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"Frozen" Queen Elsa of Arendelle and Beyonce dressed as Rosie the Riveter on Instagram
Queen Elsa, meet Queen Bey.

The Internet Would Explode If These Celebs Starred In "Frozen"

With all the frenzy around Frozen casting on Once Upon A Time, we came up with the ideal cast of players for a potential live-action rendition of Disney's Frozen. They may not necessarily be who you'd expect, but we guarantee you they'd create another blockbuster guaranteed to break the bank, because in this case, art imitates life for these characters.

boyfriend playing video games

8 Hobbies That Are Definite Dealbreakers For Women

How we spend our free time says a lot about us — especially when your hobby is as. .. unique as some of these dealbreakers. Read on to find out what these 7 ladies had to say about what they just won't stand for when it comes to their man's hobbies.

Brooklyn hipster

The Real Reason You're Single? You're A Garden-Bearded Hipster

Throughout history, certain groups, cultures, and religions have been hated for no other reason than the fact that they just happen to be THAT certain group, culture, or religion. But anyone who's taken the time to truly think about hate and realize it's a waste of energy can learn to be above it. Sure, stereotypes might exist for a reason, but stereotyping someone is never pretty.

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Why Losing Your Virginity Isn't As Awkward As It Used To Be

Based on a new study, what Cameron Crowe scripted for that part of the movie wasn't very far off, because research has found that losing your virginity today is far better than it was 20 to 30 years ago. Amongst all the chaos of the modern world, at least the younger generation has that going for them.

dream cloud

Sleep Scandals: What Your Sex Dreams Really Mean

An online survey of 700 people, 571 of which claimed to be lucid dreamers (those who are aware and control their dreams), found that the number one thing people dream about, and want to dream about, is flying. Well, obviously. Not too far behind were "physical activities like having sex and playing sports." I did the research for you, and have found what it really means when you're getting down in your dreams.


10 Guys You Should Never Bring Home To Meet The Parents

You love your parents, right? Well then, heed our words and do not bring these ten guys home to meet the family. That evening will just result in a trip to the ER as your father clutches his arm and your mother talks about seeing a white light.  Please, raise your standards and bring home a quality guy.

monica and rachel from friends
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11 Quotes That Will Make You Want To Hug Your BFF

Friendships make up some of the most treasured relationships in our lives. We share a lot with our closest friends, whether it's in the form of secrets, mutual interests, laughs or lifelong memories. There's no greater feeling than having a unique and unbreakable bond with the person you trust the most where you feel free to be yourself and can speak openly about anything.