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Sorry, eating bacon is on the opposite list.

From Sex To Nuts: 9 Simple Things That Boost His Fertility

Remember when we broke your guy's heart when we told you that some of his favorite things, from eating bacon to watching TV, are fertility? Well, we're ready to talk more about his sperm — but this time we bring good news! We count down the simple foods and activities that help improve your man's chance at becoming a father.

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This Just In: Tuesdays Are Prime Sexting Time

According to a new poll carried out by Retina-X Studios that analyzed answers from 4,800 people, they found that most of us send our naughtiest texts on Tuesday mornings between 10 am and noon. Researchers also found that iPhone users were twice as likely to sext on Tuesday mornings than Android users were.


How The Silent Treatment Is Destroying Your Relationship

A study led by Paul Schrodt at the Texas Christian University, has found that nothing good ever comes from giving your partner the silent treatment. You may think you’re proving some sort of point, but you’re actually just messing up your relationship and damaging your own health.

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Here's Why Men Want Love And Women Want Money

Call me old fashioned, but I've always been of the mindset that, yes, money can buy love. You know, because it can. Do you really think rich 75-year-old men would be able to land the beautiful young women that they do, if they didn't have all that extra cash to share? I may want to be financially independent, but I'm not above having my partner share his wealth with me, so yeah, I'd sign up for the old dude. Maybe. Possibly. OK, only if he looked like Patrick Stewart. Everyone loves Patrick Stewart.

2 ingredients cookies
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Real Girl Food: 2-Minute, 2-Ingredient Cookies

Modern gals, we've heard your cries. You've been told you can have it all; A career, a kid, and your cake, too. But we all know that's bollocks. With a million, trillion things on our plate everyday, it's easy to be too tuckered out for, well, anything. Especially for THAT THING. (Yes, I'm talking about sex.)

Girl's Shopping Date
Shopping with your BFF

BFF Shopping Dates Are The New Retail Therapy

A recent study concluded that 64 percent of women and 40 percent of men have used retail therapy in an effort to improve their mood. While shopping to forget your troubles may work to certain extent, throwing your BFF into the mix is an even more effective brand of retail therapy. These four simple steps will show you how to have a successful BFF shopping date that will strengthen your bond and allow you to grow closer in your relationship.

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The Secret To Our Happy Relationship? We Ignore Each Other

I met Michael six months after I left my previous relationship and was, I think, understandably not eager to get into anything super-committed. It turned out I had good reason to be wary: I was still trying to figure out my sense of what “myself” or “Rebecca” was as an individual after being in a relationship that required me to defer to being one-half of a couple, not one whole person in a partnership with another whole person. The baggage weighed on me and made me scared of what the relationship would ask of me. Michael and I broke up twice.