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5 Things You Need To Survive (And Thrive!) As A Single Mom

Whether you start out from day one as a single mom or due to divorce, death, or a breakup become a single mother overnight, many of us initially think solely about survival. It's time to think about thriving. Here are five things a single mom needs in her toolkit to thrive and steer that boat!

15 Baby Annoucements Way Better Than Yours

15 Baby Annoucements Way Better Than Yours

Long are the days where a sonogram Facebook post is considered a creative baby announcement. These days, with the potential to go viral, baby announcements are all about clever pictures, pop culture references and being laugh-out-loud funny. Think you've seen some pretty epics ones? That's what we thought until we saw Meg and Becca's adorable (and unconventional) announcement, which completely won the internet this week.

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6 Reasons To Get Naughty With The Lights On

Many of us are quite accustomed to having sex with the lights off, or at the very least dimmed. Is it because sex in the light of day — or the light of light bulb?! — feels more risqué? More vulnerable? Maybe that's exactly why we should try it. Sex with the lights on brings a great deal more connection and physical openness, bringing sex to a whole new level for even the most comfortable of relationships.