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new year dating resolutions
She better make sure he's the right kind of guy.

Love Bytes: 5 Dating Resolutions For A New Year

Dating rules to follow in the new year. Do you "have to" invite strangers to your wedding? After 33 years, she gets sick of waiting and proposes to him. What happens when your guy is terrible at performing oral sex? Why did she cheat on her husband? The awkward positions of spooning. Some dorks aren't grateful for girlfriends. How to be an ideal partner. 20 things to know about sex that you may not know. The danger of waiting for him to be ready.

Love Or Money At The Iowa Caucuses: Which One Won?
In Iowa precinct 41, Romney won 116 votes.

Love Or Money At The Iowa Caucuses: Which One Won?

In the wake of the Iowa caucuses, many pundits are scratching their heads. Favorites like Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich lost to the relative unknown, Rick Santorum, who tied with Mitt Romney at 24% of the vote. But perhaps, the result is less confusing when you look at it from the angle of love and relationships.

10 Dating Red Flags That Prove He's Not Worth A Second Date
Will he leave the bartender a good tip?

10 Dating Red Flags That Prove He's Not Worth A Second Date

Most of the time, dates go bad for any number of reasons, both big and small—he picks his teeth or talks about himself too much. You find there is no chemistry or he is simply not that interesting to you. Sometimes, however, it's harder to tell. Sometimes a guy seems perfectly nice and there is some chemistry, but you still can't really tell.

Political Wives: Do They Hold All The Power?
Ann Romney stands behind her husband, Mitt Romney, in more ways than one.

Political Wives: Do They Hold All The Power?

As they say, behind every great man is an even greater woman—or at the very least, one who's calling the shots when their husband isn't willing to do so. Whether or not you consider Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney or Donald Trump great, one thing you can't deny is that they're all very ambitious men, and all three of them have their wives to thank for it.

divorce wedding cake
Your age of marriage, profession and even race affect your probability of divorce.

15 Signs Your Marriage Will End In Divorce

Do you have daughters but not sons? How about a kid with ADHD? Did you smile in your yearbook photo? Anneli Rufus on the strange ways science can predict a marriage's success.

man thinking sex woman

What He's Really Thinking About During Sex

Oh yeah, I’m about to have sex. What time is it? Big hand is on “LAID,” little hand is on “ME.” This is going to be awesome. Breath: minty! Pits: spicy! Boxers: fresh! Give her the Han Solo smirk. Squint, seductively. Remember that the eyes are like the mouths of the pants. Tell her what she needs to know just by looking at her: I’m about to let the dawgs of freaky push it, pu-push it real good. Buckle up, lucky lady, you’ve got a first class ticket on the rocket of love.