Start showing them some respect and appreciation. Let your boyfriend know you want his help to facilitate a warm—or at least cordial!—relationship between you and them.

Woman taking weight on scale.

The Weight Debate: Does Size Matter In Dating?

Physical appearance will always be a hot topic. It's the first thing we notice when evaluating a potential match, or anyone for that matter. We all know that these days the somewhat stereotypical ideal body type is that of a super-slim celeb. We snap up gym memberships, try tons of fad diets and take weight loss supplements to obtain that amazing physique. It's pretty indisputable; for most of us, appearance is important. At least to a certain extent. We had to wonder, though. Exactly how much does weight matter in the dating game? We took to our Facebook page to ask YourTango users their thoughts on this question: "When it comes to dating, does weight matter?"

newlywed couple volunteer honeymoon

New Trend: Newlyweds Put The Volunteer In Honeymoon

There's a new trend for newlywed couples that's changing the way they honeymoon. Instead of celebrating their nuptials with an international or Carribean getaway, they're doing that plus volunteering in whichever community they visit. It's called honeyteering, or volunmooning, if you prefer.

Little Fockers

From The Makers Of 'Little Fockers': How To Be A Good Family Man

Were you among the many who trekked over the river and through the woods this past holiday weekend to catch Little Fockers on the big screen? The third movie in the very profitable Meet the Parents franchise brings back together a star-studded cast to let you in on what happened with the Focker's happily ever after. For Ben Stiller's character it's the usual story: Children. Job. Responsibilities. Of course there is the snooping father-in-law (Robert De Niro), his wife's ex-boyfriend (Owen Wilson), and a sexy prescription drug rep (Jessica Alba) to keep the story moving along. What your dear author found most interesting in the storyline was the how-to-be-a-man rubric handed down from De Niro to Stiller in preparation for the patriarchal power transfer. Are you ready to be the GodFocker? he asked. The man, as the head of the family, had three responsibilities: To provide 1) a home for his family, 2) an education for his children, 3) and to have "his financial house in order."

unhappy couple in bed

How To Save A Sexless Marriage

Data suggests that one in three American marriages is sex-starved, and a quick web search reveals enough books on the subject to comprise an entire genre. To learn more about this widespread relationship-killer, we talked to Michele Weiner-Davis, MSW, author of The Sex-Starved Marriage and founder of DivorceBusting.com, about the causes and effects of the sex-starved marriage, as well as how to get your intimate life -- and your marriage -- back on track.

trojan vibrating ring multispeed

Sex Toy Review: Trojan's Multi-Speed Vibrating Ring

The Trojan Vibrating Ring is a single use product promising up to 20 minutes of vibrations, with choices of Low, High, Low Pulse, and High Pulse. These multiple speeds are controlled by a push button on the top of the ring where the actual vibrator is located. This makes the changing of speeds and vibration patterns easy and quick to navigate. Also, the ring is able to be stretched to accommodate the varying sizes of male partners out there.

Trojan's Vibrating Trophoria

Sex Toy Review: Trojan's Vibrating Triphoria

The best thing about Trojan's Vibrating Triphoria is the price, though I don't realize it at first. Once I learn how versatile the vibrator is, however, and experience how quickly and efficiently I can use it to get myself off, $39.99 seems a mind-blowing steal.

Couple toasting with champagne

First Date Tips For Dudes

It never ceases to amaze me, the myriad of ways dudes manage to f**k up dates before they've even begun. I don't want to walk into a first date with a bad attitude, but if he has the gall to ask me out and then say, "Pick a place, but make sure it's cheap," I kind of can't help it. I'm not the kind of bitch who picks Chez Chic-Chic for a first date, but if you're on a budget, why don't you pick, dickwad? Anyhoo, though I make a decent living complaining about men on the internet, I do like to pay it forward by giving unsolicited advice. Here are ten ways a dude can ensure a date is going to be a slam dunk before it's even begun.

Back of car with just married sign on it

The Tackiest Wedding Announcement Ever?

I confess: I'm an avid reader of the New York Times wedding announcements. I'm one of those people who religiously scans the Vows section every Sunday. I even watch the videos online. There's no better escape from my own banal reality than to read optimistic tales of romance that make me feel like we can all find a summa cum laude Harvard grad (who happens be descended from Thomas Jefferson) in our local bar. Whatever your level of interest in Vows, they're an institution. Enough so that there was a bit of an uproar lately when many of us opened up our Sunday papers to find a tale of infidelity leading the announcements.