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Chivalry! Come back! Don't be dead!

Shocker: Women Prefer Chivalry Over Looks

Note to men everywhere: Quit with the push-ups and start working on your manners. You may think your six-pack abs are what the ladies want, but they actually want you to hold the door open for them instead.

josh hartnett 40 days 40 nights lent
You don't have to go as extreme as Josh Hartnett in "40 Days & 40 Nights."

18 Bad Dating & Relationship Habits To Give Up For Lent

Yesterday kicked off Lent, and whether you're religious or not, you might be giving up vices like soda or sugar. Why not make your love life a little sweeter while you're at it.

woman classroom
Men 101: Feel like you can never learn enough?

3 Things We All Learn About Men In Our 20s

Between high school sweethearts and the dating challenges of your late twenties, a lot changes. Those young adult years are a crash course on men for most women. Here are the lessons most of us learn about about men in our twenties.

couple romantic
Does he make you coffee every morning? He's definitely into you.

5 Signs He's Definitely Into You (From Actual Guys)

Dating and mating are SO much work sometimes! The guesswork of whether or not the guy you're crushing on is crushing on you back can leave you spiraling around, second-guessing his every interaction, trying to understand if he's actually into you. Well, ladies, I'm here to help.

yoga couple
Can making a Lenten "resolution" together strengthen a couple's bond?

How Can 'Doing Lent' Together Benefit Your Relationship?

Last night, I danced, downed hurricane cocktails and gorged on king cake at a Mardi Gras party. This morning, I grumpily got up at 6:30 to make a 7 a.m. yoga class — something I almost never do, since I am not a morning person.

sad breakup gingerbread
Your green frosting just wasn't doing it for her.

Love Bytes: Why You REALLY Broke Up

Why we say we broke up and why we really broke up. 10 studies that will make you rethink relationships. How do you go about getting in touch after a great first date? Should you defriend your son's ex? Let's get back to dating basics. Is "in a relationship" really a good idea on Facebook? S**t men and women say when they go to the club. The porn industry might leave L.A. because they don't want to use condoms. How do single parents start dating again? The real truth about singles in America.

couple cuddling
Cuddling enforces emotional intimacy, and for some, that's a no-no.

To Cuddle Or Not To Cuddle?

After a rousing romp in the sheets, two things are likely to happen. First scenario: a post-coital cuddle session that even romantic comedy stars envy. Second: one partner (or both) rolls over and falls asleep.

Relationship Communication Problems
Just can't seem to get on the same page?

4 Common Relationship Communication Problems & How To Fix Them

No relationship is perfect. We all know this. We're not perfect and therefore our relationships will never be perfect either. That's okay. That's normal. But success in relationships — romantic and otherwise — have a lot to do with proper communication. In fact, most relationship problems are caused by poor communication.

interracial couple
More and more couples are saying "I do" to a partner of a different race or ethnicity.

Why Do Some People Still Oppose Interracial Marriage?

The United States is a nation built on the foundation of progress—change is often viewed as a good thing here. Here at YourTango, we're big proponents of positive change, especially when it comes to dating and relationships, so we're happy to report some positive shifts in marriage trends over the past few decades.