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little black book
We used to have The Little Black Book. Now we use spreadsheets.

How Spreadsheets Can Help Your Love Life

Jezebel posted an article about a man they deemed "creepy" for organizing his Match.com dates into a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is detailed, tracking dates, emails and first impressions. However, I don't think it's fair to call this extremely well-organized guy "creepy" or any of the other names that commenters have labeled him.

7 Signs You're An Overbearing Girlfriend
Are you too needy?

7 Signs You're An Overbearing Girlfriend

As women, we sometimes desire to have a man so badly that we try to rush the comfort that comes with a naturally developing relationship. Unfortunately, that desire can read as desperation and make potential boyfriend material duck for cover.

money jar
Would you date someone with different spending habits from yours?

4 Tax Day Facts About Singles & Money

If the barrage of reminders on your television haven't been enough to keep you informed, today is Tax Day, the deadline to file your taxes to see just how much cash you are getting back from (or owe) the lovely government.

50 fifty shades of grey
The romance "Fifty Shades of Grey" has won legions of fans.

Love Bytes: Is S&M Back In Style?

Is S&M cool again? You really, really don't want to date these men. Do not say this to a pregnant woman. Abortion law by the numbers in 2012. Twelve tips for dating in a Facebook world. Some men run away from too much sex. 10 things you really don't want to say or hear on a first date. What lies do women tell their husbands?

love money
Would you change your spending habits for a romantic partner?

Tax Day: Let's Talk About Singles' Spending Habits

Relax—if you and your man have different ideas about what to do with your hard-earned cash (i.e. you like to save, he likes to spend), you can still have a healthy, romantic relationship, according to a new study from Chemistry.com that focused on love and money.