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10 Reasons I DON'T Want To Get Rid Of My Muffin Top

I'm a curvy girl. I think that's the term people are using these days. I've always been on the curvy side, but since falling in love and being one of those obnoxiously happy people, my curviness has, well, increased a bit. In other words, I'm definitely no longer the size 4 that I was in college. Some days it makes me sad, but other days I embrace my current size with gusto. I'm not saying I'm not doing anything about my weight gain, because I am, but what I am saying is that although I want to shed some pounds, I'll never totally cash in my curvy girl chips.


10 Reasons To Give Up On Men And Become A Lesbian

As a bisexual woman, I spend a lot of time considering the positive and negative qualities of both men and women. Each group has their pros and cons, but there are definitely some days when guys become such a hassle that I think, "Screw it, it's girls only for me from now on."  All of us bisexual ladies have those days. And I won't lie; there are times when a date with a guy is going so poorly that we just want to pull one of these: