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Time For Fireworks! 10 Dazzling Fourth Of July Date Ideas
This 4th of July, create your own fireworks.

Time For Fireworks! 10 Dazzling Fourth Of July Date Ideas

Independence Day is one of the biggest celebrations of the summer, and it's just around the corner! If you are not independent, so to speak, it is also the perfect day to do something romantic with your significant other. Here are 10 spectacular, dazzling date ideas that will make both of your hearts go boom.

Love & Relationships: 6 Ways To Change The Way You Sleep Together
One tip? Ditch the clothes.

Want A Better Relationship? Change The Way You Sleep Together

Are you sleeping in the correct position together? Are you sleeping within the right amount of distance? What should you be wearing to bed? We have the answers for you after gathering 6 ways couples should sleep together based on studies for a better relationship.

What do the stars have in store for you?

Love Horoscopes For July 2014

Welcome to YourTango's monthly love horoscope column from astrologer Ellen Whitehurst! Look up your sign to see what the month of June has in store for you in the romance department.

Don't look so pleased with yourselves. This is a hot mess waiting to happen.

9 Things That Can Go Horribly Wrong When Dating The Boss

Plenty of people fantasize about dating their boss. And we can get that. Sure, you have a shared interest and career goals, but is that really enough to risk your job over? Read on to find the nine disastrous things that can happen when you hook up with superior.

couple in bed
"This guy gets an 'A' for effort, but an 'F' for performance."

You Can Tell How Good A Guy Is In Bed Just By Looking At Him

You can't tell how good a man is in bed by just his appearance. That would be ridiculous. Right? Actually, wrong. While there is no way to truly tell until you both hit the sheets, there are a few signals. One writer lists 13 ways to tell what he may be like in the bedroom.