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Just How Much Sex Is Going On At Occupy Wall Street?

Just How Much Sex Is Going On At Occupy Wall Street?

You can find pot, condoms, and topless women at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York's Zuccotti Park. In an article yesterday, the New York Post painted a picture of debauchery among the protests, filled with homeless looking for free food and young people getting down in sleeping bags.

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10 Best Nicknames For Breasts

Can you believe #NicknamesForBreasts is trending WORLDWIDE? Leave it to Twitter to take "light-hearted" to an extreme. In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month...here are our favorite 10 nicknames for breasts.

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Why We Love Reverse Spooning

Are you the big spoon or little spoon when sleeping with your partner? It's commonly assumed that women prefer being the little spoon because they want to feel safe and protected. But many say they also have a need to hug something while sleeping.

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Love Bytes: Is Sexual Tension In Sitcoms Dead?

It looks like sexual tension in sitcoms is over. Women tell a very specific set of harmless lies. There are five awesome and unconventional places to meet a guy. How you can tell the difference between dating and just hanging out. How to make a friend with benefits into a girlfriend. Seriously, are we getting male birth control or not?

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What Your Couples Halloween Costume Says About Your Relationship

If you're paired up this Halloween, you're most likely attending costume parties with your significant other. And whether you're trying to come up with a creative couple costume, something inspired by celebrities, or an unsexy costume, what you wear with your partner for Halloween says a lot about your relationship.

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What Guys Think Links: 6 Secrets About What Sex Means To Men

Mexico thinks a two-year contract could save marriage. How to survive any long-distance relationship. Super sexy stuff you can do that is NOT intercourse. Movies that will help you understand men, for real. 6 deep, dark secrets that show what men really think about sex. 11 great-sounding places for sex that actually are terrible and you should never try.