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Uh-oh: 75% of the French admitted to cheating.

Foreign Affairs: Which Countries Kill It In The Bedroom?

It was a long arduous month for football, or as the Americans call it "soccer," fans, and because at the end of the game it was all about winning, LELO, a luxury sex toy brand, decided that they wanted to see what countries are winning in the bedroom, too. Of course, based on the U.S.'s impressive, although short-lived time in the series, it's not really boding well for us.

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Real Girl Food: The 2-Minute Green Smoothie You'll Actually Drink

Are you getting your daily greens? Probably not. Because if you're anything like me, there are two massive cracks in the "Drink a Green Smoothie Daily" idea.  First, they take planning. Second, they taste like crap. Two big ol' strikes against the daily habit that's supposed to get you skin like a Disney princess, the waist of a geisha, and forty-thousand pounds of nutritional gold. Not to mention, Dr.


The Very Best Online Erotica … For Free!

So it's late at night, you're feeling frisky and you've found your way to the internet. You want to find something fun and saucy to read, but there's so much junk out there! How do you wade through the lousy, cheap pornography to find erotica of high quality? Well, never fear, because YourTango has your back (don't we always?), with a collection of the very best free online erotica.

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7 Sex Positions Men Love

Y'all want to spice things up in the bedroom? (Silly question, we know. Who doesn't?) Make your man's night and drive him wild with these sex positions guaranteed to curl his toes. Sex is all about love and intimacy, so while switching up positions is part of the fun, the real payoff is the way various maneuvers allow you to connect with one another. Do not be afraid to get exploratory with your man and try new things. It will help you bond and grow together. Plus new angles and new views, anyone? Um, yes!

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11 Signs Nutella Is Your One True Love

I have some devastating news to share with you, my friends. Are you sitting down? Actually, maybe you should even tape yourself to your chair to keep you from jumping up and throwing angry fists at the sky. OK. Are you ready? YOUR BELOVED NUTELLA IS IN JEOPARDY.


I'm A Mom Who Had An Abortion At 17 And It Still Haunts Me

You would be 12 years old. You would be finished with elementary school, excited to begin junior high. You would be crushing on various boys/girls, dreading taking a shower in gym class. You would have a favorite band. A favorite pop star. A favorite television program. You would be here.

woman clock
Time to start avoiding this to stop your biological clock from going off.

The Strange Thing That Makes You Want To Have A Kid ASAP

There a few things that makes you want to have a baby. Seeing cute little babies in hats that have animal ears are one of them, the flood of baby pictures on your Facebook feed are another, and the constant questions from your mother of when it's finally going to happen. Well a new study has found something very strange that might actually want you to speed up your plan to have a baby.