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woman with peach

10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Vagina

The vagina is a truly amazing body part. It brings babies into the world, somehow rebounding to do it all over again. It gives us pleasure and is just generally the core of our womanhood (pun 100% intended). So it stands to reason that we as women should all be very familiar with our vaginas. To that end, here are 10 facts every woman should know about her lady parts.

parents arguing in front of kid

Why You Need To Start Arguing In Front Of The Kids (Says Science)

A new study has found that children who witness verbal aggression are far better equipped to deal with conflict later on in life. Not only that but, according to scientists, it's in watching the verbal disagreements of others, that people, children especially, are able to release their own tensions and it makes for better communicators in the long run.

woman getting massage

Need A Little TLC? 7 Healthy Reasons To Get A Massage ASAP

After this holiday weekend, you're probably feeling a little off. Whether you ate too much and feel bloated, or you got a little too comfortable on the couch and now have a huge kink in your neck, your body is most likely craving a little TLC right now. Before you get stressed about the December holidays and sink back into your daily routine, why not make an appointment with your masseuse?