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Who wouldn't adore Betty White?

17 Reasons We're All In Love With Betty White

Happy birthday to someone literally everyone in the world loves, Betty White! Everyone's favorite television icon is celebrating her 93rd birthday today. From The Mary Tyler Moore Show to The Golden Girls to Hot In Cleveland to Off Their Rockers, Betty White has captured the hearts of four generations, and with good reason: She can play promiscuous (she was almost cast as Blanche Devereaux!), do the "dumb blonde" thing ("Back in St.

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What I Realized When He Told Me He's Not 'In Love' With Me

The first time he told me that he didn't love me we were standing on the corner of East 2nd Street and Avenue A in the East Village. I had spilled my guts (and heart) out to him, and what came back wasn't enough for me. He cared about me, thought I was fun, beautiful, sexy, and yes, he loved me, but he wasn't in love with me. As he told me that night, he would never be in love with me. It was something that he just knew. But once you make peace with this fact, then you realize that it's not about something you're lacking or even something of which you have too much. Sure, it's not a pretty conclusion that wraps up everything in a perfect red bow, but it is still a conclusion: I loved him in a way he couldn't love me. That's that.

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I Tried The Tinder For Beards And Damn, It's Rough Out There

When you spot an attractive man, do you think to yourself: He would be much better looking if he grew a beard? When you watch The Notebook, do you find yourself looking forward to the part where Ryan Gosling completely lets himself go and sprouts a full face rug? Do the brothers on Duck Dynasty hold a certain kind of appeal for you? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, the new dating app Bristlr will probably make you pretty happy.

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How Dating A Personal Trainer Has Totally Changed My Body Image

We first met in acting class. He, a strong and sculpted health nut. Me, a then chubby drinker. On our first date, as I sucked down a pint of Hoegaarden, I asked him if he also wanted a beer. He explained that he wasn't into empty calories. The first time I slept over his place in the morning he made me a gorgeous egg white omelet with sprouted wheat bread, noting how every day should begin with a rich source of protein. After a few weeks of living together he asked, "so is the only exercise you do just walking?" Yup, my boyfriend is a personal trainer.

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Zip It! 5 Things Your Guy Doesn't Need To Know

Having someone to talk to and confide in is one of the beautiful perks of being in a relationship. But if you think it's best to maintain a keep-no-secrets level of closeness, we've got to warn you: Not every detail has to be shared. Here are 5 things your boyfriend doesn't need to know.

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5 Things You Need To Survive (And Thrive!) As A Single Mom

Whether you start out from day one as a single mom or due to divorce, death, or a breakup become a single mother overnight, many of us initially think solely about survival. It's time to think about thriving. Here are five things a single mom needs in her toolkit to thrive and steer that boat!