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passover dinner
"It's been a while, so maybe I should stick to the English side of this book."

We Came, We Saw, We Ate: My First Passover With My Boyfriend

I grew up under this false illusion that all Jews were as laid back about being Jewish as my family is, only to later find out my family was the exception, not the rule. This fact was brought to light when I attended my first (I hesitate to say "real" in case my Grandma can read this from beyond the grave, but you get the idea) Passover with my then boyfriend.

couple on a date
Beware of the sweet talker.

Women, Watch Out: 5 Types Of Men That Are Bad News

What is important is knowing which types of men to avoid. Some are universally bad news. If your guy sounds like one of these, you might just need to cut your losses (and fast). Why set yourself up for heartbreak on purpose. Makes no sense, right?

Girl eating ice cream after break up
This ritual will get you through your breakup.

Ladies, You Have To Adopt This New Breakup Ritual

You can't believe that that idiot whom you have devoted the past few (insert days, weeks, months, years here) dumped you. Now what do you do? May we suggest testing out the "breakup ritual" in this must-watch video?

wedding dress
A wedding day is memorable, but the bride should be unforgettable in her dress.

50 Wedding Dresses That Will Leave You In Awe

From royals to models, fashion editors and actresses, we gathered 50 of the most stunning and inspiring gowns of the past 65 years. Starting with Elizabeth Taylor in 1950 and ending with designer Erin Fetherston in 2013 — this is some serious bridal eye candy.