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healthy avocado recipes
You + Avocado = Love.

10 Sexy Ways To Eat An Avocado In 60 Seconds Or Less

Avocados are one of the best foods ever for keeping you satiated (all that natural fat so you won't snack as much), adding healthy natural fats to your diet (fat-free is a little 1980s), and power-punching your diet with antioxidants (cancer-fighting food ninjas) And the best part? You can make a ton of different variations in 60 seconds or less. We've gone and made this easy for you. Here's 10 of the fastest super-healthy, crazy-sexy avocado recipes.

dog tongue out

17 Dogs Who Are Having The Most YOLO Summer Ever

Pools, beaches, BBQs, boats, floats, sun, sand, ice cream. I mean, is summer absolutely awesome or what? And now that it's sadly coming to a close, we can't help but wonder if we took advantage of the season to its fullest. Did we spend enough time in the sun? Did we eat all the burgers we could? Did we drink enough lemonade? Should we have stayed on that boat for another hour or three? Did we travel enough? And most importantly: Did we do summer right?!

gluten-free food list

I Tried To Live Gluten-Free. It Didn't Work.

We all know I like to eat. Okay, I love to eat (and that's putting it lightly.) But recently, I stopped eating gluten - and ever since, I've felt much better: My pants aren't magically two sizes too small after lunch, and I can sit in my desk chair without unbuttoning my jeans. But this weekend...well, this weekend I did a very bad thing. I ate all the gluten. 

places to dine alone

4 Single Girl Tips To Make Eating Alone A 5-Star Experience

One of the less-fun parts of being single is dining alone. As a single lady, I could resign myself to eating every meal in bed while watching bizarre Netflix documentaries, but every now and then, I like to feel like a human being participating in society, so I force myself to leave my apartment and yes, eat at a restaurant all by my lonesome.

sexless marriage
Not tonight ... or any night, dear.

I Stopped Having Sex With My Husband And We're Closer Than Ever

Two months ago, I made a decision that would affect my nether regions in ways unknown: I lounged in a hot tub. I even Instagrammed it. There was no naughty business to be had; it was just me and some Bud Light Raz-ber-itas in a very hot hot tub for like, two hours. I then did what no vagina-having person should ever do: I spent the remainder of the day in my damp swimsuit. The next morning I woke up to two unfortunate realities: a ridiculous Raz-ber-ita hangover and widespread vaginal burn. Sh*t.