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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage After Having A Baby

Not surprisingly, sleepless nights, diaper duty and the drain on finances takes a toll on young couples whose greatest stressor, up until that point, was what movie to rent on a Saturday night. In fact, the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle reports that two-thirds of couples experience a decline in their relationship after the birth of their first child. Women start feeling dissatisfied right away, while men experience these feelings gradually.

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Why Kissing Is Better For Romance Than Sex

Think back to the days (or of the moment) when you and the love of your life kissed before you actually had sex—either for the first time ever or the first time for the two of you. Remember how exciting and passionate and raw it was? And how it could go on for hours? Well, it's time to take back the kiss as a sensual act unto itself, not just a prelude to "the act."

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New iPhone App Shows How Your Boobs Would Look After Surgery

iAugment is a Photoshop-style iPhone app that uses a 3D pic of your chest to show you how you'd look with bigger jigglies. iAugment allows you to view 17 different breast implant sizes—from "Blake Lively goes softcore" to "Sheyla Hershey circus boobs." (Just kidding, they're not really called that.) Created by plastic surgeon Elizabeth Kinsley from New Orleans, the iAugment app claims to help women decide if they really want a boob job.

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Study: Mothers Of Twins Live Longer

If we would have been personally asked to cast a prediction for this study, about whether moms of twins or singleton babies live longer, we would have totally went with mothers of one. Come on. We've been hearing parents tell their clans of kiddos, "Y'all are gonna be the death of me" for ages, haven't you? Chasing after two toddlers at once (and worrying about them) must take a few years off a mom's life, right? Apparently not. New research shows moms of twins actually live longer than moms who just have one baby at a time. Women who birth two children at once are generally stronger from the start, so they tend to live longer.

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Vaginal Versus Clitoral: Are All Orgasms Created Equal?

Are vaginal orgasms different from clitoral orgasms? The truth is, even professionals disagree on this topic. Some say they are two different experiences powered by different nerve pathways, others say all orgasms are clitoral orgasms because the clitoris is actually much larger than it appears to the naked eye, while others say who really cares, just enjoy your orgasms and stop worrying about it!

The 5 Worst Ways To Reignite Attraction In A Relationship

The 5 Worst Ways To Reignite Attraction In A Relationship

It's no big secret that the hot and heavy lust of a new relationship almost always fades to a cooler, slower version of itself as our couplehood progresses. But before you worry that all long-term relationships mean chaste, sexless companionship, a new YourTango survey, conducted with MSN's Glo.com and Chemistry.com, leads us to believe otherwise. In a survey about the nature of attraction, 90 percent of our more than 20,000 respondents said that it is possible to reignite attraction in a relationship. Of course, there are some great ways to do this and some not-so-great ways to bring the spark back. According to the survey respondents, here are the five worst ways to reignite attraction in a relationship:

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The Top 10 Ways To Reignite Attraction In A Relationship

YourTango, Chemistry.com and MSN's Glo.com polled more than 20,000 people asking them questions about the power of attraction in short and long-term relationships. The good news? While 88.5 percent of those surveyed agreed that attraction changes to your partner over time, 90 percent said it's possible to reignite the magic.