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milk ad men PMS

Milk: It Does The PMS Good?

Got PMS? Then send your man out for a gallon of milk. The California Milk Processor Board is targeting men in their newest ad campaign and trying to save relationships everywhere from "that time of the month".

bourbon street new orleans

Get Blown Away, Louisiana! Oral Sex Is Now Legal

Believe it or not, if Bayou State residents were convicted of "unnatural carnal copulation" (aka oral and anal sex), they were at risk of being charged with a felony and forced to register as a sex offender. In addition to the charge, the label was also branded on driver's licenses. Looks like the Scarlet Letter had some competition, Hester Prynne.

not "the one"

Link Love: Signs You're Not "The One"

You might not be "the one," sorry. Anti-masturbatory gum. Getting out of a bad date. Sometimes opposites don't attract. 10 things that aren't red flags. The Twitter trend #whoeverimarry decoded.

romance novel

Are Romance Novels Bad For Women?

When it comes to banned books, we're used to seeing classic titles on the blacklist, but a new essay from British psychologist Susan Quilliam suggests that we should take similar precautions when considering romance novels. In her research, which appeared in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare, Quilliam says that these fanficful stories can cause women to idealize sex and relationships.

crystal light yourtango glam media date

YourTango Takes Crystal Light On A Date

It's hard to stay healthy when you lead a busy lifestyle, and having a quick soda serves as a much-needed energy boost. But a recent study from the University of Texas reports that people who drink two or more diet sodas a day have waists that are six times as large as those who don't drink diet soda at all. This goes to show that a good alternative to the fizzy drink can go a long way.

sugar daddy

Link Love: Are Housewives Credit-Worthy?

Secrets of sexually satisfied couples. Bad (unhealthy) habits lead to bad sex. Lessons learned from a boyfriend who doesn't care for the barrier method. Are people addicted to love or really addicted to approval? What if you had to have your husband's approval to get a credit card? And who's better at online dating Adele-heads or Juggalos?

google plus

Using Google Plus On A Date Is No-No

Although texting may be a primary form of communication with potential suitors, a new survey warns that being too involved in your phone—and not involved enough with your date—is a big taboo while out on the town.