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10 Ways To Find Love At Fashion's Night Out [GALLERY]

Thanks to New York mag's indispensable guide, YourTango has discovered the softer side of Fashion's Night Out, since we're all about finding romance in everyday life. Where can you get pampered with a free hand massage? Where can you sip on free champagne? Where are all the hunky male models?

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Don't Hate The Game: A Guy's Guy Schools Us On Men & Football

Football season: five months out of every year during which most heterosexual males would rather look at men in tight pants than at women in tight pants. The women at YourTango knew we weren't the only ones whose relationships are affected by our significant others' relationships with football, and so we took our questions and frustrations about football to our resident male mastermind, Tom Miller.

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Will A New Hook-Up iPhone App Kill The Dating Scene?

If you have gay male friends, you've probably heard them mention Grindr at least once, if not a thousand times. For those of you not familiar with the app, it uses GPS technology to track other gay men in your vicinity available for "meetups." According to one of my single gay friends, this app has "revolutionized his dating life." Another calls it "a slutty hookup heaven." Soon, we'll be able to draw our own conclusions. This week, the company is launching a version of the app for heteros called Project Amicus.

Interracial Marriage

New Book Says Black Women Should Marry White Men

Meet Audrey Jones. She is 39, attractive, and multilingual. She's got a big job—at a multinational consulting company in Washington—but not a big ego. She's funny, thoughtful and smart. There's just one thing missing from Audrey's life: a husband.


Love Bytes: Holy Sperm Bank! More Men Are Fathering 100s Of Kids

Ten percent of Brits have had sex on an airplane. When is the right time to sleep with someone? If you're starting over in dating, you may need a waxing. What does "cougar" really mean? It turns out that a handful of young sperm donors are fathering ALL the babies in California. Science can't come up with an explanation for the female orgasm.

Smart Women Prevent Cheating By Chatting

Smart Women Prevent Cheating By Chatting

We recently shared the news that fewer couples are divorcing due to infidelity, which seems like a great victory for the legions of faithful, til-death-do-us-part men and women of the world. But unfortunately, though it's not causing married couples to beeline it to divorce court, the fact of the matter is this: Cheating still happens.

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Suits & Suspenders: Ladies Still Love Bankers & Firemen

"Not going to lie, I get excited whenever a firetruck full of guys in uniform drives by me here in the city. I like to think that they're all good-looking, muscular guys who wouldn't hesitate to rescue me if I needed help. They're brave in the face of danger, which I will always find sexy." -- YourTango editor Faye Brennan

Dream On: Why Sexual Fantasies Are Good For You

Dream On: Why Sexual Fantasies Are Good For You

One of the quickest and most assured routes to sexual arousal is through fantasy. We use our imaginative capacity all the time during our waking lives as we envision all the possible futures that our daily life could result in; or even in the most negative of circumstances when we allow ourselves to ruminate and over-think bad outcomes for our relationships and aspirations. Yet when it comes to the mysterious sexual fantasy life that lives somewhere in all of us we often keep the door locked.