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10 Places We Do And Don't "Like It"

The web is atwitter this week about the Facebook breast cancer campaign currently trending on and off the social network. Women are updating their status messages with "I like it" followed by a list of locations such as "in the kitchen" and "on the washing machine." But aha! The rub is that these posts are not in reference to where they like to have sex (which all of our dirty minds are meant to think) but to where they set their purses down. While the web debates whether or not a campaign like this actually raises awareness or money for breast cancer research, we went ahead and took the updates seriously. Here we've compiled a list of five out-of-the-bedroom locations we like to have sex, as well as those five locales that are cool in terms of novelty but not so much in terms of having a good, solid romp.

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Political Victories Put People In The Mood For Sex

Sex and politics: Google searches for pornography spike after political victories. A husband and wife psychologist team decided to get to the bottom of whether or not political victories cause an upswing in pornography usage. It turns out, YES, there is in fact more titillating viewing going on the night of an election, but only if you happened to vote for the winning party.

The 50 Percent Divorce Rate Is Misleading

The 50 Percent Divorce Rate Is Misleading

When it comes to marriage, the news is often doom and gloom these days. Turn on your TV or open the newspaper or your computer, and it's not long before you're reading about another explosive celebrity divorce. Troll the web for some marriage or divorce advice, and you're likely to find a whole lot of theories about why more and more marriages are failing. And certain groups of us who want to marry are having to fight tooth and nail for the right. And how many times have you been reminded that half of all marriages end in divorce? With such depressing news, it's easy to think, what's the point of even walking down that aisle?

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Men Are Wired To Shut Down During Fights

Clamming up during an argument may be a guy thing after all, a new study suggests. "We have known through other psychological studies that men, on the average, are less empathic and less emotionally tuned in to others than women," said Dr. Daniel Carlat. "This study appears to reinforce this well-known finding."

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Do you know your sex facts?

5 Fascinating Sex Facts From Largest Sex Survey

Today we received a slew of bite-sized sex facts stemming from the mother of all sex surveys, The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior accumulated by researchers at The Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University. The scientists asked 5, 865 people aged 14-94 all sorts of questions about everything from masturbation to condom use to homosexual experimentation.

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Do Not Try This Romantic Move At Home, Or Anywhere

The men's site ModernMan.com recently compiled a funny list of "5 Romantic Gestures She'll Hate." Unlike a lot of articles on men's websites that purport to understand women, I actually found this list to be totally accurate. Among the romantic gestures women will actually loathe? Homemade "coupons" good for "backrubs," buying her items she needs (a new vacuum!) rather than wants, and jumbotron proposals. But Modern Man missed a few. Check out these 15 more.

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3 Key Online Dating Lessons From 'Catfish'

Before you take your budding Facebook romance with your coworker's brother's friend from grade school to the next level, YourTango strongly, strongly recommends you watch the new documentary release Catfish—or at least read the following.

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One Man, 4 Wives: Are The Sister Wives Happy?

Chances are, if your husband were having sex with another women, you'd refer to her as his mistress, the other woman, "that minx," or by a term we can't publish here. You certainly wouldn't call her a friend, let alone a sister. Leave it to TLC to find four women who are not only married to the same guy, but who are so buddy-buddy that they call each other sisters. If you're having a hard time imagining four women sharing one man (and a slew of his offspring), you can observe their marriage for yourself on TLC's seven-part reality series, Sister Wives.

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Hey Flirty Dude, Are You Already Taken?

I am officially, unofficially implementing a new rule for coupled people everywhere. Please, please, please if you are spoken for, you must mention it within five minutes of having a flirty conversation with me. I am forever meeting men in social situations (I'm sure ladies do this too, so feel free to chime in guys) who will sit and talk to me for 15 minutes, half hour, sometimes even longer, will go so far as to get my number or give me theirs and wait until the very last second that we're saying good bye to inform me that they are in a relationship or even married.

Men: 5 Phrases We Just Don't Want To Hear Anymore

Men: 5 Phrases We Just Don't Want To Hear Anymore

We are gathered here today to lay to rest some of the hardest-working, most tired "boy moves" that men have pulled in the history of dating. These lame and predictable maneuvers have been driving women insane for centuries, and after all this time, we women have decided to tell you a little something: We're on to you. We know these moves, we know what they mean (and what they actually mean), and we know that they're specially designed to make us feel crazy. We're done with them. Let us bow our heads for these top five most obnoxious boy moves, which I am hereby proclaiming to be dead on the battlefi