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Vote Us Into SXSW, Win Signed 'How To Love An American Man'!

The last day to vote is TODAY! And when you vote, you have an exciting opportunity to win a free, signed copy of "How To Love An American Man," by YourTango editor Kristine Gasbarre. You'll be enthralled with the memoir — it traces the year she spent receiving love advice from her lovely, no-nonsense grandma, transforming the way she thinks about love.

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Grouper: Group Dating To Get You Offline And Out On The Town

Launched in June 2011, Grouper is an online social club (currently only in New York City) whose goal is to get you offline as quick and easily as possible and onto a great night out on the town with people you may have never met before. You can use it to find your next date or just to expand your social circle – a Grouper is whatever you make it.

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Northern Vs. Southern States: Guess Who Gets Divorced More?

In spite of an intense focus on marriage and traditional family values, divorce rates in the socially conservative South are higher than in the liberal-leaning Northeast, according to a report released this week by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The 5 Most Sex-Loving Colleges In The U.S.

The 5 Most Sex-Loving Colleges In The U.S.

It's that time again: back to school! And for some college students, notebooks and number two pencils aren't all they'll need to get through the semester. At least that's what we think now that Her Campus has revealed the most sexually friendly colleges.

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Poll: Should 'DWTS' Have Banned Same-Sex Partner Dances?

It's time to break out those dancing shoes again! The TV world is all abuzz with the upcoming premiere of the celebrity dance competition on Sept. 19, and especially with the announcement of the Season 13 cast this past Monday, ABC and Dancing With The Stars made history by casting Chaz Bono, its first transgendered contestant.

Online Daters Are OK With Others Lying In Their Profiles

Online Daters Are OK With Others Lying In Their Profiles

We've all seen the studies and reports that expose online daters for what they really are: liars. OK, not all online daters lie but many have been found to misrepresent themselves, whether it be about their weight, age, salary, etc. This may seem like a bad thing but according to a new study, users are OK with certain online misrepresentations.

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Vote For YourTango's SXSW Panel By Friday!

YourTango is the digital leader in love & relationship news and insights, and we have an exciting opportunity to appear on two panels at SXSW (March 9 - 18, 2012). YOUR votes, comments and sharing can help take us to Austin...show some SXSW love to YourTango! The last day to vote is this Friday, Sept. 2.

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Love & Fashion: A Guide To Looking Sexy This Fall

Here in NYC, you live and breathe fashion whether you like it or not. With an office near Seventh Avenue (also known as Fashion Avenue), smack dab in the middle of the Fashion Institute of Technology campus, we get our morning mocha at Moda Espresso Bar and our evening shopping on at the Barney's Warehouse Sale. And with Fashion Week just around the corner, it's even harder to ignore that lovely, mysterious world.

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Looking To Get Married? 10 Best Colleges To Find Husband Material

Students, we know what you're thinking: with some smarts, we can find terrific marriage mates at every college in the country. But a new report suggests that the number of couples who meet in college is lower than ever…so from where are the solid marriage-material types graduating? Kick back and let us school you on which U.S. colleges and universities turn out the most appealing male partners.