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Why Reading Is One Of The Sexiest Things A Guy Can Do

I asked the ladies their thoughts on dating someone who doesn't read, either because they find it boring or just don’t like it. Is this pretty much the worst trait in a human? Totally fine, because you don’t like reading either? Or as long as he can at least read, even if it's just articles on Gawker via their iPhone, that's OK?

Want To Be A Better Person? Share Your Pizza (Says Science)

Want To Be A Better Person? Share Your Pizza (Says Science)

A new study out of the University of Antwerp in Belgium has found that sharing with someones makes people kinder and more gentle. The study was conducted by Charlotte De Backer, who explained that because people are forced to consider the what seem to be the small things such as: "fairness" in portion size and serving orders, we are given insight on the type of person you may be.

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15 Brutally Honest Things Guys Won't Tell You About Online Dating

To assist in creating a more open discussion (or maybe just out of a sick sense of curiosity), we've asked hundreds of guys from online dating sites to share their most straight-up advice that they would never want to tell a woman to her face. Here are the most memorable 15 reactions we received.

16 Everyday Situations That Make Introverts Cringe In Horror

16 Everyday Situations That Make Introverts Cringe In Horror

Introverts are a special breed. Not only are we entirely content and at peace with just our own company, but everyday situations can sometimes flip our world on its head. Then, of course, we'll retreat back into our human-free existence wherever it is lovely and safe again. We've gotten used to do things solo; it's just how we function best.

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33% of divorced couples cite Facebook as a reason for their split.

The Real Reason Facebook Causes One-Third Of Divorces

Ah, Facebook. The social networking site that's fast becoming not just a thorn in our backsides, but the bane of our existences. If Facebook isn't selling your private information to companies these days, then it's breaking up happy marriages.

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50 Easy Holiday Recipes Your Family Will Love

The holiday season is fast approaching and that means it's time to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically. Big family get togethers can be so stressful thanks to family drama, the traveling, the decorating, the hectic shopping, and all the cooking that needs to be done. Well, we can't offer your family therapy sessions, help you book your plane ticket, pick out your tabel setting, or do any of your personal shopping for you (although personal shopper sounds like a really cool job), but we are able to help you out in the kitchen!