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I'm an ordained minister because the Internet is a thing.

Officiating Weddings Is Making Me Side-Eye Everyone

I've married a bunch of people. No, I'm not taking a book from the Jennifer Lopez school of the sanctity of marriage — I mean I performed the marriages for a few couples I know. And it's turning me into a misanthrope. I got ordained online when my best friend asked me to officiate her marriage in October 2013. (How do you get ordained online? You use a credit card. Seriously.

Snow Queen Elsa of Disney's "Frozen" and Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen in "Snow White And The Huntsman"
Elsa, the Snow Queen in "Frozen," has a lot in common with Charlize Theron.

17 Celebs Who Look Like Disney Princesses Come To Life

Disney princesses get a pretty bad rap. Sure, they often have impossible bodily proportions, weird patriarchal relationships and until recently married at 16 and essentially viewed every living matriarchal figure in any given kingdom as wicked, evil and selfish. (Thankfully, modern flicks like Brave and Frozen have made huge feminist strides in Disney princess films.) But still, you love them, right?

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

7 Hilarious Sex Scenes You Need To Re-Watch

Ah, let us count the many ways we adore the romp-gone-wrong in the cinema. Most comedies fall short of perfection due to lack of creatively cringe-worthy lovin' (say that 5 times fast). The little nuggets of clinching awkwardness from an intimate moment gone haywire are what bring people together. Encouraging the giggles while watching clunky, clumsy lovemaking is what makes movies worth watching. Amright?

farmers market
Make your move next time you're out doing errands!

The LOL Guide To Finding Love At The Farmers' Market

It looks like farmers' markets are really catching on in the US. The number of markets have quadrupled since the mid-nineties, according to the USDA. This is great since it means more people are getting local produce, eating healthy and helping cut down on pollution.

What Really Makes Marriages Last, According To 8 Husbands
Not bad, guys.

What Really Makes Marriages Last, According To 8 Husbands

What makes a marriage last? The answer to that question is different for everyone, and every marriage is individual. That said, there are lessons to be gleaned from other marriages and things we can incorporate into our own to fortify and strengthen them. But what are they? Whether it's regular hot sex for decades or something more subtle and intangible, the people we know who have been married for 10, 20, 30+ years all have their own reasons their relationships have endured while so many others have failed.