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"The hand is the best sex toy ever invented — and you never need to change the batteries!"

How To Get It On Like A Total Pro (According To Total Pros)

What happens when you ask the foremost love, relationship and sex experts in the world for their favorite tips and tricks? You get a lot of useful information. It was hard picking just a few favorites, but here's what we thought was the cream of the crop.

wear lingerie

5 Sexy Reasons To Wear Lingerie

If good sex is often about trying new things, pushing your boundaries, breaking taboos, making yourself blush, and avoiding habits and ruts, then switching things up every once in a while in the bedroom is essential.

couple kissing cat

8 Reasons Being A Crazy Cat Couple ROCKS

When Andy and I moved in together there was no question that he'd bring his cat and I'd bring mine; it was like the Brady Bunch-only with cats. Kitties have always been part of the equation with us, and loving cats is something that binds us together. I can't see a life without Andy or without cats.


10 Seriously-Dirty Sounding Beauty Products NSFW (Made Ya Blush!)

Giving new meaning to the term "faking it", more and more of our beloved brands are taking a walk (or a few) on the wild side, showcasing shades that seem better fit for the local sex toy shop than beauty counter. From "Naked" to "Orgasm", and all the "Role Play" in between, we rounded up some of the most seductive names on the market (some of them claiming to be even "Better Than Sex") to ensure you're sending him the right message—whether it comes in the form of a bottle, tube or otherwise. Seriously.

What Wives REALLY Want: 7 Easy Ways To Get Laid On The Regular

What Wives REALLY Want: 7 Easy Ways To Get Laid On The Regular

We know, menfolk, you think you're perfect, as is. (Sigh.) But let's set that aside for a moment and talk about the type of things you can do to snag yourself a spot in your wife's good book every single day. And you know what that means: Special sex on the regular and a better chance she'll make those stuffed meatballs you love on the weekend. And the best part, gentlehusbands? It doesn't take more than a little extra consideration to have her happier than if you brought home Brad Pitt oiled up on a plate. So...ready to be Mr. Perfect? All you have do are these simple 7 things: