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Don't get these gifts for him, even with a sick Cyber Monday discount.

Steer Clear This Cyber Monday: The 10 Worst Gifts For Him

Cyber Monday means it's officially Christmas time, so that means you've got to figure out gifts to get everyone you know, and gifts for him (you know who) can sometimes be tough. It's fun, but it can also be super frustrating. Gifts say something about your relationship with that person, and a bad gift is basically saying, "I don't really know you that well," and that makes Christmas terrible.

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7 Old School Ways To Say I Love You

In this day and age, "I love you" is sometimes said without meaning and effort. It's said through "I love you" snapchats that disappear within seconds, through text messages that eventually get deleted and through facebook messages that sometimes aren't even seen. Back in the day, saying "I love you" was timeless. It was expressed in ways that created a permanent spot in your memory and/or left behind a memento in your life that was impossible to forget.

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8 Relatable Quotes That Prove Your Husband Is Your Best Friend

Friedrich Nietzsche once famously said, "It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages." And this couldn't be more true; after all, the strongest relationships seem to be those that are built on friendship (hence why so many friendship quotes focus on love). No, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your husband will enjoy going shopping and getting mani/pedis with you or that you have to enjoy watching football in order to be friends with him.