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'Happily Ever After' isn't always so happy.

13 Signs You May Need Marriage Counseling

Often times, we don't go into a relationship with the tools to manage the challenges, which is where the pros come in. And by pros, I mean a counselor or therapist who can help you learn new ways of relating to your partner. The question is: When do you know it's time to consider marriage counseling?

JWOWW and Roger.
Catch our favorite reality tv couple JWOWW and Roger on MBC starting May 30th!

9 Love Quotes From Marriage Boot Camp To Apply To Your Life

From the best ways to overcome relationship challenges to lessons on how to show your partner that you care, these love quotes from WE tv's Marriage Boot Camp series are guaranteed to inspire and ignite passion into your own life.

marriage boot camp
'Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars' premieres May 30 on We tv.

10 Things We Learned About Relationships From MBC Reality Stars

Relationships take work — sometimes a lot of work. As powerful as love is, it's not always enough. And there's no show on TV that showcases this better than We tv's Marriage Boot Camp. What can you learn from these broken relationships being put to the test? Check out some of the biggest lessons we've learned from MBC Reality Stars below.

Roger and JWoww.
Every couple has gone through rough patches, MBC reality stars JWoww and Roger included.

6 Couples Therapy Exercises You Can Try At Home

We’ve all watched enough reality television to know things could be a lot worse with our relationships. Angry yelling matches, threats of divorce, and even drinks to the face can occur. But couples therapy isn’t just for the dysfunctional pair.