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5 Reasons Smiling Is Going To Get You Laid Tonight

Since today, October 3rd is World Smile Day, EliteSingles put together some pretty interesting facts about how smiling can do wonders for your sex life. And the best part is, unlike dropping money for a red dress, or taking a class in how to get more self esteem, smiling is easy peasy — anyone can do it.

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston from The Break Up
Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston couldn't cohabit.

A Guy's Response To 'What You Learn When You Move In With A Guy'

Dear Author Who Shall Not Be Named, Recently, I read this article about things you learn about guys when you move in with one. It consisted of a bunch of jokes about the guy leaving the toilet seat up and watching football. Basically, the guy is a bit of a slob who's good for fixing stuff while you do your nails, and he doesn't understand how to do things like laundry and clean, and uses a lot less shower products than you do.

cute baby

This Is Why Your Baby Looks Like Your Ex, Says Scary Study

Scientists at the University of South Wales discovered that for these buzzing little flies, physical traits of previous sexual partners are actually passed down to future children. The offspring's traits matched up to those of the first male the mother mated with, not it's biological father. This study sounds like a Maury episode waiting to happen.

hepburn and monroe

10 Things That Basic B*tches Say (Apparently)

I've got to be honest with you. Now that fall is officially here, I've been stocking up on pumpkin flavored goodies like it's going out of style. From homemade pumpkin spice lattes to positively sinful macarons (yes, they do exist!), I'm pretty much living life on the edge right now. And according to some, that makes me 100 percent basic.

stressed Mom

26 Reasons I Look Like A Hot Mess At School Drop Off

I'm an organized person, I really am, but mornings are a whirlwind in our home. Regardless of how hard I prep, we are always running around like chickens with our heads cut off as we head out to school and on to work. After drop-off, a mom actually commented that I looked frazzled. I tried to come up with some excuses as to why, but I couldn't come up with anything legitimate. Here, the reasons I look (and sound) like a madwoman on most school mornings.