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The Secret To A Better Marriage? Ditch The Wedding

Fancy white dress. Beautiful flowers. Ornate, tiered cake. And a handsome Prince Charming waiting at the end of the aisle to declare his eternal love to you before an adoring, teary-eyed crowd. Here comes the bride. She's just so beautiful and special! And for generations, the dream of a "fairytale wedding day" has been sold to little girls as the number one romantic aspiration of successful womanhood.


16 Worst Things About Drunk Sex

Okay, who among us hasn't had the occasional round of drunk sex? Don't lie. It is a bit of a dating fail. There's no shame in it, though there are some things that can really suck. And here they are, all organized and categorized for you enjoyment!

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The worst lessons we can’t seem to shake.

17 Horrible Love Lessons From Disney Princesses

Disney movies are the best. They are so fun to watch and they are classics, but that doesn't mean they promote realistic expectations of relationships. In fact, Disney princesses may just perpetuate the worst love stereotypes ever. From Ariel changing her entire personality to meet Prince Eric all the way to Pocahontas and John Smith having literally nothing in common, love lessons are few and far between in these movies.

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11 Secrets To Being Uh-mazing In Bed

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a working knowledge of 52 sex positions or a background in porn to be ridiculously good in bed. Instead, it comes down to more subtle (and realistic) factors that you may already posses. And if you don't, we're here to help you hone the skills you really need to blow your partner's mind.


10 Crazy Things Guys Think You'll Do On A First Date

Both men and women go into dates with a set of preconceived notions. Today, let's examine the ones that tend to screw women when it comes to dating. These are the expectations that make us tired, frustrated and a little cranky. So do yourselves a favor, and drop certain ideas. It'll do us all a solid.