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Rich Wannabe-Grandparents Are Paying To Freeze Daughters' Eggs
When parents foot the fertility bill.

Rich Wannabe-Grandparents Are Paying To Freeze Daughters' Eggs

Mother Nature's biological clock stops for no one, not even wannabe grandparents. And that's why, instead of nagging their daughters about why they have not settled down and started pumping out babies, today's moms and dads are helping to foot the bill to freeze their eggs.

man with a sock
It's not just the Red Hot Chili Peppers who put socks on their junk.

Penis Socks. Discuss.

I've traveled up and down the coasts of this fair nation and I've heard two primary complaints regarding the male reproductive member. From men I've heard, "My dong just gets too cold, if you know what I'm saying," and from women I've heard, "That thing could be substantially cuter, if you know what I'm saying." I know EXACTLY what both of you are saying. Enter the penis sock.

9 Techniques For More Pleasurable Masturbation
How to make masturbation even more fun.

9 Techniques For More Pleasurable Masturbation

Even if you're a masturbation pro, there are still ways to spruce up your technique. Like having sex, there are many ways to masturbate and adding new things to your usual menu of choices is a great way to keep things exciting. Here are some tips, in Honor of National Masturbation Month.

mom baby
How soon should a new mother go back to work?

More Mothers Are Getting Paid Maternity Leave

Thanks to Bravo, housewives are a big hit on the reality TV circuit these days. But in real life, unscripted women are hard at work balancing being wives, mother and full-time employees.

couple sex
Have you heard of the 7-day Sex Challenge? You should try it!

Love Bytes: Take The 7-Day Sex Challenge!

10 safe-sex ads in other countries make us hate sex. The 7-Day Sex Challenge! Whiskey-flavored personal lubricant. A four-year boyfriend who doesn't say, "I love you." Six things he really doesn't care about. Same-sex couples still can't hit the prom. Does it matter if you can cook? Was Obama's gay marriage endorsement the most tweeted thing ever?

When a couple gets divorced, women are more likely to pay alimony than ever before.

Divorce Lawyers Say More Women Are Paying Child Support

What do the nuclear family and the glass ceiling have in common? They're both on their way out in the United States. The latest data says more women are paying alimony and child support than ever before.

Preakness kiss
A couple makes out near the port-a-johns in the infield at Preakness 2006.

Get Your Preakness On! 3 Tips For Hooking Up At The Horse Races

"Growing up in Baltimore, I've attended many infield parties at the second leg of the Triple Crown, the Preakness. Something about that infield makes us all behave like heathens. Don't get me wrong — it's a good time (even though it feels a bit like a war zone). Hook-ups abound, and there are plenty of opportunities to merge with the opposite sex."

couple cell phone
I made my fiance try "ThumbKissing" with a mobile app, and he liked it.

Would You Try A Mobile App For Couples?

Finally, an app created just for couples! Pair is a fun social-networking mobile app — think DrawSomething, Google Tasks, and Facebook for two — that lets couples stay connected 24/7.

the situation mike michael sorrentino
The Situation seems to brag about smashing more than actually doing it.

Talk The Talk: Is Bragging As Good As Sex?

I'm pretty sure the eggheads at Harvard are the only people who could come up with something like this. A study has revealed that the same part of the brain which is responsible for making sex feel good is also gratified by bragging.