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Divorced? Google Plus Is Not For You

Have you gotten the all-mighty Google+ invitation yet? The latest in social networking, Google+ includes circles and "plus ones" ... and boy is it so fun. I think? It's confusing. I don't really get it. I signed up this weekend and still have very little clue how to use it, but hopefully someone will be able to teach this old dog a new trick or two. Anyway, I thought I'd start my foray into Google+ by setting up my profile. Seemed like an easy enough thing to do— answer some basic questions about myself, upload a photo, and viola! But there was one part of this "easy" profile set up that got me a little confused. Under the "Relationship" part, there's a drop down from which you choose how you define your status. But Google forgot something. Where's the "divorced" option?

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Complete This Sentence: PDA Should Be Banned From....

You know what should be banned already? Over-enthusiastic public displays of affection. Holding hands at a bus station is cute. Dry humping at a McDonald's is awkward, uncalled for, and probably unhygienic. Don't get us wrong—every couple should be OK with some degree of PDA, even just holding hands, but I can't be the only one who thinks that public displays of lust should stop at first base. And even then, it's more appropriate in a secluded park than against a subway turnstile during rush hour.

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Milk: It Does The PMS Good?

Got PMS? Then send your man out for a gallon of milk. The California Milk Processor Board is targeting men in their newest ad campaign and trying to save relationships everywhere from "that time of the month".

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Get Blown Away, Louisiana! Oral Sex Is Now Legal

Believe it or not, if Bayou State residents were convicted of "unnatural carnal copulation" (aka oral and anal sex), they were at risk of being charged with a felony and forced to register as a sex offender. In addition to the charge, the label was also branded on driver's licenses. Looks like the Scarlet Letter had some competition, Hester Prynne.

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Link Love: Signs You're Not "The One"

You might not be "the one," sorry. Anti-masturbatory gum. Getting out of a bad date. Sometimes opposites don't attract. 10 things that aren't red flags. The Twitter trend #whoeverimarry decoded.