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The Secret To Being Happier? Walk This Way

How we walk has a major impact on how we feel, and thanks to John's mother, I know that from personal experience. A study has found that both our walking and posture have a direct effect on our emotional state. Even when participants in the study simply imitated a walk that was either happy or sad, their mood was altered to fit their walk.

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More Pizza For You: Why He'll Always Choose Sexy Time Over Food

A new study has found that men's brains are actually programmed to completely ignore anything having to do with food if there's a chance they’ll be getting some, "some" meaning sex, of course. I guess that kicks the whole theory that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach to the curb. The way to a man's heart is clearly through his penis. The study also found that men are also able to suppress any desire for food or hunger pangs, if they're dead set on finding themselves a mate. For men, sex really is their number one concern after all.

Jessica Sager OK Cupid Dating Site
I signed up for OKCupid as a joke once. It was scary and I wanted my mom.

13 Most Frightening Dating Sites Ever

Let me preface this with the fact that I have nothing against online dating. Online dating is a great way for busy or introverted people, or those with weird schedules, or just those who want to meet new people outside their current circle and local haunts, to find romance or a hookup or a husband or wife or friend with benefits. I know several people who've met spouses or long-term loves through online dating, and that's rad.

Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan as Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead AMC
Glenn and Maggie of 'The Walking Dead' find love in the zombie apocalypse.

11 Love Lessons From Glenn And Maggie Of 'The Walking Dead'

Even when reanimated corpses are trying to eat your face, there's still time for love. The show The Walking Dead may be about the zombie apocalypse, but it isn't just blood and gore. It's about how people running for their lives can still find love. Maggie and Glenn are one of the best couples on TV, period. Part of what makes the couple so great is that it takes two of the show's better characters and puts them together.