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modern family

3 Life and Love Lessons From 'Modern Family'

We all remember growing up to Growing Pains, and Family Ties, but so much has changed since the '80s and '90s. We were in need of a family sitcom that portrays life as we know it today. Modern Family, which recently premiered on ABC, does just that. In the end though, what all of these characters have in common is the love that binds them.

the shining date horror movie

5 Horror Movies To Watch On A Date

Horror movies may well be the perfect date movies. They're an excellent excuse to sit close together in the dark, and grabbing his hand during the scary parts is totally acceptable. Here are our five favorite horror movies to watch on a date.

Biological Clock

30-Something Women Have Babies On The Brain

Ask almost any childless women in her 30s to name five things that have been on her mind lately, and there's a good chance she'll mention her biological clock. It may not be the first thing she names—her career, the economy, saving for a house, her parents' health, the health of her relationship, finishing her dissertation, fitting back into her skinny jeans, and finding someone to share her life with may be getting more of her attention; but for a vast majority of us, the idea of having kids is something we think about nearly as much, if not more, than almost everything else. After all, our biological clocks and the issues of when, whether, and how long we have left to procreate determine so many other variables in our life. And for those of us who wait until our 30s—a quickly growing number of us these days—it's a decision we face when the stakes are especially high.

does your relationship need repairs?

5 Simple Signs Your Relationship Needs A Tune-Up

One blogger thinks a relationship's health can be measured partner's response to the three words, "While You're Up." We've listed four additional signs your relationship might be in need of a tune-up and suggestions on how to start that process.

david duchovny

4 Things You May Not Know About Sex Addiction

David Duchovny first broke it to the mainstream media, Bryan Jenkins, the reality TV show contestant who allegedly murdered his wife, was rumored to have suffered from it, and now, ex-ESPN analyst Steve Philips is seeking rehab for it after a sordid affair with a young production assistant. We're talking about sex addiction and the gossip media is all abuzz about this newfangled condition since these three recent, high-profile cases. Does sex addiction go hand-in-hand with infidelity? If so, what's to keep any serial cheater from using addiction as his excuse? Here are some interesting facts about sex addiction to keep you in the know.

boob tude bra for charity

Let Men Stare At Your Chest... For Charity?

The Boob Tube Bra is a generous-sized bra with T.V. screens on each cup. The proceeds of the Boob Tube bra and ten others are set to boost funds for Texas Baylor Medical Center at Irving Cancer Center's breast cancer support services.

two men with one woman working in front of computer monitor

Why Men Love The Fact That Women Work

To celebrate that women now make up half of the workforce (woot woot!) Maria Shriver and the Center for American Progress have released The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything. The publication explains what most of us already know—mainly that Americans love the money that working women make, but they're bummed that women aren't doing as much housework as in ye good old days.

support love

6 Ways To Be Extra-Supportive

One of the best things about being in a relationship is that you have someone to lean on when the going gets tough. When your partner is stressed, consider pro-actively offering support, instead of waiting for him to come to you. Here are six situations when your partner needs a little extra loving.

football season

9 Need-To-Know Rules For Football Season

Guys dish on how a woman should act when she goes with a date to a football-watching party. The art of watching football is serious business, girls. Here are their tips for appropriate behavior on Game Day.