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The Best Places To Have Sex—According To YT Readers
Go out for a drive ... and then park the car!

The Best Places To Have Sex—According To YT Readers

As part of our recent Durex® & YourTango reader survey, we asked: Where have you and your partner had the best sex? Ask this question in person and you're sure to see a twinkle in the respondents' eye, a sly smile on his or her face. For most of us, our best sexual experiences aren't soon forgotten. Read on to see the list of YourTango readers' eight most memorable sexy-time locales.

Couples Put Sexy Products To The Test
No complaints about this kind of test!

4 Couples Put Sexy Products To The Test—Read Their Reviews!

YourTango and Durex® sent 4 couples the latest lubes, vibrators, massage oils and more—and asked them to take them for a test Did these sex enhancers prove to be secret sparks or did they leave something to be desired?

14 Super Strange Places To Have Sex
They did what? Where?!

14 Super Strange Places To Have Sex

YourTango & Durex recently surveyed a thousand people all about sex, including the craziest place they'd ever gotten it on. What follows is a list of the unique and unexpected locations where YourTango readers have gotten lucky. Read on and get inspired to find your own naughty nook, cranny or appliance on which to get busy.

Couple wins trip to Mexico
Lucky in love and off to the beach!

Two Lucky Lovebirds Are Off To "Get Closer" In Mexico!

In a stroke of good fortune, a newly-engaged couple took home a romantic vacation for two to Riviera Maya, Mexico, the grand prize of the YourTango and Durex® "Get Closer, Go Further" sweepstakes.

7 Women Come Clean About Their Secret Bedroom Personas
I may have to 'whip' you into shape.

7 Women Come Clean About Their Secret Bedroom Personas

If you've ever fantasized about being a small time secretary seduced by a big time exec, or a stranded civilian who gets rescued and ravished by a hunky cop, you're not alone! Seven women come clean about the secret bedroom personas that they'd love to act out with their man.

Sex & Music: The 5 Sexiest Albums To Download Tonight
What's your favorite love track?

The 5 Sexiest Albums To Download, Tonight

There's no better way to set the mood than to dim the lights and turn on the ultimate aphrodisiac — music. The trick? Knowing which tunes will turn your partner on without completely distracting you both from the task at hand. To help you select your soundtrack, we've compiled a list of the sexiest records across several genres to accompany your next love-making session.

How I Revealed My Secret Sex Fantasy For The First Time
"My ex used to wear glasses ... He looked insanely hot in them—like a Jewish Clark Kent."

How I Revealed My Secret Sex Fantasy For The First Time

From nerd glasses to champagne bathing, these ladies longed to get inventive in the bedroom. Read about how they let their partners in on their kinky plans for the first time, and the guys' (sometimes) surprising reactions.

Erotic fiction for couples
These "bedtime stories" will put you in the mood!

The Top 6 Erotic Books To Read With Your Lover, Tonight

Reading and enjoying erotica no longer needs to be kept a private pastime. From self-help guides, cheap romance paperbacks, contemporary thought provoking novels to the hardcore down and dirty—sharing written erotica with your lover can lead to a whole new avenue for sexual dialogue.