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We've Got Science's 7 Secrets For Happy Relationships!

One of the largest studies of relationships ever has finally reported its findings. Conducted over a two-year period that encompassed 5,000 people of all relationship statuses, ages and sexual orientation, the study reveals some pretty interesting keys to keeping your relationship happy. We break it down for you.

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Even in the movies, marriage can get really ugly.

20 Absolute WORST Movie Husbands And Wives EVER

Marriage isn't easy. Even in the movies, when you're designed to believe that getting married means living happily ever after, that often falls apart really fast and gets very ugly. Of course, keeping a marriage alive gets even more difficult when you're married to an absolute monstrosity of a person instead of a committed, loving and supportive partner.


If You Marry "Up" Or "Down," Prepare For These 4 Issues

The class divide in America is only becoming wider and wider in this country, and now it's having its affect on marriage. When we typically talk about marriage between two different people we think of age difference or race, but it turns out marrying outside of your class also has lasting affects on the relationship. Jessi Streib, author of "The Power of the Past" and a sociology professor at Duke University, really dived into this phenomenon.