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6 Ways To Have A Sexy New Year's Eve
It's almost 2012!

6 Ways To Have A Sexy New Year's Eve

It's a holiday associated with champagne and kisses, so New Year's Eve is bound to bring a bit of festive flirtation to the end of your month. If you are hoping to celebrate with a racy date that steps outside your regular routine — then look no further.

men with a pig
You probably don't want to date any of these characters.

Love Bytes: 12 Guys You Should NOT Date In 2012

12 guys not to date in 2012. When presented with a chance to hook up with an old crush, go for it. Do you really a want a guy with no baggage? Staying in a relationship you know is bad. What if your ex doesn't respect your boundaries? 20 naughty resolutions for a New Year. Some ladies would rather just be single... There's a real reason why you might be single. How to get better at sex... fast. Are pick-up artists all sad and stuff?

couple snow holidays winter
'Tis the season to be jolly — unless you're in a relationship!

How My Fiance & I Survived The Holiday 'Couples Fighting Season'

December is the most stressful month for couples, according to a study of 2,000 people by Seddons. The study found that a whopping one in five couples consider breaking up because of holiday woes, including bad tidings from financial worries, entertaining extended family members and sharing the workload around Christmas.

new years 2012
Guess what most singles wished for this holiday season.

What Would You Rather Start In 2012: A New Job Or Relationship?

Who needs a job when you have love? Granted, love isn't going to pay the bills, but if you believe every love song ever written and every romantic comedy to grace the silver screen, then love is the most important thing of all. Whatever helps you sleep at night…

new years
Who are you kissing on New Year's Eve?

The Perfect New Year's Eve Kiss Lasts For...

A recent star-packed movie (you know, the one with more celebrities than rehab) tell us that anything can happen on New Year's Eve. For most, however, the endless possibilities for the last night of the year aren't a top priority. Rather, the perfect kiss is.