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11 Things I Really Envy About My Parents' Perfect Marriage

My parents met and married in FOUR months. (Crazy, I know!) In February, they'll be married for 29 years. And though I know it hasn't all been rosy for them, when I think of the kind of great, big, amazing love I want to have one day, all I have to do is check Facebook and see their latest kissing photo. (Gross, yet adorable!)

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The 5 Stages Of Grief Of Being Unfriended On Facebook

We've all had that shocking moment of truth,where you quickly try to evaluate what you could've done to make someone delete you off Facebook. Unfortunately, we'll never know but here are the five stages you go through right after you've discovered someone has unfriended you from Facebook.

single lady

5 Things Single People Are Afraid To Tell Their Married Friends

What you don't know is that being single means you're no one's number one priority. That means you will be passed over for family night, baseball practice, and dance recitals. Your needs and feelings will be set aside in favor of husbands and wives and girlfriends and boyfriends and little people with large demands. What you don't know is how isolating that is.

6 Reasons Your Husband Should NOT Be What Makes You Happy

6 Reasons Your Husband Should NOT Be What Makes You Happy

Contrary to what movies and romantic dramas may lead me to believe it is not the husband’s job to make his wife happy. Once upon a time, I believed in the saying "happy wife equals happy life," but I'm not so sure I do anymore. Being a wife and mother gives me so much joy but I cannot place the weight of that joy upon the shoulders of my husband, especially because it's a weight I know he'd try to carry because he loves me so much.


Why We Make Life-Altering Decisions At Ages That End In '9'

A new study conducted by the National Academy of Sciences found that people make life changing decisions at ages that end in nine (29, 39, etc.). The reason for this, according to UCLA psychologist, Hal Hershfield is that the aging gap in between 39 and 40 is a transition that "forces" us to evaluate our life and where it's headed.

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8 Shocking Facts About Fertility You NEED To Know

We chatted with Dr. Elizabeth Yepez, an OB-GYN from Chicago, Illinois, about some of the biggest misconceptions surrounding fertility and pregnancy. Here are eight surprising facts about reproductive health that every woman should know:

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7 Tips For Hosting The Best Friendsgiving Ever

When people talk about Thanksgiving they usually imagine a big dinner with family. It involves fielding uncomfortable questions from relatives you only see once a year. There are arguments, laughs and many bellies full from indulging in those family recipes. It's a good time, but it's definitely not the only way to celebrate the fall holiday! You don't have to only spend Thanksgiving with people related to you. It's also the perfect time to get together with friends! Friendsgiving is a great alternative and requires less traveling if you live far from home.