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heartbreak cookie
Signs you're about to check into Heartbreak Hotel.

10 Ways To Tell Your Relationship Is Over

Some relationships may start quickly, but they almost never end as fast. After fatal relationship mistakes are made, things may feel different but not dead. A subtle feeling of discomfort can morph into a dead-end relationship so slowly that it's impossible to recognize.

woman glasses surprised
Do you do Kegel exercises? This woman does.

Does "Doing Your Kegels" Lead To Hotter Sex?

On top of helping with urinary incontinence later in life, keeping your lady parts nice and taut, and making childbirth smoother, I'm sure you've also heard that Kegels are a great way to keep your sex life in tip-top shape. And if you can incorporate them into your between-the-sheets routine (or non-routine, wink), you're making the experience even more intense for both parties — or so they say.

sad family
Your relationships with your parents have a huge impact on your love life.

Did You Know That Divorced Parents Can Ruin Your Love Life?

When I was a sophomore in college, I started seeing a counselor re: my daddy issues. Up until that first appointment, I had been making it a point to only get involved with guys who made it easy for me to control the situation — so that they wouldn't up and leave me the way my dad left my mom and I when they got divorced. I thought, "If my own father can hurt me, you will, too."

How To Get Rid Of Your Dating B.S. (Belief System)
He's just not that into you, because you're just not that into yourself.

How To Get Rid Of Your Dating B.S. (Belief System)

Stop wasting your time on men who are encouraging the "B.S." The next time you meet a guy who doesn't give you exactly what you deserve, heed this advice: "The four-letter word for a man who doesn't call is N-E-X-T."

man watch
Experts suggest men over 35 freeze their sperm: It's cheaper and easier than egg freezing.

Surprise! Men Have Ticking Biological Clocks, Too

Women aren't the only ones who stress about their biological clock — men face similar anxieties over becoming older dads, reports Sarah Wildman. Some may even turn to sperm freezing.

kiss birds
Birds like to sing together, and so do people, research says.

Study Proves People Don't Like Doing Things Alone

Have you ever wondered why we're always told that two is better than one? Why dancing is more fun when you have partner to get down with? Well, contemplate those deep thoughts no longer; the plain-tailed wren of Ecuador are about to answer your burning questions.

couple conflict
Do you spend too much time together? You might be ruining your relationship.

7 Silly Ways Women Ruin Their Relationships

The beginning of a relationship is never boring. You're either excited to see the person, or anxiety-ridden because they've taken too long to text back. But once you're actually in a happy, stable relationship, it's pretty common to start doing some stupid things for fear of losing it. Like these.

nyc marathon new york city marathon
The Donaldsons run into married life at the NYC Marathon. Think their kids'll be runners?

Adventurous Couple Ties The Knot While Running NYC Marathon!

Thousands of people ran the New York City Marathon yesterday, and all kinds of characters crossed the finish line, including Elvis Presley, Captain America, Batgirl, a chicken... and newlyweds Mary and Raymond Donaldson!