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buzzfeed len kendall proposal leap year
Len Kendall proposed to his girlfriend Katie via the Internet.

Cutest Marriage Proposal EVER (To Distract You From Snooki News)

Snooki is pregnant, so I feel majorly unsettled about the world today. To soothe myself with happy news, I hopped over to BuzzFeed to read about the cutest marriage proposal ever. Web geek Len Kendall proposed to his girlfriend, Katie, via... a cute lil Photoshop image on Buzzfeed.

Don't waste time on a relationship that's not meant to last.

5 Ways Relationships Get Drawn Out Past Their Expiration Date

If there's one sure thing besides death and taxes it's that you, whoever you are, have, at some point in your romantic career, drawn out a relationship longer than was healthy. You're not to be blamed. It's a simple law of nature: Relationships never end when they're supposed to.

woman proposing leap year
She's about to pop the question!

Leap Year: Would You Propose To A Guy?

An ancient Irish tradition says that if you propose to your guy on Feb. 29, or during a Leap Year, he has to say yes. And apparently, one in 10 people in a U.K. study said they know a lady who is planning to propose to her guy this Leap Year.

The Bachelor recap ben flajnik Kacie B
Ben Flajnik and Kacie B. in "The Bachelor."

'The Bachelor' Recap: Would You Ask A Guy Why He Dumped You?

Monday night on The Bachelor, Kacie B. followed Bachelor Ben Flajnik to Switzerland in order to do two things. The first thing she wanted to do was "warn" Ben about the evil Courtney, but the second thing she wanted to do was find out why Ben dumped her. Yeah, she made one giant, huge, unbelievably humiliating mistake.

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Literally.

Where Do YOU Touch Yourself?

When the feeling strikes — you know, that lonesome, need-a-lover feeling — sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands. Literally. Yes, we're talking about masturbation, and shame on you for scoffing.

Let's pray religious schools will be more accepting of students having sex.

10 Prudest Colleges In The Country (Including Mine, Sigh)

College Magazine recently came out with their list of the Top 10 Most Prude Colleges in the country. As a student at the seventh-prudest college of them all, Fordham University, I can say that College Magazine certainly did their research well. I'm not surprised that any of those schools made the list, especially mine.

the artist oscars michel hazanavicius berenice bejo jean dujardin
"The Artist": Michel Hazanavicius, Berenice Bejo and Jean Dujardin.

Love Bytes: Oscars, Dating & Gay Weddings, Oh My!

What does your favorite Oscar movie say about you? How do you land an honest-to-goodness prince? She's gonna let him hook up with other chicks. What does faithfulness really mean? Are you dating the opposite of your type? Maybe you should. Gay weddings have different etiquette than straight ones. Online dating may not be as efficient as we once thought. What you need to know about "peacocking." Don't over-text him, for real. What about missed connections is so fascinating?

the artist oscars 2012 oscar winners
Sexy, scandalous romances of the silent-film era.

'The Artist' & 11 More Juicy Silent-Film Romances

Secret lesbian love triangles, Hollywood "royal" weddings, and scandalous costar affairs, make the love lives of these past celebrities seem boundlessly more entertaining than today's. Dive into the juicy real romances of the silent film era.

extremely loud incredibly close tom hanks sandra bullock
The Oscars are tonight!

What Your Oscars' 'Best Picture' Pick Says About Your Love Life

The 2012 Oscars (or The 84th Annual Academy Awards if you're scouring the DVR listings to find it) are tonight! You've probably already made your Oscar pool picks (or plan to root for that one movie you actually saw). But how does your choice for Best Picture reflect on you in the dating pool?