The Liberating Side of Being Together

Friends have more sex
Want better sex? Find better friends ... well, sort of.

Is Good Sex Contagious?

We already knew that your inner circle could affect your drinking habits and weight, but now, a new study from the University of Colorado — Boulder, says that your sex life and consequently your happiness, are affected by the sex lives of your friends.

How To Have 'Vacation Sex' Without Ever Leaving Your Bedroom
Go ahead — order room service er ... or should we say — takeout.

How To Have 'Vacation Sex' Without Ever Leaving Your Bedroom

Let's be serious — vacation sex is simply superior. New surroundings, a break from the daily grind, maybe even a tropical breeze, are just a few of the elements that elevate the experience from mundane to mind-blowing. But, if skipping town isn't an option, here are 6 ways to have staycation sex right from the comfort of your own bedroom.

romantic love quotes
What's the most romantic thing you've ever heard someone say?

50 Most Inspiring Romantic Quotes

Love makes us starry-eyed; it makes us swoon. It makes us want to write sonnets and dance until dawn. It's also inspired some of the most beautiful words ever uttered in the English language. That's why we've rounded up the top 50 most romantic love quotes as said by celebrities and lovers around the world and across time.

Complimenting Him in a Relationship
Say the words that will bring him closer!

How To Give Compliments That Encourage Intimacy

We asked YourTango Expert and dating expert Dina Colado for some advice on how to find that sweet spot that'll make you your man's sanctuary of self-esteem.

brain and sex
Did you know you can 'think' your way to an orgasm?

Your Brain On Sex: 4 Ways To Use Human Physiology In Your Bedroom

In the past ten years, advances in brain-imaging technology have allowed scientists to see first-hand the avalanche of chemical activity in the brain during sex. The brain truly is the the center of desire. So what exactly have they learned? And how can you use it to avoid the situation above? YourTango reports.

apps for enhancing intimacy
Who said technology ruins romance?

The 7 Best Apps For Enhancing Intimacy

Though 'smart phone' and 'sex life' may seem like polar opposites, your device can actually help heat up your relationship. The key? Knowing which intimacy-enhancing apps are actually worth the download.