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How Long It REALLY Takes To Get Over A Breakup (Says Science)

When it comes to breakup mourning time many people have a mythical formula of how long it last. Some thing it's half as long as the relationship, some people think it's about a month. Of course most situations are unique since there are many circumstances a breakup can come about, but a new study has found that young adults mourn a relationship for a certain average amount of time.

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This Rainbow Krispy Cake Will Earn You Hostess With The Mostess

The theme for the party was 'old-fashioned fun.' We kept it simple and played Pin-the-Tail on the Donkey, Musical Chairs, and Bingo. There were chicken skewers and fruit cups for lunch, then we pulled out a chili-pepper pinata and let the kids go all hogwild on that pepper's arse until candy fell from the sky.

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I Broke Up With My Birth Control Pills To Save My Relationship

If you're skeptical of how birth control pills can almost ruin a relationship, then I kind of envy you, because you've obviously never experienced what I did. My birth control pills toyed with my emotions so badly that they made me feel like a different person. For over a year, I barely felt like myself.