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mlk martin luther king jr.
MLK's tenacity teaches us to remain in the dating game despite having been hurt.

MLK Day: 3 Love Lessons From Martin Luther King Jr.

Think it's a far stretch to say that Martin Luther King Jr.'s teachings can land you the man of your dreams? "Come on, YourTango, not everything has a love angle," you say. Well, one of our experts, Shay "Your Date Diva" Williams, wrote an article just in time for MLK Day that will prove you wrong.

marriage wedding ring bible
Whether or not to take your husband's last name is a highly personal choice.

Engaged Girl: To Take His Last Name Or Not To Take His Last Name?

As an engaged woman, I was both surprised and appalled when I read an article on The Stir stating that 50% of Americans believe it should be legally required for a woman to take her husband's last name. My first thought was: Who took this survey anyway, a bunch of people from Middle-of-Nowhere America (no offense, really) who've been completely cut off from the modern world?

couple cheating
Have you ever had an affair?

Do Women Cheat As Much As Men Do?

Thanks to the courageous female pioneers of the past few centuries, women now have the same rights as men (thanks Susan B. & co!). Though the sexes still aren't 100 percent equal, us ladies are certainly working hard to be respected as much as our male counterparts. The latest struggle we've almost won? Infidelity!

interracial couple
It's MLK day, but how far have we come in terms of racial equality?

5 Reasons Black Women Are Still Uncomfortable Dating White Men

I recently did a survey on a group of black women regarding their reasons for not dating men who are not of color. Through my findings it seems as though black women aren't actually opposed to dating outside of their race. Part of the dilemma lies in women of color thinking that men outside of their race won't be attracted to them.

Friday The 13th
It's Friday the 13th.

13 "What Guys Think Links" For Friday The 13th

The perfect first kiss, made easy. He wants her to think it's just a booty call situation, but he has real feelings. How do you know if your guy is settling for you? Will a guy ALWAYS ask out a chick he digs? Do guys like to watch porn solo or with a partner? A product that will make Skype sex WAY more interesting. The practicality of long-distance relationships. Do NOT see Blue Valentine on date night. What to think about the final resting place of male reproductive fluid. Jay-Z is not a role model for your love life.

liam hemsworth
Hey, we can't all date birthday boy Liam Hemsworth... lucky Miley Cyrus though!

When It Comes To Dating, Are We Shallower Than We Admit?

Come on, just admit to it: You want to date that guy who all the girls gawk at when he walks into a room; the guy who's so painfully gorgeous that every time you look at him, you think to yourself: "I totally scored on this one." You do, you do — even if you don't realize it.

east coast map
You'll never guess where all the compassionate guys are hiding out.

Where Are All The Sensitive Men Hiding? These 10 Cities!

Do you keep meeting disappointing men? The ones who seem so promising at first, but then end up never calling you, or worse — promising you the world and then breaking your heart? A recent Chemistry.com poll says it may be because you're living in the wrong city.

Warning Label
Warning! Date these dudes at your own risk.

8 Types Of Single Men That Should Come With A Warning Label

From the "Serial Dater," to the "Party Animal," to the "Hot and Cold Dater," here are 8 types of guys who will never make good relationship material. The sooner you can spot them, the better. Learn to recognize their trademark signs, and move on to more promising prospects!

broken heart
If the death of a loved one can kill you, what about a bad breakup or divorce?

Heartbreak Can Literally Kill You, Says New Study

Most often, we think of heartbreak as a certain sense of sadness and longing when a relationship ends that can only be stifled with pints of Ben & Jerry's and the constant reassurance from close friends that, "You're better off, honey." But new research has shown that heartbreak is a real occurrence, especially after the loss of a loved one. And it can literally kill you.

happy new year
Are you keeping your love resolutions?

Hey, How Are You Doing On Your New Year's Resolutions So Far?

Happy New Year! The holidays are over and we are back to work. I came to my desk this morning to find some delicious candy surprises in a little goodie bag. While I was settling in for the day and breaking into one of the bags of M&Ms, I realized that I have already officially broken both of my New Year's resolutions (cutting back on the sweets and eating at my desk).