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How Facebook Is Ruining Your Marriage

How Facebook Is Ruining Your Marriage

Everyone has a Facebook account these days. In fact, my brother's cat has his own account (although his updates are sadly lackluster). But along with learning who recently ate a burrito for lunch, it turns out that Facebook and other social networking sites are being named as cause for ruining many marriages.

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Easily Embarrassed People Are Better At Relationships, Study Says

We've all done embarrassing things as we've stumbled our way through the single world. Whether it's forgetting the name of the guy you just slept with or drunk-texting your ex, no one's immune from making a fool out of themselves. But who knew that when it comes to dating and relationships, a little embarrassment can actually be a good thing?

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Angry Single Blogger: Why Men Aren't Funny

I once dated a theater major who firmly believed women aren't as funny as men. I'd stomp my foot and declare that I was not only funny, but far funnier than he was. Every time the argument came up, he'd reference John Belushi, who despite his sexism was indeed a comedic genius, and how Belushi, "didn't think women writers were funny enough." This ridiculous "insight" came from his days on Saturday Night Live, days that included such other comedic geniuses as Gilda Radner.

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Love Bytes: New Anti-HIV Gel Also Protects Against Other STDs

A new gel may help prevent herpes. A Seattle pastor says masturbation makes one gay. How to tell a guy is more than just a friend. What if your boyfriend hates cuddling or even sharing a bed? Reasons why hotel sex is the best thing ever. How to say "I like you more than a friend" without coming out and saying it.