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Can A Serotonin Deficiency Make You Gay?

Plenty of movies and TV shows toy with the possibility of turning research subjects gay by injecting them with a serum, but findings published in Nature demonstrate that real-life scientists can do something similar by tweaking the serotonin levels in mice.

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Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You

Yes, it's true: There are health benefits to some of our worst habits. So why does being bad feel so good? "'Bad habits allow us to act like children, which may be a good or a bad thing depending on the circumstances," Dr. Daniel J. Carlat, associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine, author of "Unhinged" and the Mental Health Specialist for AOL Health's Medical Advisory Board, told AOL Health. Read on to find out which of your "bad" traits you shouldn't break.

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Making Peace With Dating PTSD

Last night, I sat with my iPhone out on my bedside table. I was staring at it waiting for the text box to light up. It was an hour before my second (damn) date with Mark*, the best date-asker-outer known to woman. Although Mark had confirmed our date, even told me what time he would text me and offered to pick me up at my place, I couldn’t stop the dark cloud from approaching overhead. Love is a war that enacts violence on your heart. After so many years, I’ve ceased to be able to imagine peace. I am ruled by fear. My heart exists in a state of panic.

Love Bytes: Meet The New American Couple

Love Bytes: Meet The New American Couple

Love Bytes: 14 must-click love and relationship links. How to tell when a man is trying to talk you into a threesome, the times it's appropriate to fake an orgasm, and the times when size really does matter. Exploring the relationship of the new American couple, your biggest relationship regrets, and how to avoid gross dating snafus.

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Why Does Black Marriage Have Its Own Day?

Black Marriage Day is Sunday, March 27. As we started talking about the day around the YourTango offices, we wondered: why isn't there a Hispanic Marriage Day? A Caucasian Marriage Day? An Asian-Black-Pacific-Islander Marriage Day? Couldn't all races and combinations thereof in this country use a day focused on promoting healthy, happy marriages? Here's a look at the history behind Black Marriage Day.

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Women Regret Failed Relationships More Than Anything Else

The one that got away. That missed connection. The almost-love match... If you've ever experienced romantic regret, you have a whole lot of company. Researchers at the Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign recently surveyed 370 American adults, ages 19 to 103, about their biggest regrets in life. What did the participants most wish for? A love do-over.

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New Jane Eyre Film Is A Winner, But Is It A Date Movie?

The version of Jane Eyre in theaters now reminds me of why so many people love Charlotte Bronte's love story. Jane (Mia Wasikowska) is the ultimate Plain Jane, with hat hair, dingy dresses and a stoic face. She's bright and good, but life deals her some very hard knocks. All in all, the latest adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's classic makes for good cinema. But is it a date movie?

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Myth: Married Couples Become More Alike Over Time

Despite what most people believe, married couples don't become more alike over time, according to researchers at Michigan State University. Instead, people tend to choose spouses who have similar personalities and character traits, the study suggested.