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Why Are Political Views No Longer Important In Love?

It may not be a presidential election year, but that doesn't stop politics form being a hot topic—especially since today is election day! Similar to religion, politics is the type of thing you avoid completely, if you want to play it safe, or just let it all out, if you're looking to get into a serious debate or, even worse, a fist fight. I had always been under the impression, based on myself and most people I know, that politics was an extremely important factor in whether or not someone could be deemed datable or not.


7 Sexy Kama Sutra Moves With The Elf On The Shelf

Y'all, we’ve done it. We’ve finally crossed the line … and it is amazing. So, to catch you guys up, we were sitting around the office one day and got to wondering about the Kama Sutra. Simultaneously, we were thinking about the Elf on the Shelf (because, you know, those two go hand in hand). Anyway, being the little weirdoes that we are, we decided to throw them in the same pot and see what came out.

Science Found The Secret To Being Hot (Good News, It's Easy!)

Science Found The Secret To Being Hot (Good News, It's Easy!)

There are many hacks to life's issues, however, this happens to be one of the easier fixes to life problems. For those of you who may be concerned that you don't appear to be as pretty as you would like, the trick is this: Be Nice! It may seem a little too simple to be true but being pretty on the inside is the key to achieving outer beauty.

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The Real Reason It Took So Long To Get Over Your Breakup

Somewhere along the lines a rumor started that it takes twice as long as a relationship was, to fully get over it. For anyone who's ever been in love that seems pretty accurate, and now, scientists have figured out why that may be—and it has nothing to do with the fact that you fear you'll never love so deeply again, because, let's be honest, you will love that deeply again, but you will never love quite the same. Different is good in these things!