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couple cuddling
Love doesn't cost a thing ... but a cuddle does.

Need A Hug? You Can Actually Pay Someone To Do That

Need a hug? Just make a reservation: A new business in California called Cuddle Connection is selling snuggle sessions, which the owner claims are good for your health. You just have to be open to cuddling with a complete stranger, and you know, willing to pay for it.

group of women smiling
Happy International Women's Day!

Power Women: 4 Must-Know Dating Secrets Of Successful Ladies

Ladies of the world, get ready to celebrate yourself and your sisters! Why? Well, because other than the obvious fact that you deserve to be celebrated every second of every day, March 8th is International Women's Day. See four important facts a new study uncovered about successful women's love lives.

We need to be united in love.

See The Incredible Things 'CLASP' Is Doing For LGBT Refugees

Were you aware that there are 75 countries around the world where LGBT men and women can be legally persecuted for their sexual orientation? Well, you are now. Every day, people are fleeing countries like Russia and Nigeria, where it is punishable by law to be openly gay.

woman scolding man
It looks like someone isn't happy about her boyfriend's sexual history.

Never Ask, Never Tell: What Women Really Think ... Of Your Number

A new study reveals that 22% of men lie about how many people they've hooked up with, and when it came to exaggeration their number, 12% of them were guilty of it. Does a certain number make us a better or worse person? Does it really matter how many or how few people we've bedded? Apparently, to some women, it does.