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7 Seemingly Minor Things That Mean The World To Men

If you relied on movies and TV to teach you about love, you'd think it's all about men making swoony declarations like Lloyd Dobler with his boom box or Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually, holding those cue cards. But regardless of whether you're married or newly committed, if you've got a good man to love, he deserves to feel happy, too.

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8 Awesome Sex Positions For When You're Having A 'Fat Day'

Ever nix sexy time right after polishing off beer and nachos? PMSing and the bloat having you feel anything but like sending that sext? We all have days that we know our body isn't looking its best, but that's no excuse to shun some fun. We all have our problem areas, and different positions may work better depending on what we're feeling sensitive about — be it our belly, butt, thighs, even boobs. The idea is to feel relaxed about that so we can have fun.

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One effect from taking the plunge? Stronger bones!

9 Surprising Ways Marriage Transforms Men (Says Science)

Researchers found that men, who marry before the age of 25, have far stronger bones than those who have never married or have been in a marriage that has failed. What are some other things that men can expect if they decide to take the plunge? We're here to tell you.

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According to Patti Stanger, divorced men are a "girl's best kept secret".

7 Reasons You NEED To Date A Divorced Guy

He believes in longterm commitment, the sex is better, and more reasons you shouldn't throw in the towel on a guy just because his past involves a divorce.