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Aziz Ansari from Funny People
Who wouldn't fall in love with Aziz Ansari?

9 Reasons To Fall In Love With The Funny Guy (Or Gal)

You know what's great? Dating a funny person. It's basically like getting free entertainment whenever you want it. Seriously, it's almost impossible not to fall in love with funny people. That's why people will pay to go to a comedy club to see comedians they've never heard of: Because maybe they're funny, and it's hard to find people that are actually, genuinely funny.

antidepressants and low sex drive

No Orgasms For Me: Antidepressants Totally Killed My Libido

I'd been married to my husband, Cody, for about five years when I felt THE CHANGE. In theory, five years of consistent sex with the same guy should mean you both pretty much know the necessary steps to get each other off. Five years in, our sex life wasn't the best. We had a toddler and my husband was in law school — and if you've ever been in a relationship with someone in graduate school, you know it's about as sexy as a fat man in jorts on a hot summer day.

couple cuddling with dog

I Think Kids Are Like Shackles On Women's Ankles, So No Thank You

When I was little, I assumed that when I grew up, I'd marry the man of my dreams, live in a perfect house surrounded by an equally perfect white picket fence, with a two-car garage and two adorable, perfectly behaved kids. I would live a happily ever after fairytale. Then things changed: I realized a white picket fence is overrated, and kids are, honestly, just a pain in the ass. Instead, I was going to shoot for something else: a life less conventional.