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The 5 Kick-Ass Friends Every Smart Woman Has In Her Life

Whether you look to them for a shoulder to lean on, a partner in crime, a vault to hold your secrets or a pal who allows you to let loose, your friends are allies in a world that can sometimes seem very unkind. Here are five kinds of friends every woman should be grateful to have in her life.

JUST IN: Shocking Male Beauty Standards From Around The World

JUST IN: Shocking Male Beauty Standards From Around The World

As women, we're bombarded with images, both in print and the media, of what an "ideal" woman is supposed to look like. In the majority of cases that woman is tall, thin, and has features that don’t really identity with any specific ethnicity. In other words, in a world where we’re all becoming more and more multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, defining the “perfect” beauty as being "one thing" isn’t just unfair but also irrelevant. Still, that doesn’t stop the media from hanging on to one type of beauty and shoving it down our throats.

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9 Reasons A Stay-At-Home Mom Is The Hottest Woman EVER

We're firm believers in the fact that looking hot while rocking a messy bun and grass-stained jeans couldn't come more naturally to moms. The modern-day SAHM has certainly got the sexy superwoman thing down. So we compiled 9 undeniable (and science-backed!) reasons why stay-at-home moms are the hottest women ever.

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These Are The Only 9 Jobs Where Women Make More Than Men

Sadly, many women have to accept that they are going to be paid less than men when it comes to work. They also have to accept that once they have a child their pay and career is going to be hit harder while men's take after fatherhood. But it looks like there are a few exceptions to the rule! There are nine jobs where women take the bigger paychecks home.

4 Dating Tips From A Couple Who Met Playing A Facebook Game

4 Dating Tips From A Couple Who Met Playing A Facebook Game

Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger across a crowded... Facebook newsfeed? Meet John Sweeney and Joanne Doane, who found love while playing Mafia Wars. In a mob-themed ceremony held on September 17, John and Joanne officially became the first husband and wife to meet over Zynga's popular social networking game. While their courtship is slightly unconventional, the happy couple recently shared some surprisingly practical insights on the search for love.

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Vacation should be a fun time for the parents, not just kids.

5 Ways To Turn Your Family Vacation Into A Romantic Getaway

My family just returned from our first vacation to Disney World. But having kids in the room also meant that my husband and I didn’t have any "happy endings" at the happiest place on earth. Here's what I'll do during our next family vacation to make sure we have plenty of opportunities to get intimate.

Longing for a love like on the big screen? Watch more romance movies together.

Romance Movies Are NOT Ruining Your Relationship — Relax!

It is easy to think that romance movies create false expectations when it comes to love and relationships. As much as we may envy or despise the characters and storylines of romance movies, do they really have a negative effect on our relationships?