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Is The Relationship-Defining Talk Unnecessary?

When does a casual series of drinks and meeting up at parties become a deeper entanglement of feelings, fascinating discussions about the origin of childhood scars and trips to the grocery store for toilet paper and dish detergent? To use the parlance of our times, when does a hook-up evolve into a relationship?

9 Classic Fall Dates To Try This Weekend

9 Classic Fall Dates To Try This Weekend

Now that the leaves have begun to turn and the temperatures are cooling off, your go-to summer dates will need an Autumn update. And while admittedly, our favorite fall date ideas are nothing novel and a bit, well...cliche, there's a reason these oldies but goodies are still our faves. So before you resign yourself to the dinner and a movie routine (which let's be honest, is pretty old itself), check out the 9 dorky fall dates that were still suckers for—and why we'll always love them, no matter how old we get. Try one and you just might find yourself "falling" even more in love.

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Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

For as long as many of us can remember, we've been told that if we've got a problem, particularly a relationship problem, the answer is to talk it out. Go to a therapist and talk to a shrink about your issues. Boyfriend or husband acting distant? Well, you better talk to him about that. Not sure what to do about a problem in your life? Get on the phone, send an email, heck, Twitter it while you're at it. It's all talk, all the time. But what if sometimes, particularly when it comes to relationships, and especially when it comes to men, you may be better off not talking about it at all?

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A Matchmaking Pro Gives Us Dating Advice

Ever wanted dating tips from a professional? I mean a professional who is not your sister. Matchmaker Suzanne Oshima has been helping men and women find love since 2001. She works with men and women who vary in age and experience but have one thing in common: They aren't afraid to ask for help when it comes to dating.

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Easy A: Women Still Want A John Hughes Love Story

Although the movie didn't exactly offer anything we haven't seen before—anonymous high school teenager survives a bad rumor and finds love with her crush—it did offer me something to think about it and that is this: for the bad rap romantic comedies have, women still want a John Hughes love story.

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How To Spot A D-Bag From His Online Dating Profile

I used to set couples up on blind dates, interview them afterward and then report it all to readers. Between studying the applications and conducting the interviews, I learned how to discern facts from what people said about themselves. Below I share with you my top learnings on how to spot the cheap, the players and the narcissists online.

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4 Dating Tips From Couple Who Met On Facebook Game

Some enchanted evening, you may see a stranger across a crowded... Facebook newsfeed? Meet John Sweeney and Joanne Doane, who found love while playing Mafia Wars. In a mob-themed ceremony held on September 17, John and Joanne officially became the first husband and wife to meet over Zynga's popular social networking game. While their courtship is slightly unconventional, the happy couple recently shared some surprisingly practical insights on the search for love.

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How A Prostitute Saved My Marriage

Dear _________, Thank you for posting your prostitution ad on Craigslist. I'm not being sarcastic. Why am I thanking you? Because if you hadn't responded, I might have never noticed I wasn't being a partner. Because of you, I chose to stay married.

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For Women, Sex Problems Common After Breast Cancer

Every year, 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and new reports have shown that the vast majority of survivors hesitate to discuss the sex problems caused by treatment. According to the Journal of Sexual medicine, seven out of ten survivors report difficulty having sex after cancer. In light of these findings, doctors interviewed by CNN are encouraging patients to express their concerns instead of hiding them.

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Scientology: A Kiss Of Death For Relationships?

This week it was reported that Elisabeth Moss officially filed for divorce from her husband of less then a year Saturday Night Live actor Fred Armisen. Nobody knows for sure why the two split, but it's rumored that Elisabeth, a Scientologist, was more interested in the religion then her own marriage. Is Scientology toxic to relationships?