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Woah! 3 NSFW Safe Sex PSAs That Will Totally Make You Blush

We all know of the importance of safe sex (or at least we'd like to think so). But it never hurts to have a little refresher from time to time. The lessons are pretty simple: wear a condom, talk to your partner about their STD status and get tested regularly. But we'd like to reinforce that point with a couple silly safe sex PSAs from around the world.

66% of women and 59% of men have broken up with bad kissers

Are You A Bad Kisser? The Answer Is In This Infographic

Big news, you guys! July 6th is International Kissing Day! As if you needed another reason to smooch your favorite kisser! So skip the extra garlic on your pizza, pull the raw onions out of your sandwich, and pucker up, because this is the day that we pay homage to one of the most fun and intimate things about being human. Who doesn't love a kiss?

man camera
This guy is not here to help you. You're on your own.

The 13 Awkward Stages Of Making A Sex Video

Let's be frank; outside of porn stars in a carefully choreographed scene, most of us don't look so pretty in a sex tape (looking at you, Paris). Plus, it's awkward as hell. And here's the proof, broken down into 13 stages for your convenience.

Engagement Photo Ideas: 10 Romantic Movie Scenes To Recreate
Lights, camera, action!

10 Romantic Movie Scenes To Recreate In Your Engagement Photos

Recently, cute photos of a couple who decided to recreate the powerful scenes of The Notebook surfaced, and they are as amazing as you would think. (Despite the recent heartbreaking news that Ryan Gosling wanted Rachel McAdams kicked off their movie set). In order to keep the new photo trend going, we decided to come up with a few other scenes from romantic movies that would be perfect to recreate for engagement photos.