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Love & Fashion: A Guide To Looking Sexy This Fall

Here in NYC, you live and breathe fashion whether you like it or not. With an office near Seventh Avenue (also known as Fashion Avenue), smack dab in the middle of the Fashion Institute of Technology campus, we get our morning mocha at Moda Espresso Bar and our evening shopping on at the Barney's Warehouse Sale. And with Fashion Week just around the corner, it's even harder to ignore that lovely, mysterious world.

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Looking To Get Married? 10 Best Colleges To Find Husband Material

Students, we know what you're thinking: with some smarts, we can find terrific marriage mates at every college in the country. But a new report suggests that the number of couples who meet in college is lower than ever…so from where are the solid marriage-material types graduating? Kick back and let us school you on which U.S. colleges and universities turn out the most appealing male partners.

Why Women Can't Have Sex Without Falling In Love

Why Women Can't Have Sex Without Falling In Love

I've long called it the orgasm curse—that thing that happens after great sex with a guy. He immediately goes from an insignificant satellite orbiting your universe to the goddamn sun itself. But why? A new study done at Rutgers University explored what exactly goes on in our bodies during orgasm that makes us insane.

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How To Make Labor Day The Most Romantic Day Of The Year [GALLERY]

Summer 2011 officially comes to a close next Monday, September 5, and we're all looking forward to relaxing during the long weekend. With a multitude of party ideas to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming for couples to decide what to do for Labor Day. So we here at YourTango compiled some of our favorite festivities inspirations, perfect for any couple looking to spend quality time with each other and their family and friends.

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Love Bytes: Are Mama's Boys Better Husbands?

Are mama's boys better husbands? How to know if a lady will be a bad wife. A newlywed couple gets caught shoplifting. Does marriage make people stable or do stable people get married? Are mama's boys better husbands? Which colleges are the horniest?

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DuoDater: Double The Date, Double The Fun

First dates can be awkward, especially if you met online and are seeing each other in the flesh for the first time. You might have nothing to talk about. You might be too different. Or, you might actually get along, but end up downing a few too many shots and start venting about your crazy ex, never to see your date again. With new online dating site DuoDater, you can bring your BFF (or even entire posse) along to make the experience of meeting a stranger more organic — and way more fun.

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YT Quickies: Would You Wear A Divorce Ring?

As students kick off the fall semester, we're reminded that there's always more to learn...especially when it comes to everybody's favorite subject: love. If you're looking to start a relationship, we've rounded up 10 colleges to find a great husband; and if you've been in love for years, we have new insight about how to cope as a couple after your kids have flown the coop. Also for class discussion: did Lady Gaga go overboard with the VMAs kiss? And seriously: would you wear the new divorce ring?

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8 Reasons For Black Women To Date White Men

To me, there is nothing more physically beautiful on this earth than a 100 percent cocoa, dark-skinned Black man. But a relationship is not built on beauty alone: looking beyond the physical, there are plenty of options more financially, intellectually and emotionally stable. It’s time to taste the unknown.