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Thoughts On Love In Six Words

Ah, love stories. The drama! The butterflies! The humor and heartache! Here at YourTango, we can't get enough of love and relationships (uh, clearly), but it's not often that we share our own tales of love. While writing "Love In The Time Of Twitter" about SMITH magazine's new book Six-Word Memoirs On Love & Heartbreak By Writers Famous & Obscure, I asked the YT team to contribute six-word love and relationship memoirs of their own.

Highlights From The "Break Your Resolutions" Party

Highlights From The "Break Your Resolutions" Party

Last Thursday, friends, advisors and staff of YourTango gathered to celebrate the site's continuing growth and thriving community—and break some of those pesky New Year's resolutions. Here are some highlights from the party, which included plenty of drinks, sweets and Cheez Whiz (which, evidently, did not follow grunge out of style in the '90s).

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A Great Start To The New Year At YourTango

YourTango had it's best month in terms of traffic in December 2008. Our New Year's resolution is to make it even better in 2009. We'll keep you up-to-speed on our unique visitors. Also, check out Radical Media's Iconoclasts.

YourTango and a Rockette

YourTango's Holiday Party

YourTango had a sweet holiday party and here's the recap. Keep in mind that Absolut Pear was prominently involved. As were Christmas presents and Rachel Kramer Bussel.

you are the experts

YOU Are the Experts

Qualified therapists can tell you what science and history have to say about various relationship issues.  But who knows more than someone who has been through the same exact issue as you?  I am, by no means, discouraging therapy as it’s an incredibly valuable tool for a healthy life.  However, there is tremendous value in a personal understanding of raw human behavior as it relates to a specific situation.  And by that I can be extremely helpful to talk to someone who has "been there".  We know that relationships can be very complicated and situations can get very specific.  Our goal at YourTango is to help you find each other and connect around common relationship issues (good and bad).  Comment, rate comments, use our forums and meet people who share your views and experiences.  Learn, share, connect and affirm...because after all, you are the experts.

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Introducing Inside YourTango

Inside YourTango is our new blog to find out what's all going on, well, inside YourTango. This time around, we got into Google News, restarting our YourTango Tease newsletter, discuss partners and watch "Love, Actually."