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woman taking a selfie
"It shows that we all secretly like ourselves – or at least something about ourselves."

Strike A Pose: 5 Valuable Lessons From Snapping Selfies

A study from a project called Selfiecity, backed by the City University of New York, California Institute of Telecommunication and Information, shows that selfies are more popular with women under 40 and men over 40. As our faces and our bodies and our self-esteem changes, so does what we learn from taking this very up close and personal photos of ourselves.

man and woman upset in bed
One reason? He's suffering from poor body image.

Not Tonight, Honey: 20 Reasons Men Turn Down Sex

What's really going through his mind when he's not in the mood? We put so much pressure on men to always be interested in sex. Men will feel like an alien for not being in the mood — and women think it's because something is wrong with her. In order to stop these misconceptions here are 20 very real reasons men say no to sex.

couple running
Your partner can be your best rival.

Want To Get Healthy Fast? Compete With Your Partner!

My partner remains proud of the fact that his fastest 13.1 miles are faster than mine (so are his marathon times), chiding me while simultaneously expressing pride over my accomplishments. In front of friends and families, he is my biggest fan, boasting that I'm the "athlete in the family," but at home, when it's just the two of us, he drives me mad with his ceaseless competitive nature.

birth control pill
Allowing women access to contraception is one of the smartest moves out there.

It's Science: 6 Undeniable Benefits Of Free Birth Control

Sex is a fact of life. We all do it, and for those who can't afford birth control, it's our responsibility, as a society, to help them out. That's what a society does: helps those who need it. The benefits of offering free birth control are priceless. See why below.

strap-happy backs
Strap-happy backs are business in the front, party in the back!

Sexy Lingerie Finds: 7 Ways To Look Like A Million Bucks

Because you shouldn't need to open a separate savings account to build a comfortable (and confidence-boosting) foundation for your spring date night wardrobe, we've located look-a-likes for some of spring's sexiest designer lingerie styles (for as low as $14.99).

Helen Fisher
Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher. Photo: nationalgeographic.com

Join Helen Fisher In Exploring Your Heart And Mind

Here at YourTango, we are huge fans of Helen Fisher, the famed biological anthropologist and mastermind behind such TED Talks as Why We Love, Why We Cheat, and The Brain in Love. Her latest venture intends to teach us all a thing about love, chemistry and where it all comes from.