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The Ugly Truth I Learned About Beauty At A New York Fashion Shoot

Prada is using 14-year old girls to model adult women's fashion? At what point does the insanity of the beauty and fashion industry stop? Writer Cris Gladly spends a day behind the scenes on a New York fashion shoot and shares photos and insights from the absurdity she witnessed.

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This is a love story like no other.

This Couple's Love Story Will Have You In Tears

Never knowing what love was really like, these two people spent years struggling to be happy with their lives despite the many obstacles thrown their way. After thinking that they'd never find someone who was the perfect fit, they found each other.


Your Sweet Relationship Posts On FB Are A Sham (Says Science)

Facebook, as well as other forms of social media, have become a place where people either show only the great parts of their life, or bitch and moan about how awful everything is in the hopes of getting attention. While it seems like that latter group would be the most annoying, in reality, it’s all those "happy," people who really irk us. In fact, a new study shows that those happy people aren't really all that happy after all.

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Buckle Up, Mercury's In Retrograde! Here's What You Need To Know

In the next few days you maybe more on edge than usual thanks to Mercury Retrograde. According to Café Astrology, Mercury Retrograde is when the planet appears to move backward in orbit, but it's actually an optical illusion. This happens 3 – 4 times a year including October 4th – 25th. Why does any of this matter? Well according to your astrology sign it could make those weeks much harder on your life since Mercury controls communication! However we decided to come up with a survival guide that will get you through the Mercury Retrograde.

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5 Erogenous Zones You're Totally Overlooking

A gallery listing the five erogenous zones that people usually overlook. Most of the places wouldn't typically be sexualized, but little did we know, your libido will respond just the same (if not more) as it does with the over sexualized, foreplay goto spots.

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15 Things Hubbies Do That Make Us Fall In Love All Over Again

When I see young couples on their wedding day staring at each other and swearing they've never been more in love, I want to pull them aside and say, "Just you wait." There have been moments in my relationship with my husband where I have fallen in love with him all over again. All those butterflies come fluttering back, and I'm suddenly a twitterpated teenager with googly eyes and cartoon hearts floating above my head.