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3 Reasons My Sons Make Me Want To Thank My Ex-Wife (...So I Am)

3 Reasons My Sons Make Me Want To Thank My Ex-Wife (...So I Am)

I have two sons, Henry, who will be 4 soon, and Charlie, who is ten months old. Sometimes I look at either one of them doing their thing and the entire galaxy shatters down out of the sky like James Bond repelling down through some stained-glass cathederal ceiling. Look at these guys, I'll stop and tell myself in a moment of real time clarity.

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Your Kid Wasn't Born Nice, Confirms Science

A kid has multiple moments throughout the day when he or she can be terrible. The kid sees everyone bending over backwards to supply all of his or her needs and feels entitled. Also, they come out of the womb not understanding that hitting another human being is not acceptable. I get it. Kids that age are angry they can't call the shots or understand why there are rules in place. But that still doesn't change the fact they're mean. Now, there is a study that backs this up, and explains what ends up softening children and encouraging altruistic behavior.

Why Women Are 50% More Likely To Get Wintertime Sadness

Why Women Are 50% More Likely To Get Wintertime Sadness

A new study has found that when it comes to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it's women who really suffer the most. Ladies are up to 50% more likely to get down in the dumps this time of year than men, with 44% of women admitting that getting out of bed in the winter is a near-impossible feat. Only 30% of men wanted to hide under their covers until spring.

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"I came in between someone else's commitment and lost a true friend."

10 Biggest Hookup Regrets, According To Guys

Previously, seven women revealed their biggest sex regrets. Now, we look to the fellas for their I-really-wish-I-hadn't sexual encounters. Turns out, they've had their fair share of the wrong partners in the bedroom (and park), too.

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Liars Beware! Lies Harm Your Love Life AND Health (Says Science)

You know how you make healthy New Year's resolutions every year like "eat more broccoli" or "actually use my gym membership?" You might even make these resolutions before the new academic year picks up in September, or before your schedule gets more hectic in the fall after the lazy days of August. Well, this year, add a new one to the list: "Don't tell lies."

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8 Relatable Quotes That Prove Your Husband Is Your Best Friend

Friedrich Nietzsche once famously said, "It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages." And this couldn't be more true; after all, the strongest relationships seem to be those that are built on friendship (hence why so many friendship quotes focus on love). No, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your husband will enjoy going shopping and getting mani/pedis with you or that you have to enjoy watching football in order to be friends with him.