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Dream On: Why Sexual Fantasies Are Good For You

Dream On: Why Sexual Fantasies Are Good For You

One of the quickest and most assured routes to sexual arousal is through fantasy. We use our imaginative capacity all the time during our waking lives as we envision all the possible futures that our daily life could result in; or even in the most negative of circumstances when we allow ourselves to ruminate and over-think bad outcomes for our relationships and aspirations. Yet when it comes to the mysterious sexual fantasy life that lives somewhere in all of us we often keep the door locked.


Help: Am I Becoming A Bridezilla?

I'm getting married in August and have been planning the wedding for over a year, so the date has been set for a while now. My brother—my only sibling—got engaged last weekend. I love him and his fiancée, but I was very upset when I found out today that they are planning to get married a mere six weeks before I do.

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Living With Your Boyfriend Is A Crime In Florida

Looking for a place to live with your boyfriend in Florida? There's a cozy one-room studio behind bars waiting for you. A state law that dates back to the 1800's condemns opposite-sex unmarried couples living under the same roof.

Women Lose Sleep Over Finances, Men Don't

Women Lose Sleep Over Finances, Men Don't

With our economy tanking even further thanks to the unstable stock market and the recent debt ceiling crisis, our wallets have taken a serious hit. But our shopping habits all that's been harmed thanks to economic woes. Our health may be taking a hit, too.

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What Guys Think Links: Labor Day Marks The End Of Hot Sex

There are some things you can't do after Labor Day (bedroom things). The conversation that takes place when she wants kids and he doesn't. Monogamy is unnatural but so are a lot of things we're into. A handful of easy fixes for a bummer of a male libido. When a guy accidentally tastes his own issue and is glad he did. Hot guys with girly habits. He's great but should she dump him because he didn't have a break between her and his last girlfriend? He's not calling you back, it may've been something you did. Many "inexcusable" first date gaffes really aren't that bad.

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Vote Us Into SXSW, Win Signed 'How To Love An American Man'!

The last day to vote is TODAY! And when you vote, you have an exciting opportunity to win a free, signed copy of "How To Love An American Man," by YourTango editor Kristine Gasbarre. You'll be enthralled with the memoir — it traces the year she spent receiving love advice from her lovely, no-nonsense grandma, transforming the way she thinks about love.