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Sexy Or Creepy? What Women Really Think ... Of Your Mustache

I asked the ladies their feelings on mustaches. Are they creepy? Only OK in November, because it's for a good cause? Perhaps, the sexiest thing a man can do to lure a woman into his clutches? Or something that only our favorite mustached-man Brad Pitt can pull off? Here's what the ladies had to say.

Holiday Jello Shots

7 Jell-O Shots To Make Your Mother-in-Law Tolerable This Holiday

Does the mere thought of a visit from your in-laws cause a spike in your heartrate and a pit in your stomach? You've probably already endured off-handed comments about the cleanliness of your home or your lack of cooking skills from your mother-in-law. I've been there too and the only way to properly survive this week is booze. Seriously. Spike your cocoa. Wino the dinner. Whatever you do, keep the adults mildly sedated. Then kick it up a notch for yourself. Make some happy holiday memories (or go for a total lack of them) with adorable holiday-themed jello-shots.

It's time to shape up your love life, guys!

Shape Up Your Love Life: 13 Reasons To Date A Woman Who Exercises

In honor of National Women's Health week, we're celebrating the ladies who sweat it out to stay in shape. Because aside from bettering their bodies, they're great catches. Total girlfriend material. Gentleman, this is where you come in. It's time to ditch the back of the bar and head to the cardio section for the woman of your dreams.

steve from starbucks

Forget #AlexFromTarget! 10 Other Employees We're Crushing On

If you've used the internet in the last week, you've been introduced to Alex from Target — a 16-year-old Target employee from Texas with sparkly blue eyes, a baby smooth complexion and a million dollar smile that has teen girls everywhere swooning, hashtagging, and basically blowing up the web with images of his face.

my daughter

4 Things About Raising A Girl That Terrify The Bejesus Out Of Me

Violet came into my life like a moonrock, like a falling star, like something fell out of the sky and landed on my heart. I can honestly say that I don't know who or what I'd have become if she had never been born. But chances are, if she hadn't come to me and her mama, I would have gone stark-raving mad out in my garage, toiling my life away trying to create the magic essence she sprinkles all over my daily path just by being alive.