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11 Things Moms Should NEVER Feel Guilty About

It's easy to say you're going to be a relaxed parent, but when you see moms all around you seemingly getting everything done, it's hard not to beat yourself up. Here, 11 things that I (and other parents) shouldn't beat myself up about ever again.


10 Most Annoying Things Men Do That Need To Stop RIGHT NOW

You know that moment when your eyes widen and you think, did he really just do that? Sometimes, no matter how much you love him, your man does that one thing that just irritates the hell of you. New research shows annoying behavior can actually slow down your brain activity. So listen up, ladies, you’ve got your minds to protect. Here's what you have to get your guys to out the kibosh on.


How To Play Your Cards Right And Score A Date In 12 MINUTES

If you're short on time, but out there in the dating world, then you probably want to get right to the point and land something for Friday night, right? I mean, you've been dating forever, and isn’t it high time to get the rest of your life started with your soulmate? I think so. A new study out of the University of Kansas has found that, if you play your cards right and flirt like a champ, you can score a date in 12 minutes.