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9 Times Trying To Get Laid Failed Miserably

Sex. It's one of the most basic human needs and possibly the best thing (next to food) on Maslow's hierarchy. It's also completely capable of going south in a matter of minutes—and not in the good way. Of course, this tends to happen at the most inconvenient times. Though, I'm sure that there's not a good time for your sex to go down in flames. Anyways, it's happened to the best of us at one point or another.

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10 Perfect Gifts For The Introvert You Love

So it's time for you to pick up a gift, eh? While this might be a breeze for some of the people on your list, others pose more of a challenge. Take, for example, the introvert in your life. What on earth do you get the person who seems withdrawn, quiet, and hard to know? (Bonus tip: we only seem like that. Put a little effort into getting to know us and you’ll see how fabulous introverts are.)


8 Ways We Wish Men Would Say 'I Love You'

Fellas, it's time to listen up. We adore you, and want good things for your love life, so we did you a favor. We listed eight adorable ways you can say 'I love you' to your significant other. These are the ways we wish you could communicate with us non-verbally, and are guaranteed to let your honey know how you feel. You. Are. Welcome.

things guys like to hear
Things guys like to hear.

7 Things Your Man Loves Hearing You Say

Whether you're starting a new relationship or already married, there are some things that don't change, like the need to feel sexy, appreciated and needed. And it's not just women who want these things—men do too! Below are seven things you can say to a man, at any stage of your love life, that will leave him glowing.