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10 Things 'Scandal' Gets Totally Wrong About Love

Let's face it, Scandal is so good because the characters can be so terrible to the ones they love. After all, the entire show started on the scandal of Olivia sleeping with the very-much married President named Fitz. Then there was the scandal of him having sex with yet another young girl in the White House —who ended up pregnant and murdered. A lot has happened since then, but the show has never ceased to give us juicy examples of terrible relationship choices.

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Get cozy: it's good for your immune system.

The Science Of Snuggling: 7 Incredible Benefits Of Cuddling

Studies have found that engaging in cuddling after sex for at least 15 minutes has a whole boatload of positive effects on your body and relationship. If you have the time to extend that 15 minutes into an extra 20 or 30, then all that great stuff just gets even better. It's the couple that cuddles together that stays together. Here are the seven benefits of staying locked in one another's arms longer than usual.


Why I'd Rather Have A Baby With My Gay BFF Than My Husband

As I wrote recently, I see kids as a burden. I just don't see them fitting into my lifestyle, and although since getting married, I've thought about having one, perhaps, I still lack the urge and motherly instinct that comes with strongly wanting to procreate. Maybe I'll change my mind someday, but I imagine if it didn't hit me by now, as a woman in her mid-30's, there's a good chance it will never come at all. But all that thinking is something I'd be willing to shelf for Jacob.