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26 Reasons I Look Like A Hot Mess At School Drop Off

I'm an organized person, I really am, but mornings are a whirlwind in our home. Regardless of how hard I prep, we are always running around like chickens with our heads cut off as we head out to school and on to work. After drop-off, a mom actually commented that I looked frazzled. I tried to come up with some excuses as to why, but I couldn't come up with anything legitimate. Here, the reasons I look (and sound) like a madwoman on most school mornings.

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And the dating scene continues to be depressing...

What Do Men Really Want? Women Who Are This Age, Says Science

A couple weeks ago, thanks to some research done by OKCupid, we learned a very painful reality about the online dating world: Men don't want to date women over the age of 22. Women the world over, both those doing the online dating thing and those who are not, responded with annoyance and disappointment by the stats, yet not at all surprised. But now, because that study wasn't enough, we have another one to prove that men are delusional and, let's be honest, superficial and jerky, too. So, let's commence with some more upsetting news, shall we?

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Why ALMOST Having An Affair Saved My Marriage

My almost-affair began at my work's Christmas party. Ironically, I hated him before I had ever seen him (we'll call him Anthony) in person. He was younger than me, an arrogant writer (known for being difficult to work with) with an ego the size of Texas. I'd almost quit my job on a TV soap opera because I simply couldn't bear working with him. Our telephone fights were legendary and our emails were filled with angry, shouty capital letters. Then we met.

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This is even more reason to make sure everything is right at home!

How Your Partner's Personality Affects Your Success At Work

A relationship is, more than anything, a partnership. It's something at which you have to work, and being supportive of all your partner's endeavors is absolutely essential in the having a successful relationship. If you can't be there for your partner, to celebrate in their successes with them or hold their hand when things are rocky, then you may want to re-evaluate your relationship, because your partner's life is directly affected by you, your actions, and even your personality, too. A new study out of Washington University in St. Louis, has found that the personality of one partner can heavily affect the work success of the other.