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Girl eating ice cream after break up
This ritual will get you through your breakup.

Ladies, You Have To Adopt This New Breakup Ritual

You can't believe that that idiot whom you have devoted the past few (insert days, weeks, months, years here) dumped you. Now what do you do? May we suggest testing out the "breakup ritual" in this must-watch video?

wedding dress
A wedding day is memorable, but the bride should be unforgettable in her dress.

50 Wedding Dresses That Will Leave You In Awe

From royals to models, fashion editors and actresses, we gathered 50 of the most stunning and inspiring gowns of the past 65 years. Starting with Elizabeth Taylor in 1950 and ending with designer Erin Fetherston in 2013 — this is some serious bridal eye candy.

couple on a date
Things won't look this way for long...

Love Bytes: Is Your First Date Doomed Already?

You always want to make a good first impression on a date, but did you ever consider that your suggestion for the date could be making the first impression for you? Plus, the sexy new app you can't wait to try. It's all in our weekly roundup of love, sex and relationship news!

women getting drinks
Early to bed, early to rise? Not so much.

Is Being A Night Owl Keeping You Single?

Yet another study has come along to finally, hopefully, with fingers crossed, explain to you and all the other singles out there why you're just that: single. This time researchers took a look at sleep patterns, night owls specifically, and declared a resounding, "Voila!" So, yes, there you go, night owls of the world, you are single because you refuse to go to sleep at a normal hour.