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What It's REALLY Like To Date An Attention-Seeker

I asked the ladies their thoughts on attention seekers. Is this cute behavior, but I'm just somehow personally blind to it? Is it just as dreadful as it seemed to me? Or is this type of personality which some women can work with, and use to their advantage in some way? Here's what they had to say.


Cougars And Cradle Robbers: 10 Huge Age Gaps In Hollywood Couples

Why is it that we only discuss celebrity relationships that fail? The NY Post's article The Bigger the Age Gap, the Shorter the Marriage highlights marriages that had a few bigger problems than a simple age difference. This hump day we've decided to be a little less cynical and celebrate a few celebrity couples that have managed to beat the odds and stay together. Given these couples' age gaps, we honestly weren't expecting much. But, they've proven us wrong and we're willing to admit it.

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10 Holiday Décor Tips For People Who Suck At Holidays

Even if you're not Martha Stewart, there are ways to make sure the only F-words muttered this holiday season are "Fa la la" and "fruitcake" and that the "D" in "DIY" doesn't stand for "divorce" or "destruction." So put on your ugly sweater and pour yourself a cup of alcoholic pancake batter (also known as eggnog) and let's begin!

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10 Ways Smart Women Choose To Be Really, Truly, Simply HAPPY

Lately, I’ve been on a happiness kick, which has resulted in a number of things: the purchase of several Oprah-approved self-help books, Tony Robbins screaming so loud through my computer speakers that my neighbor texted me, and yes, the annoying feeling that my happiness gene had the ability to "jump-start" itself the same way a rusted 1957 Chevy would if it had not been moved since 1957.

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Need A Good Rom-Com? Check Out 'All Relative' This Weekend

But on to rom-coms. The genre is often unfairly maligned due to formulaic plots, unrealistically dumb decision-making and groan-worthy dialogue; but the same can be said for fair from any cinematic category. Look at the universally beloved Love, Actually or the cult hit The Hammer; formula can be overcome with snappy writing, clever direction and editing and, of course, good acting. That's where the All Relative comes in.

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50 Quotes That Sum Up The Beauty Of Parenthood

We think this goes without saying, but parenting is no easy feat. For starters, unlike a 9-5, this is one job that never ends. But being given the task of loving another human life unconditionally, despite any and every flaw they may have is the greatest job of them all. Even when they're hormone, raging teenagers who take you on a first class flight to hell up until the day they leave for college and then some.