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I Want To Date A Traditional Dude

I feel most secure, and turned on, by alpha males: someone who is confident, assertive, in possession of a backbone, and protective. I don't mean physically protective—although that would be nice, too, if a pack of wolves attacks—but emotionally protective. I want to feel like someone is prioritizing my well-being over what makes them look "fun" or "cool," and not be left high and dry. I want to feel like someone is looking out for me rather than expecting me to look out for them. I want to be able to trust them on this matter, not just hope for the best.

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10 Ways Our Biology Influences Attraction

We all know that love isn't always simple. But what we don't know is that many scientific ideas are playing in to attraction, many of which we are unaware of. "We are in love with the idea of a romantic love, and that ideal leads us astray and into a lot of problems," says Andrew Trees, Ph.D., author of Decoding Love. Learning a little about the science of attraction just may help you play the dating game.

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Weather And Love: Which Season Is Sexiest?

It seems pretty appropriate that most people think summer is the steamiest month and sexy time cools down in the winter, doesn't it? According to MSNBC, the Associated Press conducted a poll of over 1,000 randomly selected adults to gather statistics on how weather affects our romantic lives. The numbers were taken in late January when snowstorms crashed through the Northeast—and it turns out most people weren't feeling the love during the winter chill. Just eight percent of those polled picked winter as the sexiest month, whereas summer was the most selected at 44 percent.

Similar Heart Beats Could Mean Long-Lasting Love

Similar Heart Beats Could Mean Long-Lasting Love

Would you rely on "heart-synching" to find your soul mate? Ramesh Rao, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of California, seems to think you should. Rao is the leading researcher in heart-synching and finds it to be an accurate measure of how much two people are connecting on a physical and emotional level.

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5 Great Dates To Beat The Winter Blahs

It's February, and unless you're lucky enough to live in a temperate climate, you're sick of trudging through ice, slush, sleet, rain, and snow. Winter seems neverending, and while cuddling up on the couch with Netflix and your man seemed sweet in November, the novelty has worn off. What do you do now?

Love Bytes: Is Dating Costing You As Much As Rent?

Love Bytes: Is Dating Costing You As Much As Rent?

Love Bytes: 10 must-click love and relationship links. How much dating will cost you in a year, what you can learn about your date by how he treats the waiter, and the questions to really ask on that first date. Faking a hotter body for Valentine's Day, buying him gifts he really wants, and the 50 best cities for love in the US.

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Can Birth Order Determine The Success Of Your Relationship?

Blaming yourself for your last painful breakup? Don't. It might be your birth order's fault. A new book from psychologist Linda Blair, Birth Order: What Your Position In The Family Really Tells You About Your Character, says that many relationships fail or succeed based on what order both mates were born.

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Must We Share EVERYTHING To Have A Good Relationship?

Being in a relationship means openly sharing a part of yourself with another person. There's a fine line between intimacy and privacy, so the question is, do you and your partner know where to draw the line? AOL Love and Sex Coaches Dr. Bethany Marshall and Elina Furman weigh in on bathroom etiquette, sorting laundry, masturbation and more. Some couples share everything, including bathroom activity, but what's best for a relationship?

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30 Speed Dating Dos And Don'ts

Speed dating is a strange concept--no question there. Meeting strangers for three-minute increments, trying to decipher chemistry and compatibility before the bell rings, and then starting the get-to-know-you conversation all over again... Strange as it may be, it can be a lot of fun and, judging by its staying power, it's a decent way to meet someone. Before you give speed dating a try, check out some dos and don'ts from YourTango's Experts.