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skinny jeans

Jury Says Women In Skinny Jeans Can't Be Raped

Outrage! The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a jury acquitted Nicholas Gonzalez, 23, of raping a woman because she was wearing skinny jeans. We've all heard of people who claim that rape victims are "asking for it" by wearing short skirts and low-cut tops, but we were especially incensed by this bizarre case of letting clothes speak louder than the victim.

woman husband having affair

15 Steps To Surviving An Affair

Your marriage can survive an affair. Healing from infidelity is hard, painful work; both of you must be committed to repairing the damage, rebuilding trust, and reconnecting. Here, 15 steps to surviving an affair.

happy older single woman

How To Enjoy Being Single

They didn't set out to be single, and they're still open to meeting a soul mate. Meet the new generation of women who are on their own and loving their happily never after.

couple kissing outside

How To Kiss: 4 Types Of Kisses Men Love

Kissing is one of the most universal acts of love—almost everyone does it at some point. But what kinds of kisses do men like best? Do they want a sloppy wet one? A quick peck? We poled our male acquaintances and found four types of kisses they like. Here's how to kiss your man.

woman texting behind man's back

Should You Bring Twitter To The Bedroom?

Technology and social media are invading our lives and, subsequently, the bedroom. In consideration of your partners and significant others, you might want to check some of your tech habits at the door when it comes to doing the deed.

smiling man with white hair

How To Flirt With An Older Man

He's got 20 years on you, but you find him irresistible. You'd love to date him, but how? Flirting with an older man is similar to flirting with any guy—with a few exceptions. Here's how to successfully flirt with an older man.

woman with cat eye mad men makeup

5 Steps To Sexy Mad Men Eye Makeup

The cat eye makeup look can be tough to pull off without a steady hand, a healthy dose of patience, and a lot of practice. Well, we practiced and practiced, so grab your makeup bag, get yourself in front of a mirror, and follow along with these steps for the perfect cat eye. Here, 5 steps for mastering the sexy cat eye look from Mad Men.