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7 Weird Things Totally Messing With Your Libido
Are you doing all the wrong things to enhance your libido?

7 Weird Things Totally Messing With Your Libido

You may think that libido is all about what's going on "down there," but there is far more to it than just that. Women, especially, can't quite get their libido into gear if other factors are messing with it For example, a new study found that smell can really kill a women's sex drive, like, completely put it out of commission.

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He Broke My Heart, So I Made Him Miserable With My Instagram

When a horrible relationship ended a few years ago, I did what I do best: got the hell out of dodge. I knew, from past experiences, that in running faraway from my home and the memories associated with it that I'd be able to heal. I also knew that I'd take so many amazing photos of my adventures that he'd see, he'd know, that I was more than capable of living without him. But the thing was we had blocked each other on Facebook and Twitter, so there was no guarantee he'd see any of this supposed gloriousness. I created a Flickr account, you know, just in case he came looking, but didn't really keep up with it—so I created an Instagram.

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Your go-to smokey eye and painted lip? Skip it on date night.

5 Things That Are Total Mood Killers (According To Men)

Your go-to smokey eye and painted lip? Skip it on date night. There are more than a handful of moves that can turn a guy off. Here are five of those things that might unexpectedly launch him right out of bed.


8 Steps To Guarantee Mind-Blowing Sex

When you've been together for awhile, the sizzle in your relationship can oftentimes reduce to a low simmer. In Joselin Linder and Elena Donovan Mauer's "Have Sex Like You Just Met," a new book due out this month, you'll find a multitude of tricks for keeping the intimacy alive, and the sex life sizzling. Because monogamy without makin' love can be very monotonous, indeed.

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7 Fab Reasons To Rock Your Winter Romance

Sometimes winter can seem like a drag—runny noses, dry skin, biting cold, days spent inside... you know the drill. Well instead of pining for the romantic rites of spring to start, focus on all of the many ways a winter affair can warm you up, pass the time and bring color to your cheeks!