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beauty queen

11 Extreme Things We've Done In The Name Of Beauty

Most of us women are familiar with the old saying "pain is beauty", but that doesn't even account for the time, money and (typically as a result of trying — and not succeeding at various products and procedures) frustration that are typically par for the cosmetic enhancement course. As lovely as it is being a woman, let's face it, we really did not wake up like this … we just didn't! (But thank you dearly Beyonce for the ego boost. Love you).


We Love These 10 Adorable Halloween Costumes For Kids & Dogs

Pumpkins, colorful leaves, sweet apple cider, and crisp air. Fall is here, and with the season comes a spook-tacular day enjoyed by many: Halloween. It's one of the most fun holidays of the year. We get to dress up and impress those around us with our creativity and hard work in coming up with our costumes. And for some of us, this means we run out of time and get to showcase our acute laziness: "What? This cat-ear headband I'm wearing clearly makes me a cat. Meow. Purr."

Melissa McBride as Carol Pelletier on AMC 'The Walking Dead'
Melissa McBride stars as as Carol Pelletier on AMC's 'The Walking Dead.'

13 Ways Carol Went From Basic To Baller On 'The Walking Dead'

Let's be honest: Before season 4's best episode and the season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead, Carol Pelletier was pretty basic. Beware: Spoilers ahead! She was whiny, needy, clingy and generally a burden on the group: She delayed their travels to search for her daughter, who ended up being one of the pet projects in Hershel's barn. She murdered and burned poor Tyreese's poor, sweet girlfriend over a flu. She cried when that little pain in the ass Carl Grimes told her that God doesn't exist.

mom with kid and child

This Just In: Here's Why You Treat Your Dog Like Your Child

A new study has found that women really and truly think of their dogs as their children, but with more fur, obviously. Researchers looked into brain activity of a group of women who have at least one child between the ages of two and 10, and who were also dog owners at the same time. Between questionnaires and the showing the women photos of both their children and dogs, the results were quite clear: When it comes to babies and dogs, women don't see a difference. In fact, in some women, their brain responds even more strongly to photos of their dogs than their kids.

mickey-minnie cheating

9 People Who Are Going To Cheat On You (Says Science)

Let's face it, no one on earth actually wants to date a cheater but oftentimes we don't see the signs that our beloved boyfriend or girlfriend is secretly a shady little liar who's about to ruin your life. Forget him answering his second cell phone in the closet every night or her being less affectionate with you and drooling over your best friend when he walks in the room. What you really need to be asking yourself is: Is your girlfriend blonde? Is your guy addicted to Twitter? What's his name?