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Rock On, Girl: 80-Year-Old Dancer Schools Us On Life And Love

When Paddy and Nico walk onto the Britain's Got Talent stage, the usual sniggers erupt. She's a tiny, 80-year-old British woman, and he's very much not. But their skills and story will knock your socks off. Paddy gave up her life's passion for the love of her family, and it's a decision she doesn't regret for one minute. But when life through he a curveball, Paddy rolled with it and rediscovered her talent.

couple kissing street sign

7 Worst Public Places Couples Were Caught Doing It

It's one thing to go a little out of your element by screwing around in unconventional spots. It's another to have a full-blown public romp sesh, much to the misfortune of unsuspecting bystanders (FYI, if we wanted porn, we'd go home and open up our laptops).

pregnant in bed
Sex during pregnancy is safe, but can be crazy and disgusting!

5 Times Sex During Pregnancy Went Horribly Wrong

The months during pregnancy are certainly a journey. Your body and hormones change in such a way that it affects all aspects of your life, including sex. Unless you have a high risk pregnancy then having sex is perfectly safe for the mother and her baby, but that doesn't mean things always go smoothly.


9 Painfully Awkward Things Not To Say On A First Date

Listen up kids! We are here to save you from awkward silences and even more awkward conversations on first dates. We've compiled the ultimate list of conversation topics to avoid when you take that cutie from the apartment next door out for drinks. Men and women should heed these warnings equally (except number 2. Ladies, that one's for you) and strive to improve your first date game. 1. Past exes. Let's not go down Depressing Failed Relationships Road, shall we?

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Dance on, tiny dancer.

This Is The Secret To Raising Kind Kids

We all want to raise kind, compassionate kids, and it turns out that dancing with your baby (yes, dancing) can help you accomplish this goal, according to a new study published in Developmental Science.