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Poll: Would You Announce Your Pregnancy On Facebook?

It had to come sooner or later: There is now a way to announce your pregnancy on Facebook. In the "Friends and Family" section, you can now add "Expected: Child" as one of the family members, and announce the baby's due date (month, day and year), as well as its sex and name. Would you announce your pregnancy on Facebook?

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80% Of Online Daters Are Looking For A Serious Relationship

Thanks to its rising popularity, and a whole new slew of demographics-specific websites to choose from, online dating has become less taboo in recent years. And though it's a more convenient way to find potential dates—who has time to actually go out and meet people, anyway? — there's still a lot to stress over when reaching out to establish connections with other users.

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Link Love: Your Kids Don't Like Your Dude, Now What?

Do your kids hate who you're dating? Some women think their vaginas are ugly; 10 reasons why they're wrong. Does highly sexual mean "slutty?" There are some weird marriage laws in this great country of ours. A woman got herpes, now she's suing. And, 101 ways you can't get pregnant.

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Comic-Con Is Full Of Kinky Sex, Just Check Craigslist

You'd think that Comic-Con would be my Graceland, but alas I've never been. A handful of reasons include hating lines, cheapness and a mild shame at liking my stories full of lasers, muscles, spandex and swords (not necessarily in that order). But the reason many people go to Comic Con is, at its core, the main reason I do not: I am terrified of kinky group sex. And Ranker.com proves that a portion of the conventioneers are there for the sexy stuff.

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Sex And The City 3: Do You Buy Blake Lively As Samantha?

If you loved Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristen Davis and Cynthia Nixon as the heroines of SATC, you're out of luck. There won't be a traditional SATC 3 hitting big screens, so it's unlikely these ladies will ever reprise their roles. Producers have reportedly green-lit a third film in the series based on Candace Bushnell's prequels, The Carrie Diaries and Summer in the City, with younger actresses filling the Manolos of Carrie and co.