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9 Wedding Trends That Will Make Grandma's Head Spin

Just when we finally got planking off the list of wedding trends (you've totally been doing that for the last few years, right?), come more and more trends that are going to make your grandmother roll over in her grave and your parents threaten to not "give you one cent for that damn crazy wedding!" And with what you have up your sleeve, do you blame them?

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In A Crisis Relationship, There’s Only One Option: Go Nuclear

How do we see ourselves in our dreams? Living happily ever after surrounded by beauty and the people we love? So, who would want to think about the effects increasing global carbon dioxide emissions are having on our common home, planet earth? Who would want to think about the destruction of our oceans from acid rain? Or who, during a well-earned summer vacation, would want to think about violent weather patterns and rising sea levels? Of course none of us would.

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The 10 Best Colleges To Find A Husband

Students, we know what you’re thinking: with some smarts, we can find terrific marriage mates at every college in the country. But a new report suggests that the number of couples who meet in college is lower than ever…so from where are the solid marriage-material types graduating? Get ready to get schooled on which U.S. colleges and universities turn out the most appealing male partners.

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Swoon! The 15 Most Romantic Summer Movies Of All Time

In these long-awaited summer months, nothing seems better than soaking up the sun at the beach, swimming in the pool or grilling out at night watching the sunset. However, if you're looking to beat the heat, nothing is yummier than snuggling up to your boyfriend (or best friend!) and popping in a romantic movie. It's the perfect opportunity to escape reality, stress and humidity, and instead embrace comedy, heartache and, most importantly, love.

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Here's Why The Couple That Vacations Together, Stays Together

Did you know that 75 percent of people don't use up all of their vacation days? How sick is that? Not only are you missing out on a break from work and a proven health and happiness boost, but according several studies, you're also skipping an easy (and fun!) opportunity to strengthen your relationship.

Red hot! Gingers have a 41 percent orgasm rate.

Celebrate National Orgasm Day With A Sensual Prize!

In their 4th annual study, Singles in America, Match.com got down and dirty to see exactly who out there is having the most orgasms. Thanks to this very precious knowledge, we can now all orgasm all the time by forcing ourselves to become a member of one of the following groups. Besides, you wanted to change careers anyway.

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The 8 Worst Table Manners You Can Have On A First Date, Ranked

Relationship expert, Kate Taylor, commissioned an extensive research to see exactly what table manners will send a date running, and what behavior is bound to impress. Overall, Italian food was voted the best choice for a first date, and those who are polite and kind to the wait-staff (because, hello?! Why wouldn't you be?), are traits that immediately score high with singles, both men and women.

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Interested, ladies?

This Guy Posted 500 Fliers To Get A Girlfriend (And I Called Him)

If you live in New York, you've probably already spotted one of the tear-off tab fliers: "Looking For a Girlfriend." His name is Dan Perino and he's a 50-year-old artist living in the West Village. He plans to post 500 fliers every day for 30 days (until he finds a match). I decided to ring him up and get his story.

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It's Science: 9 People Who Are Probably Going To Cheat On You

Let's face it, no one wants to date a cheater but oftentimes we don't see the signs our boyfriend or girlfriend is a shady little liar. Forget him turning off his phone for hours or her being less affectionate. Is your girlfriend blonde? Is your guy addicted to Twitter? Through journal studies and surveys of the users on cheating websites, science seems to know exactly what makes someone more likely to be unfaithful.