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What's The Rush? We Dated For 10 Years Before We Got Married

On our nine-year anniversary, Nathan and I went out to dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant. After our wine had been poured but before the appetizers arrived, he slid a card across the table. I tried to skim the inscription, but my eyes were drawn immediately to the question scrawled at the bottom of the page. As I realized what was happening, my heart started to pound and I felt my face begin to flush. "Will you marry me?" read the small, precise print. "Circle yes or no." ***

All Natural Rainbow Pancake Cake
All-Natural Rainbow Pancake Cake, Just 2 Bowls Needed!

The BEST Rainbow Pancake Cake, No Nasty Dye!

I'm a recipe developer. So I've seen cookies cooked in cookies. I've seen pie-flavored jelly shots. I've seen homemade pop-tarts stuffed with candy bars and And mason jars of cake, packed to the gills with a ribbony swirl of rainbow colors. So, we decided to simplify. Why not create a recipe, a really simple, beautiful recipe, that offers up the same amount of eye-catching glory, without all the unnecessary...crap? And thus, this pretty-and-perfect, all-natural gluten-free Rainbow Pancake Cake was born.


The Inspirational Video Every Woman Needs To See Today

Every last little one of you needs to sit down for a moment and meet our latest lady-crush. We adore Jacki Zehner for many reasons, including her philanthropic work and promotion of women in the work place. The CEO of Women Moving Millions, Jacki radiates passion and kindness. She was the first woman to become a partner at Goldman Sachs, where she remained until 2002, before branching off to advocate for women of all walks of life.

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An Open Letter To The People Of Ferguson: We Have Your Back

The face of the United States is emblazoned with the scars of racism. No two scars are the same, nor is one more significant than the other. Each one represents how this country has failed the African American community. Michael Brown's murder is still bleeding on the face of this country. It's still raw, like a wound that someone can't stop picking at because they can't believe it's even there in the first place.

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5 Guys You Need To Stop Dating — No Matter How Hot They Are

Are you noticing a pattern in your love life (or lack thereof)? Are your relationships short term and/or insignificant? If so, you’re dating the wrong guys! It’s time to buckle down and take responsibility for your poor decision, before it’s too late! Here are the top five guys you should never date (no matter how good looking they are).

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Am I A Loser Because Nobody Ice Bucket Challenged Me?

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that over the last few weeks people all over the world have been participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money and awareness for ALS. It's been wildly successful, both in raising money and in drenching participants. The challenge begins when a friend nominates you to either have a cold bucket of water dumped on your head, or donate $100 to the ALS Association. People have been nominating their friends with each pour, which has made the challenge go viral.

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Uh-oh: 75% of the French admitted to cheating.

Foreign Affairs: Which Countries Kill It In The Bedroom?

It was a long arduous month for football, or as the Americans call it "soccer," fans, and because at the end of the game it was all about winning, LELO, a luxury sex toy brand, decided that they wanted to see what countries are winning in the bedroom, too. Of course, based on the U.S.'s impressive, although short-lived time in the series, it's not really boding well for us.