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pot of gold rainbow
Is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow better than sex?

8 (More) Things That Are Decidedly Better Than Sex

Backstory: In August, we penned a piece called "12 Things That Are Decidedly Better Than Sex," which caused quite the uproar. Fifty-six comments later, the haters are still going strong, and somehow refuse to understand that this was humor meant to add a little levity to our sex-obsessed society.

holiday hearts
Express your love by cooking dinner together, going ice skating and more.

7 Most Romantic Winter Date Ideas!

As the seasons change, so do your date options. Since the days of playful picnics or long walks on the beach are behind us, it's time to find ways to get romantic with your man when the weather outside is frightful.

accordion guy love song
Look at this creepy creeperson! He'll have you swallowing like 5 Plan B's in no time.

Love Bytes: The 10 Creepiest Love Songs Ever

The creepiest song lyrics ever. Having babies too late may be even less safe than we thought. Do not start having sex with your neighbor if you want a relationship. Is your guy totally into someone else? Plan B may soon be available over-the-counter. Good-looking friends make you look... better. Hugs may not be as innocent as you think. France may ban prostitution.

condoms jar
America, meet condoms. Condoms, meet America. You'll have a good time. We promise.

Study Says Americans Just Love Risky, Condom-less Sex

Ah, America — land of the free, home of the brave, and a nation of people who don't like safe sex. Because really, people, there's nothing like the risk of a sexually transmitted infection (STI) to spice up your sex life, no?

holiday couple
Look ma, we're a real couple! Really!

Temporary Holiday Boyfriends: WTF?

Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, some singles are looking for temporary relationships for the holiday season. Apparently, it's fine to be single all year long, but when Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever your holiday jam is rolls around, you best be coupled up, sister. And since you can find pretty much everything else on Craigslist, you might as well find a short-term fella to bring home to mom and dad.

couple older date
Starting over after divorce is difficult, but you can do it!

Divorced? 5 Things Not To Say On A First Date

So many divorcees are angry about their situations, disappointed they haven't met someone, or resentful of their ex-husband's lives. Let it go. Don't start out on a brand new date simmering with pent-up rage. It's not fair to either of you. Relax and plan something that's going to be fun for the two of you to do.

woman candy cane
Sometimes, nice wins over naughty.

18 Things NOT To Buy Your Boyfriend For Christmas

Wow. I mean, wow. I'm not some kind of religious conservative nutjob, but last time I checked, Christmas was a peaceful holiday that's meant to be celebrated with your family. So when I saw this photo gallery of "18 WTF Christmas-Themed Sex Toys" on The Frisky, I rightly thought... WTF.

broken heart mending
Strong marriages can survive sexual betrayal.

Can Your Marriage Recover From An Affair?

For many, an affair is a deal-breaker. It's the end of the relationship, a sign that the spouses need to move on, and a black and white issue with little recourse. But in longer marriages, especially when kids are involved, infidelity doesn't have to end the marriage. Some marriages can recover.

Looking to get pregnant? Watch where your guy puts his laptop.

Is The Internet Bad For Sperm?

Warning: What you're about to read is shocking. So shocking you may try to keep your guy away from his laptop for at least a week.