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Girl's Shopping Date
Shopping with your BFF

BFF Shopping Dates Are The New Retail Therapy

A recent study concluded that 64 percent of women and 40 percent of men have used retail therapy in an effort to improve their mood. While shopping to forget your troubles may work to certain extent, throwing your BFF into the mix is an even more effective brand of retail therapy. These four simple steps will show you how to have a successful BFF shopping date that will strengthen your bond and allow you to grow closer in your relationship.

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The Secret To Our Happy Relationship? We Ignore Each Other

I met Michael six months after I left my previous relationship and was, I think, understandably not eager to get into anything super-committed. It turned out I had good reason to be wary: I was still trying to figure out my sense of what “myself” or “Rebecca” was as an individual after being in a relationship that required me to defer to being one-half of a couple, not one whole person in a partnership with another whole person. The baggage weighed on me and made me scared of what the relationship would ask of me. Michael and I broke up twice.

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16 Tell-Tale Signs Your Guy Is Emotionally Unavailable

If you feel like you're pulling teeth with two thumbs and no anesthesia every time you try to get your guy to talk about his feelings, well, you wouldn't be alone. Plenty of men find they can't, because they're cut off from their emotions. Society still tells guys, from the time they are very little, to deny their feelings or better yet, not have them at all. Unfortunately, women are simultaneously being primed by society to believe that men should fulfill them emotionally.

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Survey says California is the worst and real ladies tell us why!

7 Reasons California Is The Absolute Worst Place To Find A Guy

Well, this may not be news to a lot of west coast women out there, but it's official ... California is the worst place to date for the straight ladies. DirtSearch.org, a free way to anonymously do background checks, conducted a survey to find the top 10 worst states to find a decent guy. California came in at number one.

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Get ready to "ooooo" and "ahhhhh" at these rescue dog Tinder profiles!

Puppy Love On Tinder: 11 Dogs We'd Swipe Right For In A Heartbeat

Getting tired of only finding lame humans on Tinder? Well now you can find some awesome rescue dogs on Tinder if you're in the New York area! Social Tees Rescues decided to make profiles for some of their dogs on the dating app. This will not only let potential dog owners view the rescues, but it will also allow you to see up a "date" in order to meet the dog! We decided to check out some of these Tinder profiles and tell you which ones we would swipe right for!

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What I actually look like, and what I sometimes feel like.

I'm a Lady with a Mustache: Love Me Anyway

"Mommy ... you know, I can see your mustache." It was one of those innocuous things kids blurt out as they observe the world, not meant to be any more or less rude than pointing out how gross it is when people smoke or that the streets of New York are filled with garbage. Some things are just true: smoking's gross, New York is filthy, and I have a mustache. I laughed at my keen little kid and replied, "Yes, I know. I like it."