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5 Life-Changing Pieces Of Marriage Advice (You're Welcome)

YourTango's CEO/Founder, Andrea Miller sat down with FOX News Radio to tackle all things related to love. We asked you to post your tough relationship questions on Facebook, and you really came through! Many of the questions were about marriage and how to make things WORK. Here are five of the marriage tips that Andrea Miller gave with the help of radio show host, Vipp Jaswal.

Fifty Shades Of Grey 50 Shades Of Grey movie Jamie Dornan Christian Grey Dakota Johnson Ana Steele
Don't deny your '50 Shades' obsession. We know better.

8 Lame Excuses For Seeing '50 Shades Of Grey'

Whenever a movie like 50 Shades Of Grey comes out, there's always a group of people who go to see the movie even though they claim that they didn't want to see it. Every time! These people always exist, and it's infuriating. These people all obviously just wanted to see the movie, but don't want to admit it.

Marnie and Hannah from Girls HBO

Why Are We So Invested In Other People's Breakups?

There's been a lot of positive coverage from this past Sunday's episode of Girls. In case you haven't seen season four's "Sit-In," Hannah returns from Iowa to discover that after a month of long-distance/open-relationship dating, Adam has moved Hannah's furniture into storage and is now living with a new girlfriend, Mimi-Rose Howard. Over the course of the episode, as Hannah locks herself into her old bedroom and refuses to leave the apartment, each of Hannah's friends pops over to provide comfort and dispense advice on how to come to terms with the end of her relationship. By the end of the episode, Adam and Hannah have an emotional conversation and Hannah leaves the apartment to visit her storage room, all of her boxes marked "Fragile - Handle with Care." So… why were Hannah' friends caught up in the demise of Hannah and Adam?