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Is Smoking Marijuana Good For Moms?

It seems like everything that we moms do is subject to intense scrutiny and judged by the "good-mom-eter." If we dare stray from the straight and narrow we are automatically cast aside as evil women who are neglectful at best, abusive for sure and likely to end up having to pay for years of therapy.

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It's time to start weeding out the boys who aren't ready to grow up.

8 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Still A Boy

Every relationship comes to a crossroads when both people have to decide what type of commitment they want, if at all. Some of us have clear rules and don't waste time playing around any longer than three months; while, others hang on for years. But, there is no need to squander precious time with someone who isn't ready to step up.

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The Juiciest Fourth Of July Single-Gal Burger Recipe

Really, this burger recipe is my take on the Juicy Lucy which is what a burger stuffed with cheese is commonly called. I've added a little heat with the inclusion of jalapenos and cayenne into the meat, opted for an English Muffin instead of the usual bun, and topped it off simply with a slice of ripe tomato. So, now it's the Juicy Lucca, although she wasn't allowed to have any because it has onions in it. Obviously, you can adjust this recipe so that it's for as many people as you want, but in true Random Single Gal Recipe style—and considering it's Independence Day—the following is if you're just cooking for one. (Also, as I live in an apartment with no outdoor space, it's also tailored to a stovetop griddle pan.) Happy 4th of July!

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How To Personalize An Engagement Ring

Many people are only comfortable shopping for diamonds at high-end jewelry houses. However, while the recognizable brands provide peace of mind, they usually have a substantial mark-up. Using a consultant or independent jeweler allows you to take part in the entire process from selecting the stone to collaborating on a design. Not only will you create an extremely personalized, one-of-a-kind piece piece, but you usually will be maximize the value of your ring.

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Love Fireworks: "I Knew It Was True Love When..."

We're (hopefully) all going to get the chance to see some fireworks this Independence Day but not everyone is so lucky as to experience the feeling of fireworks you get when you first realize you've fallen in love with someone. It's the moment of knowing he's the one; that you realize you're meant to be. Flashes of light can be seen throughout the sky every year but a real, genuine spark between two people is sometimes a little harder to find. Betty Confidential asks their readers to disclose their most personal moments, when they experienced this unique feeling of fireworks.

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When Your Kids Drive You To Drink: Yummy Summer Cocktails

I'm not a huge drinker, but there's something about the season that just makes me want to sit on the patio and sip a fun drink out of a pretty glass. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's the hours of sunlight. Maybe it's the abundance of fresh fruit and herbs. Maybe it's the fact that my kids are home from school. OK, so maybe there's no maybe about that one. It's the kids. They're driving me to drink. Here's what's in my glass ...

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What Guys Think Links: Single, Black, Male, Handsome & Hopeless

Maybe trading sexual favors for good behavior is a really good idea. Some incredible single black men are desperate to be in relationships and can't find ladies. What a guy thinks when you're fighting over nothing. How to know if you're just a rebound chick. How to not take everything so personally. Best rules to remember when dating. Insight regarding the Tarantino toe-sucking debacle. When he shows bud doesn't say, "I love you."

Friends With Benefits Movie

Friends With Benefits Never Works: Right?

Friends with Benefits. It's the elusive fling that has pals giving each other and their beds a second glance. There's been so much notoriety surrounding FWB lately that Hollywood capitalized on the relationship by releasing not just one, but two movies about the topic this year—No Strings Attached and the originally titled, Friends With Benefits.