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crop top
"They're definitely one of those 'girls do it for other girls' types of trends."

Fashion Do Or Don't? What Guys Really Think ... Of Crop Tops

We asked trusted men in our lives to dish on what they really think of crop tops — and it was just as hilarious as you’d expect. Surprise! Bearing your belly in a half-shirt is pretty confusing for a dude.

couple on a date
Sometimes, the magic's in the mystery. It's better to find out sooner rather than later.

Is Your Date Shy? 15 Ways To Get Them To Open Up

Here's how the dating progression is supposed to go: (1) You meet someone you find intriguing and (2) you get to know each other. Step number one usually feels like the hard part, while getting acquainted comes more naturally. But not always. For some people, dropping their guard long enough to let you in takes a concerted effort — and plenty of time.

sad woman in diner
Feeling hopeless?

Sick Of Being Single? The Dos and Don'ts Of Dating In The City

Wouldn't it be easier if we all just had fairy godmothers? In seconds you're pretty enough to catch the eye of your prince charming. Disney movies aside, NYC is like the grand ball of dating and you've just been sent your invitation. While you may not have your fairy godmother, you do have us and our quick and easy tips will help you master the dating game.

angie vidar
Angie and Vidar loved to play together in the desert.

Loves Saves The Life Of Heroic Military Dog

We all know that war can have a long-lasting psychological, emotional and physical effects on any brave soldier. But just how wide is this spectrum of hurt? One quiet morning, Vidar, a military dog who specializes in bomb hunting, began to display symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.