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Justin Bateman and Ryan Reynolds in The Change-Up

'The Change-Up': Monogamy 1, Douchebaggery 0

If American Pie and Freaky Friday got drunk and haphazard one night and made a baby, it'd be The Change-Up. Check out the movie poster or trailer, and you know what happens. Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) is an underemployed actor and dude-about-town who's never met a skirt he wouldn't chase—or couldn't catch. Dave (Jason Bateman) is his best friend and complete opposite. He's an adult with all the trimmings: three kids, a beautiful wife (Leslie Mann) and an impressive career. And of course, neither is quite happy with his lot in life.

money bills

Does A Sugar Daddy Paying Off College Debt Count As Prostitution?

Students up to their eyeballs in college loans in this weak economy will do pretty much anything for extra money, whether that means waitressing till 4 a.m. in a smelly, crowded bar… or having relations with an older, wealthy man they met on a 'seeking arrangement' website.

birth control pills

What Will Free Birth Control Mean For You?

The U.S. Health & Human Services has announced new guidelines that health insurance plans beginning on or after August 1, 2012 will cover various women's preventative services, including birth control, voluntary sterilization, and emergency contraception. What does this mean for you?