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8 Reasons Men Lose Interest

8 Reasons Men Lose Interest

If the relationship with your guy started with a drunken hook-up, moved on to a casual but intense sexual connection, had a short pause in the land of "I love you," and is now feeling distant and uncoupled, maybe your "relationship" was never what you thought. Feelings of infatuation are strong, and can make us think, "Wow. This is real love!" But without some underpinning of compatibility, people just tend to lose interest and drift apart.

man checking out his fingers

Want To Know His Penis Size? Look At His Fingers

Ladies, there's no need to get into his pants (or receive a naughty picture message) in order to gauge the size of his package. And forget that old wives tale about the size of his shoes. Instead, just take a look at the length of his fingers.

cohabiting couple

Link Love: Does Cohabiting Really Make Economic Sense?

Men need cuddling. The burden of being sexually adventurous. Cell phone courtesy and YOU! The men who never want to be naked (and why we're mildly tolerant of them). Does cohabiting really save money? Are San Franciscans more willing to sleep around than other Americans?

Angry Inmate jail

Jailbird Blues? Michigan Jail Denies Inmates Their Porn

How do you really make a jailbird suffer? Take away their porn! A 21-year-old inmate in Michigan has filed a lawsuit against the state's governor for violating his civil rights in the most inhumane way possible: prohibiting porn. Kyle Richards is locked up at Macomb County Jail, where all pornography is in violation of the rules. What cruel and unusual punishment!

stephen davies

Man Cleared Of Rape Charges After Claiming He Was Asleep

There are few situations more terrifying than waking up to find that yourself having unsolicited sex with someone, but what happens when your attacker claims to have been unconscious during the encounter? That's the dilemma a Welsh court faced when 43 year-old Stephen Lee Davies cited his sexsomnia as the reason he raped a 16 year-old in his bed.

mix bikini

Best Summer 2011 Bikinis To Flirt In

We recently discovered a company called MiX Bikini, which makes bikinis made of pieces that you can mix and match in creative ways. If you want your right boob to be a different color from your left boob to be a different color from your bikini bottoms, well, you gotta get yourself some of these! They're really fun: Prints range from skulls to argyle and there are all sorts of bright prints and colors.