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Women Are Choosing Love Over Math & Science Careers

It's widely known that women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math, but who knew romance was the real reason? New research partially funded by the National Science Foundation and published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin says that as soon as women start thinking about love, science and math quickly flee their thoughts.

French lingerie for kids

Little Girls In Lingerie: Business Plan or Child Porn?

Forget about candy-colored bra and panty sets from Target; there's ickier underwear for little girls afoot. It's lingerie, to be exact, although the French line Jours Aprés Lunes calls it "loungerie," because it is for lounging around instead of, uh, looking sexy prior to getting it on. Why, praytell, would girls ages four through 12 want to wear lingerie?


Love Bytes: 11 Reasons He Didn't Call You Back

Periodically, there's a good reason for a guy not to call you back... but usually there's not. Noises a woman makes during sex have almost nothing to do with her orgasm: Thanks, science. What happens when your husband shares your sex life on Facebook? Establishing booty call rules. Women are giving up on science and tech for romance (what is this, 1995?) And, the Japanese are embracing old-people pornography (what is this, 1995?)

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Moms Prefer Skinny To Smart, Girls To Boys & Sleep To Sex

Ever have a sneaking suspicion that your mom wished you were a boy? You might be right. According to an anonymous survey of more than 26,000 moms conducted by TODAY.com and Parenting.com, ten percent say they wish their child was the opposite sex. And of that ten percent, 60 percent have boys. Sorry, boys!

Bachelor Pad Target

Bachelor Pad Episode 2: Easy Targets

Last night's show started out with "High-Pitched Kasey" vowing to kick Jake to the curb. Will he succeed? Ask again in two hours. But first—a challenge! Aptly called "Target On Your Back," each lady was asked a question, which they got to answer via throwing a paint-filled egg at a dude. Chris Harrison threw out hard-hitting questions like: "Who do you want to see go home this week?" You can guess who got pelted with that answer. (Here's a hint: It was Jake.)

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Study: Women Protect Men From Infertility Stigma To 'Save Face'

Despite the onslaught of celebs who have come clean about infertility, including Hollywood A-listers Courteney Cox and Julia Roberts, the issue remains highly stigmatized. Both men and women feel the pressure to have kids, but, as with most things, the genders deal with and communicate about the problem differently.

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Dear TLC: Thank You For Canceling Kate Plus 8! Love, All Women

Whatever hope last night's episode had to entertain was totally overshadowed by the news that broke earlier in the day … Kate Plus 8 is getting axed. After one lackluster episode into Season 2, it looks like Kate Gosselin's 15 minutes may finally be up. Of course, none of this was discussed on the show because it was shot months ago when Kate was still living under the delusion that she's interesting enough to sustain another season. (Though TLC was lightning-quick to create a little countdown icon in the lower corner to the show's finale.)

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8 Things You Can't Do Once You're A Married Woman

One of the greatest things about being single, and something married women sometimes miss, is having the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want wherever and however you please. Marriage can be wonderful, but it does come with boundaries. #OnceYouGetMarriedYouCant is trending on Twitter ... What a great time to take a look at some newlywed don'ts.