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hurricane sex

Poll: Is Sex Hotter During A Hurricane?

Hurricane Irene is heading for the East Coast, and some say it'll be the worst hurricane we've had in decades. Many of you will be hunkered down at home, just waiting for it to end. And if you have a partner, it just might be a great opportunity to get busy...


5 Worst First Dates Ever

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. I say, why kiss the frogs in the first place? Just send them on their merry way after you've figured out they're completely psycho.

Red flag

3 Ways To Spot Your Future Ex-Husband

If you could instantly recognize that a guy is trouble, then you'd think the divorce rate would be a heck of a lot lower... right? Debra Weiner is the author of How to Recognize Your Future Ex-Husband, and shared a few of her insights on how to do just that in a recent Huffington Post article.

couple communication problem

Men Think Discussing Relationship Problems Is A Waste Of Time

Trying to get your guy to tell you what's bothering him? Wondering why he doesn't seem interested in hearing about your horrible day? Don't worry, ladies: It's not that your boyfriend doesn't care or that he's trying to seem strong. According to a new study, it's just that most males think discussing problems is a waste of time.

heart surgery

Love Bytes: Marriage Helps You Survive Heart Surgery

Married people survive heart surgery with more success than singles. Should you change your last name when you get hitched? What should Kim Kardashian do to make her marriage a success? What if his (or her!) mom is not a fan of you? Women find commuting more stressful than men. Facebook finally lets you approve tagged pics before they go up (oh, thank God!) And, how psychics may be the new matchmakers.

bunny ears

YourTango Quickies: Do Sex Toys Make You Wilder In Bed?

Do people who use sex toys really have wilder sex than couples who keep it simple? They may, but contrary to most everything you've ever read about sex, men need more than lots of skin-on-skin to stay in a relationship. Turns out guys are falling in love quicker than girls are these days, and they're looking for wives and girlfriends who support their softer side. Well maybe unless you live in one of America's 10 most promiscuous cities, where they undoubtedly like it rough.