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And The World's "Most Flirtatious City" Is...

If you're feeling frustrated with the dating scene at home, you may want to pack your bags and head to Athens. The Greek capital was just named the World's Most Flirtatious City. How so? Turns out the metropolis topped the Badoo World Flirtation League poll, which ranked cities by the number of online flirtations initiated per month on the social networking site, reports Reuters.

Love Bytes: The Best And Worst Professions To Marry

Love Bytes: The Best And Worst Professions To Marry

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links. How to bring the sensitive lover out of your man, Facebook's role in the nation's divorce rate, and the best things we've stolen from our exes. A male defines what constitutes cheating, a website promises to find a mate that looks like you, and Hollywood capitalizes on depicting loathsome people finding love. These links, along with 5 tips for managing loneliness when he's away.

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Do Female Breadwinners Need Special Relationship Rules?

A nice car, expensive dinners, owning a home—back in 1996, these were just a few of the expenses that led Alisa Bowman to assume her now-husband earned more than she did. It wasn't until the couple moved in together that Bowman found out she was making substantially more money than he was. What started as a few thousand dollars in income disparity then has now turned into her making quadruple what he earns through his business of owning a bike shop.

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Parenthood More Important Than Marriage For Millennials

The kids of the Millennial Generation are far more keen on the titles of Mom and Dad than Husband and Wife. According to a new study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 52 percent of Millennials cited being a good parent as "one of the most important things in life." Only 30 percent thought the same about having a successful marriage—a glaring 22 percent gap among the 18-to-29-year-old set.

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7 Ways To Make Lust Last

We'll say it: After you've been with your S.O. for a fair amount of time, the glow wears off just a bit. You no longer feel like jumping him wherever there's a flat surface and your sex life isn't always super-steamy. If you're not careful, the word "monogamy" will eventually become synonymous with "ho-hum." But, that doesn't have to happen! There are totally ways to keep the fire o' love burning for a very long while. The fine people at Men's Health and Women's Health have a few fabulous tips to make lust last in their Big Book of Sex. Here, we let you in on some of our favorites.

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Adopt A Guy: Online Dating Site Puts Women In The Driver's Seat

Any woman who's dated online has probably longed for a better way to weed out the creeps. Enter AdoptAGuy.com. The idea for the site originated in France after two friends grew tired of hearing women complain about how uncomfortable online dating could be for them. The site, which launched in 2007 in Europe, is now in the US and is seeking to help put women in the driver's seat of online dating.

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Love Lessons Learned From Mom

My mother was single for a long time before she found someone she liked. And despite those visions of Friday nights on the couch, I can see the value in truly waiting for someone to come along that you just can't ignore. But, most of all, I'm reminded of a conversation I had with my mother's mother, Grandma Theresa, before her death in 2007: "I just hope she finds someone that makes her happy." This, really, is what matters most in a relationship—whether it happens when you're 26 or 56. If not, there's always Jon Stewart.

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Study: Men Subconsciously Try Not To Cheat

Despite what many women may believe, men work really hard at "relationship maintenance." Even on a subconscious level. "It seems the men were truly trying to ward off any temptation they felt toward the ovulating woman," Dr. Jon Maner told the New York Times. "They were trying to convince themselves that she was undesirable. I suspect some men really came to believe what they said. Others might still have felt the undercurrent of their forbidden desire, but I bet just voicing their lack of attraction helped them suppress it."

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Survey Shows The 7-Year Itch Now Happens After 3 Years

After getting together with someone new, how long does it take before that person's quirky mannerisms become super annoying? Off the cuff, most people would answer seven years, as in "the seven-year itch," but a recent study has revealed that the spark dies about three years into a relationship.

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10 Bad Relationship Habits To Give Up For Lent

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the 40-day period of Lent. Even if you're not a Christian, the idea behind the season is interesting. It's a time of giving up vice and substituting more positive behavior in its place. Where better to try this out than in our relationships? Every couple has their own unique blend of struggles, but here are some tips for curbing bad habits—in action and communication—and taking a better, more positive approach. This trial only lasts 40 days, but who knows? You might want to keep practicing permanently.