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Woman receiving botox

Super-Weird Study: Is Botox Hurting Your Relationship?

Let's be honest: Botox has become the butt of many jokes. But it was just a few harmless jabs, right? Wrong! New research indicates these injections are no laughing matter. By pumping the substance into your system, you may not be able to empathize. And if you can't undersand your partner's feelings, rocky-relationship territory could be ahead.

pleased woman in bed

Study: Simultaneous Orgasm More Likely With Hot Men

When it comes to the female orgasm, most guys are confused but, truth be told, so are we. It's not as easy for us to climax during sex, let alone climax more than once, as it is for them. In fact, according to Women's Health, only 25 percent of women always climax during sex in comparison to the 90 percent that men do, leaving us to either fake it or finish after the fact. Lucky for us, science is on our side, and there's a new study that finds the frequency of a female orgasm increases when having sex with a hot man.


5 Ways To Make Your Facebook Page Ready For Love

So, you hit it off with someone you met on an online dating site (yipee!), and you two have reached the stage of exchanging full first and last names. Is your Facebook page ready for this? Chances are, when someone gets your full name, they're going to look you up on Facebook -- to see if you have any friends in common, to see what kind of stuff you like, to get a glimpse of you in the real world.

couple in bed

Tantric Sex: All The Celebs Are Doin' It

Cue two naked couples, both in sexual scenarios. Couple 1: attacks each other like wild animals, both racing to the big O. Couple 2: takes their time, pleasing each other in various kama sutra-like positions, aiming to prolong the act of sex by channeling sexual energy and increasing intimacy, letting go of all reservations and connecting to their sexual experience spiritually before engaging in the physical.

sun in cancer astrology

The Sun In Cancer: Get Ready For Romance!

We've now successfully exited Gemini and the sun has entered Cancer—so what does this mean for your relationship? Only good things! Expect lots of eating, snuggling and sweet talk for the next month. Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and arguably the most sensitive and nurturing. Cancer's ruling planet is the moon, which is associated with motherhood and femininity. Indeed, those born between June 21st and July 22nd are natural caretakers and pride themselves on therapeutic listening skills and culinary talents.

male name tag

Would You Let Your Husband Take Your Last Name?

It seems clear that we are in a time where gender roles and expectations are rapidly being redefined and altered. Although these new definitions are, no doubt, giving both genders some more freedom, are they simultaneously making a handful of people a bit more uncomfortable as well? Madame Noire took to the streets to try and discover just this. They interviewed several New Yorkers to see how they'd feel if a husband, instead, decided to take a woman's last name. You won't believe some of their responses.

statue of david

Do We Hold Men To Impossibly High Standards?

So, behold. This is the male ideal: We have ideas "in American culture about what a 'real man' is and does. You know: strong, competitive, dominant, wealthy, good at fixing machinery, lots of sexual partners, enjoys sports... Guys? Listen up. The world is telling you to turn yourself into a unicorn and start shitting diamonds... You will never, ever be man enough. So stop giving a damn."


Link Love: Is Your Ex's Roommate Off Limits?

A dress that simulates pregnancy. What if you have a great partner but you think you're too young to get married? A breakup to-do list. When can you hook up with your ex's roommate (or any friend)? How to get over ANY bedroom gaffe. And is the word slut sort of hypocritical or VERY hypocritical?

sexting phone

What We've Learned From All The Political Sex Scandals

As ridiculous as the numerous recent sex scandals are, we can hope there are also some big lessons that have come out of them—not only for the offenders themselves but for the general public as well. In fact, The Frisky lists out a whopping 45 things they've learned from a few recent male adulterers (Weiner, Schwarzenegger, Woods, James, Spitzer and Edwards). The list includes lessons about how to "properly" sext like: make sure to keep your face outside the shot when taking naughty pics and, of course, always use correct grammar (you don't want to seem like a sleaze and an idiot). Another gem is: being involved in a major sex scandal can land you a gig on CNN and, perhaps, even an advice column. However, the one lesson I definitely can't agree with is, "That Arnold's last name isn’t actually impossible to spell." I promise you, I will never get it down.