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How To Handle Your One-Night Stand

Just like tasting ice cream flavors, sampling sex with a new guy is what being young and single is all about. Sure, you can have your fun, but what do you do when the sun comes up? After a night of hot humpin', it's time to get back to your regular bump-and-grind. Here's how to fulfill your contract after you've sealed the deal.

Beer Goggles Are Real!

Beer Goggles Are Real!

In news that provides us with yet another reason to curb our drinking, researchers at Roehampton University in London have figured out the mechanism behind beer goggles, and it seems we're in trouble. Not only are beer goggles real, but psychologists have been trying to figure out how they actually work for years, with most assuming that people just get a bit, well, less picky once they get sauced up. These brave scientists took their work out of the lab and into local bars to find out exactly what happens.

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Is Your Shoe Collection Hurting Your Relationship?

Research is increasingly confirming that having lots of money doesn't necessarily make couples any happier. In fact, all those lotto horror stories could actually teach us something (other than that winninglottery numbers are actually a curse, thanks Lost): When it comes to our relationships, money doesn't buy happiness, but it can tear us apart.Yes, as the saying goes, "Mo money, Mo problems." So what's this have to do with your fetish for fancy footwear or penchant for designer handbags? After all, we get that a five million dollar jackpot is a little different than a few pricey additions to your closet.

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How To Compromise On A Household Budget

There are necessities, like running water, and then there are "necessities," like HBO and a weekly pedicure. When you're single and supporting only yourself, you have every right to declare keeping your toes in the latest shade of blush a priority. But once you join budgets with your partner, it's important that you both agree on which expenses qualify as non-negotiable.

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The Number One Thing We Get Wrong About Men

As women, we can spin ourselves into tizzies trying to embody what we think men want. There are entire segments of the media (ahem) dedicated to the topic. But guess what? The answer isn't so complicated as we often think. It's no surprise that men like beautiful, smart women. You say she's into sports? Even better. Men love looking at these women, talking to them, dating them. But—in terms of long-term love—it's not enough to be a bombshell, to be hilarious, to be a female version of a man.

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5 Ways Online Dating Changed In A Decade

Happy belated birthday, eHarmony! On Monday, Aug 16, the dating site turned 10 and, to mark its anniversary, launched a new ad campaign entitled "Love Begins Here." This new approach is neither the first or the last dating sites have launched in order to keep up with their success. From inception to today, here are the six major changes that occurred over the last decade of online dating.

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Bachelor Pad: Where Brains Go To Die

Never have I yelled at a television more than on last night's parade of idiocy that is Bachelor Pad. Though it started off a tad slow with the requisite yelling, making out and hot tubbing that is to be expected in a mansion full of overly emotional cry babies (and I'm not even talking about the ladies), it quickly revved up to a full-blown drama fest. First of all, it's only episode two. Yet everyone is talking like they've been trapped in that mansion for ten years. This isn't so bad if you're a Cool Kid,  an Insider—such as Elizabeth, Tenley and Natalie—and the Testosterone Triplets (Kiptyn, Dave, Kovacs) who love them.