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sexless marraige

Married People Just Aren't Doing It, Confirms Science

A new study of 16,000 Americans, between the ages of 18 and 60, has found that sexless marriages are not just a thing, but a thing that's becoming more and more common. A whopping 20 percent of married couples in the U.S. haven't had sex in the last month and 6 percent haven't had sex in—wait for it— more than a year. Apparently, this 6 percent do not leave in the Northeast where banging 24/7 seems like a great idea right now as a means to stop from shaking and shivering in this single-digit weather.


5 Signs You're A Pushover (And 3 Ways To Push Back)

If you struggle to say no to people and end up feeling like the world is taking a nice long stroll all over your pretty face, you may indeed be a doormat, darling. Here are five signs that will let you know if you've become the welcome sign for every person on the planet to rub his or her feet.