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What should Penn State's Mike McQueary have done when he saw Jerry Sandusky abuse a child?

What Would You Do If You Saw A Child Being Sexually Abused?

If you saw a child getting raped, what would you do? Mike McQueary had that very decision to make on March 1, 2002. He saw a 10-year-old boy getting raped in a locker room shower by, for all intents and purposes, his boss, Jerry Sandusky.

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Posting this photo of former Penn State asst. coach Jerry Sandusky made us want to hurl.

How Could Sandusky's Wife Not Have Known He Was A Child Molester?

As we try to process all the sordid and unbelievable details of the Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal, it's hard not to wonder what his wife, Dottie, must be going through right now. I can only imagine she is as horrified and shocked as the rest of the world, as most any wife would be. But I also wonder if she is now looking back on the past 15 years and questioning how she couldn't have seen the clues more clearly.

"OMG. Do you think I'll get divorced, too?" Divorce is not contagious like the flu, dummy.

10 Things You Should Never Say To A Divorced Woman

I won't go into the dirty details, but trust me when I say that my divorce was the saddest and most painful thing that's ever happened to me. What made it worse? The really dumb things that people would say when I told them my husband and I were no longer together.

Love & Fashion: A Dress That Does The Flirting For You?
This dress turns clear when you get turned on.

Love & Fashion: A Dress That Does The Flirting For You?

I introduce you to the most important invention in the history of the (dating) world: the transparent(ly obvious) dress. Okay, "history of the dating world" may be an exaggeration, but for women who have a hard time communicating their desire for a certain guy, well, now there's a dress that does the flirting for you.

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Think all men want to sleep with tons of women? Gender myth, you've been busted!

6 Common Sex And Dating Myths, Debunked

Every now and then, science does us a favor and sheds some much-needed light on the differences between men and women. Given the number of misconceptions there are about love, a group of psychologists took it upon themselves to review existing research and debunk six sex and gender myths most of us believe, although we shouldn't.

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Would you support a law that required women to take their husband's last name?

Would You Support A Law That Makes You Take Your Husband's Name?

It's an age-old tradition that has been followed, seemingly without too much protest, for years. For most, making the switch to their husband's last name is exciting; a sort of "final seal" on the lifelong vows you've made. But many women are challenging this tradition nowadays, especially those who are less religious and more educated.

Love Bytes: The 29 Most Useful Sex Tips You'll Ever Read
29 sex tips from 29 sexperts (that's sex experts, if you don't know the vernacular).

Love Bytes: The 29 Most Useful Sex Tips You'll Ever Read

29 pieces of sex advice you need to know now. 13 hilarious bedroom bummers. A flowchart that will let you know if your wedding hookup is just for the night or looking to date. A young rugby player suddenly turns gay after a stroke? Is Ryan Gosling basically porn for women? What happens when you Google the one that got away? And, should divorced parents be allowed to have adult sleepovers?

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Signs you're about to check into Heartbreak Hotel.

10 Ways To Tell Your Relationship Is Over

Some relationships may start quickly, but they almost never end as fast. After fatal relationship mistakes are made, things may feel different but not dead. A subtle feeling of discomfort can morph into a dead-end relationship so slowly that it's impossible to recognize.