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mom with kid and child

This Just In: Here's Why You Treat Your Dog Like Your Child

A new study has found that women really and truly think of their dogs as their children, but with more fur, obviously. Researchers looked into brain activity of a group of women who have at least one child between the ages of two and 10, and who were also dog owners at the same time. Between questionnaires and the showing the women photos of both their children and dogs, the results were quite clear: When it comes to babies and dogs, women don't see a difference. In fact, in some women, their brain responds even more strongly to photos of their dogs than their kids.

mickey-minnie cheating

9 People Who Are Going To Cheat On You (Says Science)

Let's face it, no one on earth actually wants to date a cheater but oftentimes we don't see the signs that our beloved boyfriend or girlfriend is secretly a shady little liar who's about to ruin your life. Forget him answering his second cell phone in the closet every night or her being less affectionate with you and drooling over your best friend when he walks in the room. What you really need to be asking yourself is: Is your girlfriend blonde? Is your guy addicted to Twitter? What's his name?


Forget Winning A Fight & 9 Other Truths About Dating A Lawyer

I know full well the pros and cons of dating a lawyer even though I've never personally dated one. Why? Because, my friends, I'm a lawyer. I'd love to tell you that dating a lawyer is no different than dating someone from another profession but that would be a lie. And I wouldn't lie about that. Would I lie about the weight listed on my driver's license? Yes. But about dating a lawyer? Never.

homer watching TV

Turn It Off, Guys! These 8 TV Shows Are Making You Undateable

Dating comes with a lot of compromises -- from deciding where the two of you are going to eat for dinner, to choosing what to watch when you get home. While they may be willing to let their man choose what's on the menu, there are certain TV shows that these 9 women refuse to sit through. Read on for the TV dealbreakers that these women shut off.