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Young Couples Today Prefer "Stayovers" To Cohabitation

A new study suggest that "adult sleepovers" without cohabitation are on the rise. According to the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, an increasing number of coupled twenty-somethings have struck the perfect balance between casual dating and cohabitation. The "stayover trend" involves spending three to seven nights per week together while maintaining separate homes

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What's The Right Online Dating Site For You?

Forget the bar, gym and awkward set-up—when it comes to finding a potential mate, the Internet is by far the hottest spot. But with hundreds of online dating sites and more than 40 million visitors on a regular basis, how do you know where to start? The first big step to finding online dating success is picking a site that's right for you. Like shopping for the perfect pair of jeans, there are always certain brands that are a better fit than others. Some sites are more suited for those looking for casual relationships while others may be for the more marriage-minded. To help you find your "perfect match" in an online dating site, iMag went to love experts Sherri Langburt of Singleediton.com and Diana Falzone for tips to finding love at the click of a mouse.

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What Guys Think Links: Chivalry & Beer In The Shower

Who else is ready for it to be warmer and more humid? Good things. As you know, some guys out there have some great things to say about love and relationships. Others have hilarious things to say. And still others have unintentionally hilarious things to say. Here are some of each from the webz.

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Complete This Sentence: My First Love...

Almost everyone gets over their first love, but you never really forget that person. Whether it happened during your childhood, your teenage years or even when you were already an adult, you'll always hold a small candle for the person who first taught you vulnerability and desire.

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One-Third Of Americans Like Their Cell Phones More Than Sex

One would think that a cell phone pales in comparison to sex, but according to a new survey from Telenav, a mobile applications company, it doesn't. In fact, one-third of Americans would rather do without sex than without their cell phone. In addition to sex, Americans would also pass on alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, exercise, a toothbrush, shoes and a computer if it meant being able to keep their phone.