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Cool Off! 5 Flirty Hairstyles For When It's A Million Degrees Out

Cool Off! 5 Flirty Hairstyles For When It's A Million Degrees Out

Summer dress? Check. Wedges? Definitely. Cute purse? Oh, yes. Hair? Uh-oh. While dressing for summer dates is fun and easy (hello, rompers and sundresses!), what you do with your hair is a whole other story ... a difficult one to get through sometimes. Blow dryers. Curling irons. Straightening tools. Ugh. Somewhere down the line, we were wired to think we need to turn up serious heat if we want to look hot on date night. But with the summer in full-force and the humidity at it's worst, the thought of heat styling (and how gross your will room get) is downright dreadful.

sperm and egg
Sorry, eating bacon is on the opposite list.

From Sex To Nuts: 9 Simple Things That Boost His Fertility

Remember when we broke your guy's heart when we told you that some of his favorite things, from eating bacon to watching TV, are fertility? Well, we're ready to talk more about his sperm — but this time we bring good news! We count down the simple foods and activities that help improve your man's chance at becoming a father.

You'll Stop Drinking Soda After Reading This Post
11 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda

This Post Will Make You Stop Drinking Soda. Like, Instantly.

Think that daily cup o' soda is something you're sneaking into your diet? Wrongo, chica. Your mouth knows what's it drinking. And even though your body craves it, your insides are screaming like a Iggy Azaela ballad.  Of course, it's hard to actually hear your gut begging for mercy, especially when your brain full of cravings and tastebuds full of desire are the entire trumpet section. It's easy to ignore the signs. It's easy to chalk your Return of Monster Teen Acne up to hormones.

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This Just In: Tuesdays Are Prime Sexting Time

According to a new poll carried out by Retina-X Studios that analyzed answers from 4,800 people, they found that most of us send our naughtiest texts on Tuesday mornings between 10 am and noon. Researchers also found that iPhone users were twice as likely to sext on Tuesday mornings than Android users were.


How The Silent Treatment Is Destroying Your Relationship

A study led by Paul Schrodt at the Texas Christian University, has found that nothing good ever comes from giving your partner the silent treatment. You may think you’re proving some sort of point, but you’re actually just messing up your relationship and damaging your own health.

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Here's Why Men Want Love And Women Want Money

Call me old fashioned, but I've always been of the mindset that, yes, money can buy love. You know, because it can. Do you really think rich 75-year-old men would be able to land the beautiful young women that they do, if they didn't have all that extra cash to share? I may want to be financially independent, but I'm not above having my partner share his wealth with me, so yeah, I'd sign up for the old dude. Maybe. Possibly. OK, only if he looked like Patrick Stewart. Everyone loves Patrick Stewart.

2 ingredients cookies

Real Girl Food: 2-Minute, 2-Ingredient Cookies

Modern gals, we've heard your cries. You've been told you can have it all; A career, a kid, and your cake, too. But we all know that's bollocks. With a million, trillion things on our plate everyday, it's easy to be too tuckered out for, well, anything. Especially for THAT THING. (Yes, I'm talking about sex.)