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women bikinis
Not everyone looks like these gals in a bikini.

7 Reasons "Bikini Season" Is Stupid

Hooray! Winter is officially over, and spring has arrived. Which means cherry blossoms, the smell of lilacs, the return of the sun…and a torrential downpour of body-shaming ads that would like you to think that you have been a fat lump all winter, and that you are unfit for a swimsuit. Welcome to the beginning of "bikini season."

mad men January Jones
January Jones in "Mad Men."

Love Bytes: Love Lessons From 'Mad Men'

Some women like some chivalry some of the time: examples. Some Republicans are okay with birth control. Why do married fellas like porn? Can guys really have multiple orgasms? His favorite sexual position is a bit of a surprise. Stop falling into the same old dating patterns. Don't let intrusive newlywed questions get you down. $10 spring date plans. And, what can 'Mad Men' teach us about love?

Peeta versus Gale hunger games
The nice boy or the bad boy?

"The Hunger Games:" Are You On Team Peeta or Team Gale?

The era of Team Edward and Team "Whatshisname?Oh,whocaresIhatedTwilightanyway" is over. Can I get an internet "hallelujah"? Now, we've all moved on to more pressing matters: Team Peeta vs. Team Gale in 'The Hunger Games.'

WotWentWrong is an app that asks, "Why don't you like me?"

Would You Use An App To Find Out Why He Rejected You?

Picture this: First date. You sense some amazing chemistry. The conversation never stops; plenty of laughter. At the end of the wonderful evening, he kisses you goodnight—twice. Obviously you're heading into date two territory, right? Not so much.

date seduction
First date? Don't come on too strong.

8 First-Date Don'ts (Like Talking About 'The Bachelor')

Oh, the joys of dating. The extreme anxiety, the self-doubt, the need to check your inbox in the middle of the night just to see if anyone in particular has responded ... it can be a passive-aggressive romp through personal hell. Then again, I hear it can also be a wonderful adventure that will lead you to your soul mate.

spring date
Grab your date and get outside!

First Day Of Spring: 24 Warm-Weather Date Ideas

Happy Spring! As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, a whole new batch of date options are at our fingertips. So grab your Spring fling or longtime lover, throw on a colorful sun dress and a light scarf, and enjoy the warmer season with these outdoor date ideas.

astroglide lubricant
Why do people use lubricant? Let us count the ways...

10 Reasons To Use Lube

It's safe to say most people know the general purpose of lube; that purpose being to "wet the pipes" for smoother sexual sailing. But lube is good for much more than a quick pre-intercourse application. That little tube can bring intensified pleasure, longer-lasting sex and some pretty kinky foreplay, too.

jason russell Kony 2012 public masturbation
'Kony 2012' viral video creator Jason Russell was detained for public nudity.

'Kony 2012' Creator Public Nudity Arrest: Update & Video

Jason Russell, the co-founder of Invisible Children, the advocacy group behind the "Kony 2012" viral video, was detained and taken by police to a medical facility for evaluation on Thursday morning after he was reported to be in his underwear, yelling incoherently and disrupting traffic in a San Diego neighborhood.

beware sign
Beware these bad dating habits.

7 Bad Dating Habits To Beware Of

Everybody has patterns. If you think you don't have one, then your pattern might just be constantly fighting not to do the same thing you did in all of your previous relationships, which is a pattern in itself. Falling into these patterns might be slowing you down in your search for Mr. Right.