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There are words you can't say in the Michigan legislature when discussing abortion.

Love Bytes: Guess You Can't Say 'Vagina' In Michigan

Why you really like watching scary movies with a guy. Naked men will tell you anything. The worst dads in the animal kingdom. There are certain words you can't say in the Michigan legislature when discussing abortion. Win sex toys for COUPLES! Women who like sex aren't sluts.

Michael Newton & Johanna Hickey are Brooklyn baristas offering themselves up for marriage.

Weird News: Two Baristas Want $25K For Their Hands In Marriage

You can get married to a pair of Brooklyn baristas for their companionship and perfectly poured lattes. The bean-grinders, Michael Newton and Johanna Hickey, only need a cool $25K to wife or husband up any of their customers. The java-slingers have a caveat (and I'm paraphrasing): "none of that, you know, sex stuff."

Safety Not Guaranteed aubrey plaza Mark Duplass
Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass play time-traveling lovers in "Safety Not Guaranteed."

'Safety Not Guaranteed': Two Girls, One Review

In "Safety Not Guaranteed," two interns at "Seattle Magazine," Darius (Aubrey Plaza) and Arnau (Karan Soni), accompany their boss Jeff (Jake Johnson) on assignment to find a mysterious would-be time traveler in rural Washington state. The traveler, a small-town guy named Kenneth (Mark Duplass) has posted a classified ad looking for an able time-traveling partner who will have to bring his or her own weapons.

guy in love
He can't help it. He's head over heels.

11 Signs He's Falling For You, Big Time

Last week we did a post called "11 Signs You're Really Falling For Him." We thought it only fitting to follow that up with the signs that he's definitely falling for you.

13 Weirdest Father's Day Gifts
Hot dog ear buds. Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post.

13 Weirdest Father's Day Gifts

Your dad might not be a Wall Street banker, a NASA astronaut or a humble editor at The Huffington Post. One thing, however, is probably true: He's a lovable goofball.

lesbian wedding cake toppers
We envision a future with many more lesbian wedding cake toppers.

13 Key Moments In The History Of Gay Rights

The struggle for the gay community to be allowed the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts has been an uphill battle for hundreds of years. Although once upon a time in some corners of the world, homosexuality was viewed as normal behavior, it eventually evolved into something that society decided was evil, and those who were gay were denied basic human rights.

wedding happy family
The bride and groom's parents are happy the wedding only cost $4,000!

Love Bytes: How To Plan A 100-Guest Wedding For $4,000

How to plan a perfect AND inexpensive wedding. 10 awesome nerdy wedding gifts. 10 great gadgets for dad for Father's Day. Is a psychic better than a therapist? Do guys really care what you "number" is? Swedish lawmakers want men to sit down to pee. How do you bring up your sexual history ... to your doctor? 11 signs he has a crush on you.

couple painting room red
'50 Shades of Red'? Studies show red adds romance and excitement to any room.

5 Ways The Right Colors Can Spice Up Your Relationship

Long-term relationships sometimes need a boost of inspiration to reinvigorate the couple, whether it be in the form of fresh date ideas or breaking routine for a trip. Color can also help.

marriage ring married
She gave back the ring and never looked back.

"Why I'm Happy I Didn't Go Through With My Wedding"

The venue is booked. The perfect wedding dress picked out. Flower arrangements, music, seating chart — all the little details — taken care of. But then you get cold feet. No, more than cold feet: You realize you're making a decision that will leave you miserable for life.