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lesbian couple

What It's Really Like To Bring A New Love Home For The Holigays

Target 10 conducted a survey of 150 gay and lesbian participants pertaining to their experiences when they go home for the holiday—more specifically their love life when they're visiting home for the holidays. The survey found that certain standards weren't as strict for gay couples, such as the expectation of sleeping in the same bed and public displays of affection; finding that 90% of gays and lesbians did sleep in the same room.

Original Sin movie Angelina Jolie sex video Antonio Banderas
'Original Sin' may as well be an Angelina Jolie sex video with Antonio Banderas.

13 Movies So Steamy, They Might As Well Be Celeb Sex Videos

There's always going to be a market for the celebrity sex video: It's naked famous people getting "caught in the act" and being, in most cases, genuinely intimate (when they're not adjusting their cameras or trying to find their best angles). Thing is, most celeb sex videos won't make it into wide theatrical releases, and before Paris Hilton made having a sex video a prerequisite to global superstardom, if audiences wanted to see sex onscreen, they'd either have to go to a red light district or attempt to unscramble their cable boxes after 10PM.

amazon.com cyber monday deals gifts for him
Don't get these gifts for him, even with a sick Cyber Monday discount.

Steer Clear This Cyber Monday: The 10 Worst Gifts For Him

Cyber Monday means it's officially Christmas time, so that means you've got to figure out gifts to get everyone you know, and gifts for him (you know who) can sometimes be tough. It's fun, but it can also be super frustrating. Gifts say something about your relationship with that person, and a bad gift is basically saying, "I don't really know you that well," and that makes Christmas terrible.

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7 Old School Ways To Say I Love You

In this day and age, "I love you" is sometimes said without meaning and effort. It's said through "I love you" snapchats that disappear within seconds, through text messages that eventually get deleted and through facebook messages that sometimes aren't even seen. Back in the day, saying "I love you" was timeless. It was expressed in ways that created a permanent spot in your memory and/or left behind a memento in your life that was impossible to forget.