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... unless you live in the Daktoas.

Why Your Date's College Degree May Mean You're Not Getting Laid

According to a recent study, daters with a college degree wait at least 3-5 dates before having sex with someone they're dating, and are 16 percent more likely to wait until marriage to do the deed. Read on for 9 more surprising dating statistics when it comes to giving it up, courtesy of AYI.com.

Too cute!

12 Animals Who Love Their Adorable Mini-Mes

Sometimes, we have to stop and appreciate the little things in life. Warm cookies, hugs from that special someone, and animal parents who love their babies. To that end, here are 12 fabulous animal parents lovin' on their wee ones, just because we love you and want to lighten your day.

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Let's get it on like college kids, baby.

Why Creating a Sex Bucket List Is Actually Really Important

 I was much more adventurous in bed during my college days that I am now. I use the term "in bed" loosely since many of my exploits happened under the wide open skies. Now that I'm married with young kids, the most adventurous things get is trying to reach an orgasm before the kids bang on the door, asking for breakfast. This summer, I'm reclaiming my daring side by creating a sex bucket list. All my mom friends have written a summer bucket list for their family, so why not write my own sex bucket list for the summer?

Wow. Just ... wow.

Sexy Convict's Mug Shot Just About Broke Facebook

Jeremy Meeks was one of four men arrested in Stockton, California during an Operation Ceasefire sweep on June 18. But his crimes are being largely overlooked by the general public, and it's because of how attractive he is in his mug shot (yes, you heard right).