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Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy in "Hysteria."
Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy in "Hysteria."

'Hysteria': Be Glad You're Not A Woman In The Victorian Era

Forget apples. An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away. People who have regular, satisfying sex live longer, stay in shape, and are generally happier. But during the Victorian era, from 1897 to 1901, sex was strictly viewed as a procreational activity between a woman and her husband. Or, an act between a man and whoever he wanted to have sex with.

welcome to north carolina
North Carolina's ban on same-sex marriage draws attention to its cousin-marrying laws.

10 Dumb Cousin-Marrying Laws From North Carolina

Last week, an amendment passed in North Carolina banning marriage for same-sex couples. Some people decry this as short-sighted at best, and completely bigoted, hateful, stupid, dumb, and unfair in general. I am one of those people.

man tape mouth

Love Bytes:
 10 Things Husbands Should Never Say

10 things a husband shouldn't say. Do men want women to be flexible in bed? 6 stories of interrupted sex. The etiquette of oral. How to handle a boyish boyfriend. A Texan was lap danced to death. Earn money pretending to be a girlfriend. How close is your guy with his lady BFF... too close?

happy couple
Follow these online dating tips, and you just may become a happy in-real-life couple!

10 Online Dating Etiquette Tips From The Emily Post Institute

What's appropriate when it comes to divulging information in your online dating profile and via social media? In our exclusive interview with Anna Post, the great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, she told us some "golden rules" to keep in mind when online dating and when using social media in general. Perfect timing, since it's National Etiquette Week!

wedding dress
We're finally getting married! Now I just have to get all the details right...

I'm Planning My Dream Wedding In Three Months!

You may remember my gripes back in November about not having a set wedding date. My fiancé and I were waiting because of money, stability and priorities. We were (and still are) very young and back then, we were temporarily living in New York, unsure if we were planning to stay. Well, things have changed since then.

Rich Wannabe-Grandparents Are Paying To Freeze Daughters' Eggs
When parents foot the fertility bill.

Rich Wannabe-Grandparents Are Paying To Freeze Daughters' Eggs

Mother Nature's biological clock stops for no one, not even wannabe grandparents. And that's why, instead of nagging their daughters about why they have not settled down and started pumping out babies, today's moms and dads are helping to foot the bill to freeze their eggs.

man with a sock
It's not just the Red Hot Chili Peppers who put socks on their junk.

Penis Socks. Discuss.

I've traveled up and down the coasts of this fair nation and I've heard two primary complaints regarding the male reproductive member. From men I've heard, "My dong just gets too cold, if you know what I'm saying," and from women I've heard, "That thing could be substantially cuter, if you know what I'm saying." I know EXACTLY what both of you are saying. Enter the penis sock.

9 Techniques For More Pleasurable Masturbation
How to make masturbation even more fun.

9 Techniques For More Pleasurable Masturbation

Even if you're a masturbation pro, there are still ways to spruce up your technique. Like having sex, there are many ways to masturbate and adding new things to your usual menu of choices is a great way to keep things exciting. Here are some tips, in Honor of National Masturbation Month.

mom baby
How soon should a new mother go back to work?

More Mothers Are Getting Paid Maternity Leave

Thanks to Bravo, housewives are a big hit on the reality TV circuit these days. But in real life, unscripted women are hard at work balancing being wives, mother and full-time employees.