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history of valentines day chocolate flowers gifts
The history of Valentine's Day, in a nutshell.

Why Chocolate? And Other Valentine's Day Questions

Ever since we were in pre-kindergarten, Valentine's Day has been marked by cards, flowers, chocolate, and—depending on your luck—that One Special Person. But do you know why Valentine's Day is the way it is? Like 'em or loathe 'em, here we explain the holiday's most popular traditions.

Valentine's Day romantic date
Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to spice up your relationship.

8 Non-Boring Valentine's Day Date Ideas

I don't love the whole Valentine's Day shtick — candy hearts, forced romantic dinners and such. Every couple has their own personality, so why not do something that fits you and expresses your love rather than conforming to some cookie-cutter ideal? Plus, this way you can use Valentine's Day as an excuse to cross some items off your "couple bucket list."

bridget jones couch
"Aaaalll byyy myyyseeelf..."

7 Reasons To Spend Valentine's Day Alone On Your Couch

Who says you have to have a date on Valentine's Day with anyone other than YOURSELF? Embrace your singledom to the extreme this V-Day. Here's what you'll need if you plan on getting up close and personal with your couch on February 14th.

prop 8
Thousands protested Prop 8 in California today.

Prop 8: Court Says Same-Sex Marriage Ban Is Unconstitutional

A federal appeals court has ruled that California's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, setting up a showdown in the Supreme Court. The state instituted the ban after voters narrowly passed Proposition 8 in 2008. But Tuesday's panel affirmed by a 2–1 vote that a lower-court judge was correct when he said the referendum violated the U.S. Constitution.

Break Up
Don't forget to enter our contest before February 12!

Poll: What Is The Best Reason To Dump Your Ex?

Why do you need to break off all ties with your ex? We're asking you to tell us in 10 answers or less! We've received some remarkable responses so far. Vote on which one you think is the best reason to break up with your ex!

Study Says Divorce Hurts Younger Couples More
The surprising facts about who is most affected by divorce.

Study Says Divorce Hurts Younger Couples More

You'd probably think that a couple who divorces after being married for 20-30 years has a harder time getting past a divorce. But a recent study found that divorce is actually harder on younger people, who have been married for less time.

vday teddy bear
Teddy bears are cute gifts... for children.

10 Gifts NOT To Give Her On Valentine's Day

Let's face it, guys. You never want to end up in your girlfriend or wife's proverbial doghouse, but Valentine's Day might be the worst possible night to spend sleeping on the couch. One way to ensure you stay in your lady's good graces is to make sure you buy her a great gift.

teenage couple
One-third of teenagers share passwords with their boyfriend/girlfriend.

Love Bytes: 5 Better Ways To Show Intimacy Than Password-Sharing

How to express intimacy without silly things like password-sharing. Republicans and Democrats have a few peculiarities when it comes to dating. Does the G-Spot exist or not? What happens when your backup boyfriend dumps you? Why older ladies become ultra-close with other older ladies. Love is like being on drugs, serious drugs. The Catholic Church would prefer you paid for your own birth control, thankyouverymuch.

valentine's day candy heart
Are you apathetic about Valentine's Day? Here's how to indulge that apathy.

Hate Valentine's Day? 15 Ways To Avoid It This Year

If you are a single on Valentine's Day, you basically have two options. You can embrace the day and make it your own. Or you can boycott. We support both options. If you choose the latter, it might not be as hard as you think. Here are 15 easy ways to completely opt out of Valentine's Day this year.

World Cancer Day
7 out of every 10 Americans die from a preventable and mismanaged chronic disease.

Today Is World Cancer Day: Help By "Touching Yourself"

For those of you not in the know, today, Feb. 4, is World Cancer Day. And to raise awareness, we're hoping everyone not only undergoes regular cancer screenings but touches themselves. And no, we're not talking about that kind of touching yourself. Let us explain.