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Touchdown! 7 Ways To Be A Sexy Football Fan

Super Bowl XLIX is approaching and you know what that means…Super Bowl parties! Whether you're a devoted NFL fan or you just love the excitement of tuning in to one of the biggest sporting events of the year, Super Bowl parties will be all the talk the days before February 1st rolls around. It's always a good time gathering around with friends, family and acquaintances to watch the big game while furiously screaming at the television, double dipping the chips in the party dip and fetching that one drunken dude his sixth beer of the night.

cheating with money

I'm Cheating On My Husband With Money (And I Bet You Are, Too)

I've never been too forthcoming with my partners about how I spend my money. Even though I'm married now, my thinking is still whatever I make is my money, and if I hold up my end of the financial bargain in this relationship, my partner doesn't need to know that the cashmere sweater I just purchased actually wasn’t on sale for the bargain price of $75, but, in reality, way more. And while I know I'm not alone, as plenty of my friends have "secret" credit cards, it never occurred to me that I might be doing something wrong or committing an infidelity, but apparently I am.

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I Was The Other Woman—And I Loved It

It started off simply enough: We worked together. And, as people do, we became close having to spend nine hours a day in the same office. Combine that with drunken happy hour work events and it was the perfect recipe for deceit. He was also miserable in his marriage, or at least that’s what he told me, and even when she, his wife, would attend some of these work events, they seemed miserable together.

10 Remarkable Reasons Why Introverts Make Better Wives

10 Remarkable Reasons Why Introverts Make Better Wives

Despite what Internet quizzes have been telling you, not all introverts are socially inept, painfully shy recluses. Yes introverts are known to feel some social discomfort at times but that's only because too much "small talk" feels insincere, and large groups of people are physically draining on our systems.

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A New Film Exposes Campus Rape Culture—But Will Colleges Listen?

This past Friday at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, filmmaker Kirby Dick premiere his latest film, The Hunting Ground. The documentary examines the ongoing rape and sexual assault issues that women face everyday and the lack of justice that follows. Although the documentary focuses on many women, it centers around the case of Erica Kinsman who was brutally attacked and raped by Heisman Trophy winner, Jameis Winston, while they were both students at Florida State.

My Boyfriend Cheated on Me With 22 Women - And I Forgave Him

My Boyfriend Cheated on Me With 22 Women - And I Forgave Him

It was my first week in college when I saw him walk into the cafeteria. A mix of Ralph Macchio and Andy Garcia, he was tall, dark and handsome and just my type. Better yet, he arrived complete with a leather jacket and overly-macho attitude that made this California girl experience that weak-in-the-knees moment one only gets when too young to know better.