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Find Out How You Show The Love Using Love Languages

Fights between couples often arise due to miscommunication and not being able to relate to where your partner is coming from. It can often feel like your significant other just doesn't understand you or appreciate you. What follows is feelings of frustration-- you don't know how exactly to explain or resolve this communication divide--and it can really drive you crazy!

Zoe Saldana as Gamora and Chris Pratt as Star Lord of the Marvel "Guardians Of The Galaxy" movie, about to kiss and consummate their romance
Gamora and Star Lord of 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' have some uh, differences.

17 Super Dysfunctional Superhero Couples

Being a superhero isn't all roses and X-ray vision. It's amazing how someone can save the world, but have a hard time getting laid or even just go a week without some girl or guy drama. These superheroes are almost as famous for their dysfunctional romantic relationships as they are for their superhuman strength and abilities.

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14 Beauty Products Couples Can Share

It's 6:45 a.m., and you're running late for work. To make matters worse, your shaving gel runs dry, leaving your legs resembling that cactus plant perched on your windowsill. You spot your boyfriend's Lavender Shaving Cream on the bathroom sink. Sure, it's made for guys, but a product from a company called The Art Of Shaving has got to be good for women, right? Right! So lather up and put that cream to good use!


8 Ridiculous Vibrators You Won't Believe Exist

The world is a strange and wonderful place. And nothing is a true testament to just how bizarre things can get than if you look at the wide and crazy selection of vibrators out there. Society may have been shaken to its core when the Rabbit was invented, but that was nothing compared to Gaga Vibrator. Why?

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Oh, the horror.

123 Reactions To The World's Most Epic List Of Dealbreakers

So there's this guy on OkCupid who CLEARLY has standards. In fact, he is SO committed to finding The One, that he's outlined 123 of these specified standards in a list I'm dubbing easily as "The World's Most Epic List Of Dealbreakers." Just for funsies, I decided to see how I might stack up against this seemingly neverending list of "don'ts" (I'm keeping the dude's poor spelling and punctuation for the sake of consistency). And after taking this test, it turns out that I'm basically doomed to singledom forever.