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Why Science Says My Marriage Faces A 39% Chance Of Divorce

Why Science Says My Marriage Faces A 39% Chance Of Divorce

A study proved that one of many keys to a successful marriage is marrying someone close to your age--the closer, the better. Over 3,000 married and divorced Americans were polled, in order to examine what major factors were crucial to a successful marriage. They then found that age was one of the major components.

He Raped Me, But I Went Out With Him Again. Here's Why.
No always means no, even if we are naked in their bed.

He Raped Me, But I Went Out With Him Again. Here's Why.

He rang. And yes, I saw him again. That is the strangest part of my story. Again, like Tucker—I needed to rationalize what happened in my brain. Lovely Luke with the green eyes, who everyone adored—he couldn't be a rapist, could he? No ... it was my fault. Had to be.

singles day china
Solo and looking — or not looking? This day's for you, singles! Flickr, jpasden

5 Things You Need To Know About 11/11, Singles Day In China

11/11 is Singles Day in China, the holiday which encourages the unmarried to socialize and celebrate with single friends. Pretty awesome, huh? Here are five things you need to know about the day. And of course, how you can celebrate.

Stephanie Lucas And Cameron Robinett

How Strangers Helped A Woman Extract Sperm From Her Dead Fiancé

Stephanie Lucas, 22, was faced with the hardship of burying her fiancé, Cameron Robinett, 25, after he lost his life in a bad motorcycle accident. While his life was not saved, she was able to salvage what was left of their dreams and hopes for their future together. After discussing it with both her family, as well as Robinett's family, Lucas made the decision to extract the sperm from her dead fiancé and save it for a little later in life, when she is ready for motherhood. The sperm is good for a year from the date of the procedure.


This Just In: 82% Of Women Think Guys With THIS Look More Manly

Yes, the love affair with the beard has reached new heights with its hashtag (#BILF) that, on Instagram, will instantly bring you over 16,000 images of bearded boys in all their bearded glory. It may be Movember when mustaches are supposed to reign supreme in support of men's health awareness, but the love of the beard is keeping more guys' faces furry this month, and every month to come.

Taylor Swift from Blank Space video
Taylor Swift isn't quite as self-aware as she thinks she is.

Taylor Swift Tries Too Hard (And Rips Off Pink) In 'Blank Space'

  Taylor Swift is a thing that's going to keep happening. She keeps putting stuff out, and people make fun of her, but then a lot more people buy it. I don't know why. I seriously just don't get her appeal. It's not just because I'm not in her demographic, either.