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A lot of us have been there...

An App For That, Please: 9 Times You'd Shut Down Your BF's Phone

A brilliant mother named Sharon Standifird made an app that would be able to turn off her son's cellphone after installing the app onto her son's iPhone. Her reason for creating this app is for those frustrating times when her son is obviously ignoring her calls or texts. Once the phone is shut down, I'm sure he runs to the closest phone he could find to finally return his mother's calls. This is a good way to get a stubborn son's attention, but we decided to gather ways we would use the app on our partner! Should our partner be afraid? Find out by reading the list below.

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This is what your boyfriend sees when you wear your maxi dress.

"Maxi Dresses Are Sexy As Hell," Said NO Man Ever

I don’t even understand the feelings I feel when I see a woman wearing a maxi dress. It’s like a a reverse form of lust, some kind of weird horny energy being sucked back into my soul with industrial vacuum strength. I hate it. I hate it because I don’t want to be this guy who gives a damn about what a woman chooses to wear out in the world. I mean, who the hell am I to make any kind of fashion judgment on anyone? I dress like a drunk homeless guy who was locked in an Old Navy store overnight.

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Is Giving Your Spouse A Hall Pass The Secret To A Happy Marriage?

The two articles reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend of mine a year or so ago. She was telling a group of us about a girls' getaway she had planned with some friends in her adopted hometown. You know: The kind of weekend where all bets are off when it comes to behaviour. A “What happens in Vegas” sort of deal, where a group of married women would have a little bit of fun and then go home and do the laundry. The soccer mom version of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” if you will.

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7 Weird Things That Make You More Attractive Online

Meeting a mate online is not easy. At all. And anyone who's used ever a dating app can tell you a horror story or three. Your straightforward and basic account profile won't catch potential partners' eyes – instead, it'll turn them off. What matters? Well, according to statistics, it's a mix of things we can't control, how we talk about ourselves and what we show off. It can be everything from race to your favorite sport. And while appearances matter more than ever to the online world, so does vocab ... and where you take your profile picture.