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"What we'd find out later on was that she'd been sick for quite a while..."

The Secret 25% Of Women Would Keep From Their Loved Ones

A new study has found that more people than you'd think would, if they found out they had cancer, keep it to themselves. Twenty-five percent of women said they would probably keep such bad news to themselves, while 18% of men said they would consider doing the same. When it came to revealing the truth to their partners, 4% of women said they would not, and only 1% of men would also keep it to themselves. That's a pretty difficult secret to keep and, I imagine, one that would not have anyone's partner grateful that it was kept.


16 Stages Of Online Dating You KNOW Are True

The internet can house some really awesome things … and some especially strange things too. And when it comes to finding love and online dating, there are 16 odd stages we all go through. Some rock, some suck worse than a pelvic exam, but they are all the absolute truth, and we all know it.

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10 Struggles That Are SO Real When You Love One Direction

Sometimes, being an adult fan is awesome. And sometimes it's not so great... so crank up your copy of Midnight Memories, fill up your 1D cup with your favorite adult beverage, and join me on this journey of loving these five beautiful British and Irish guys


I Fell In Love With My Husband Because Of His Kinky Side

There are many reasons why I love my husband, Olivier. I love his accent, for starters, despite the fact that I'm not a big fan of accents. There's just something the way his thick French accent makes everything sound better and sexier. I also love the way he sees the world, in this hopeful way that even the worst tragedies will have a happy ending. And while I'd love even more to go through all the reasons why I love him, I'll spare you. Instead, I'll tell you one of the big reasons I originally fell for him: his kinky side.

Rugrats, 90s Cartoons, Life Lessons
Growing up in the '90s had its major perks.

20 Important Life Lessons We Learned From '90s Cartoons

People who grew up in the '90s really lucked out in life because it's the sweet spot in time when we grew up as the Internet came into the world. We aren't completely emerged in the technology culture, but we also aren't confused by it like our parents. We grew up with the best toys and most of all, the best cartoons.