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30 days without makeup

I Went 30 Days Without Makeup And Yikes! Never Again

One of the things I remember most about being a little girl is sneaking into my mom's room and staring at the different colors of eye shadow and blush, dreaming of the day when I could paint my own face. Those days are long gone. I'm in my mid-thirties, have been wearing makeup half my life, and no longer feel excitement, but rather apprehension, upon realizing I need a new tube of $30 mascara (that sh*t is expensive!).

couple in bed
Red hot! Gingers have a 41 percent orgasm rate.

Be Jealous: These 10 People Are Having More Orgasms Than You

In their 4th annual study, Singles in America, Match.com got down and dirty to see exactly who out there is having the most orgasms. Thanks to this very precious knowledge, we can now all orgasm all the time by forcing ourselves to become a member of one of the following groups. Besides, you wanted to change careers anyway.


What Women Really Think … Of Men (Or Ladies) They ‘Poach’

When I wrote about how "poached" men make for the most dreadful and unreliable boyfriends, I thought it would make for a good "What Women Really Think…" Like me, who made such a dumb mistake in my younger days, the study pointed out that poaching it's exactly uncommon. I already know more than a few friends who had found themselves in such a predicament, so I thought I’d throw it out there for this week’s crowdsourcing question.


Dislike! The 5 Most Annoying Facebook Couples

For anyone who is remotely active on Facebook, you no doubt have been faced at some point with inane updates on one of your friend's kid's colds or how wedding-planning was coming along for one of your engaged friends. Their updates are filled with flowery adjectives and almost always include the words "amazing," "luckiest," and "best! ever!" So, without further ado, I present Facebook's Five Most Annoying Couples, after the jump.

breakup text

Sry, L8r! 9 Worst Breakup Texts Ever

By 2018, every 9-year-old will be able to compose a beautiful, handwritten letter ostensibly absolving the dumpee of all blame while leaving them with haunting doubts about every aspect of their appearance and character," explained Minister for Schools David Laws to The Daily Mash. This is definitely an optimistic view of the future for break ups.