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couple in a relationship
It's easy to fall in love. It's harder to stay in it.

The Secret To Falling In Love — And Staying In Love

Isaiah Washington's character, Savon, from 'Love Jones' had a particular line that stuck with me from the very first viewing: "You guys are always hoppin' and fallin' in love. Love ain't what it is. It's easy to fall in love, but will someone, please, tell me how to stay there?" It initially struck me because my naive self couldn't understand it, then later struck me for its truth once I was a bit older and wiser. Where I once thought that falling in love was the difficulty, I now see Savon's point — standing and staying in it is where the real work lies.

You know, for a reason other than them being so darn cool.

Ready For A New Love Song? 7 Reasons To Date A Lead Singer

Between their charisma, fame from being the face of the band, and everything in between, you'd be silly NOT to date a lead singer if the chance arose. Here are a few other reasons why dating a lead singer might be the perfect fit for you.

couple worrying about finances
It's all smiles and sunshine until the bank statement comes in.

How Money Can Make — Or Break — Your Relationship

All relationships progress differently, but financial issues are an inevitability for any couple. The money conversation is always a hurdle, but it's an obstacle best-faced with some expert advice and honesty.