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woman tape measure
"Personally, I need size and talent."

Is Bigger Better? 7 Women Weigh In On The Size-Matters Debate

We asked a few women their thoughts on penis size. We asked them to be as honest as possible, because we really want to know — we ALL want to know once and for all. Hopefully, with the women's insight below, we're one step closer to figuring out if bigger truly is better or if technique is the biggest winner of all.

Who would you pick as number 1?

The 6 Most Dysfunctional Couples In Literature

Okay, so have you ever wondered if you and your sweetie are 'normal'? You probably aren't. The fact is, we're all a little weird, in our own way. But if you really need to feel better, try out the top dysfunctional couples in these six love stories.

couple paying bills
"I always grab two of any of these items ... "

Save Together: 10 Ways To Cut Your Bills In Half

We were all blown away by Tiffany Zezula's post on cutting her grocery bill in half. As parents working to feed our families, we know all too well how those grocery bills add up. So when she shared couponing strategies that actually had her walking out of the store with more money than when she entered, well, our jaws dropped.

woman giving thumbs up while man gives thumbs down
"My ex proposed in a Safeway parking lot. I frequently wonder why I married the man."

I Do? 10 Ways Sweet Marriage Proposals Went Sour

You may be shocked by any woman's unhappiness about how her partner proposed to her, but luckily we have 10 real stories about proposals that were bad enough to make you understand.

woman looking depressed
The couple prepared for the little ones arrival by collecting donations from neighbors.

Weird News: This Couple Was Fake-Pregnant With Quintuplets

Yes, you might have thought you were pregnant once or twice due to a very delayed arrival of your period, but it turns out a woman can show multiple symptoms of being pregnant just from thinking she is. This very thing happened to a Canadian couple who was expecting not one baby, but five.

All that is sweet, in one simple hug.

New Zealand Group Offers Sexy 'First Kiss' Parody

Ah, 'First Kiss' parodies, I'll never get tired of you! The latest spoof of the romantic video (which turned out to be a crafty clothing ad) comes to us from New Zealand, and the safe-sex advocacy group Love Your Condom.