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kevin osgood

Meet The Staff: Video Producer Kevin Osgood

Recently, the YourTango video—Facebook Manners and You—was named as an official honoree in the 2010 Webby Awards. The video had gone viral the year before, so we sort of knew that it was destined for greatness. The man behind the camera? Coordinating video producer Kevin Osgood.

melanie gorman

Meet The Staff: Senior VP YourTango Experts Melanie Gorman

We've already established that the YourTango staff is made up of a bunch of multitasking workaholics. And it's no different when it comes to our Senior VP, Melanie Gorman. In fact, Gorman is so well-rounded—and has such an amazing background in the mental health field—that we've also placed her in charge of our newest project for relationship professionals: YourTango Experts.

love birds twitter dating

Tom Miller And Julie Spira Talk Online Dating

This past week, tweeps everywhere crowded into the 92nd Street Y in New York City for the 2010 140 Characters Conference. For two days, people sat rapt, with smartphones and laptops at their sides, while live-tweeting panels on real-time news gathering, social media and education, tweetups and more. Our own Tom Miller—YourTango's General Manager and Tomfoolery blogger—joined author and dating coach Julie Spira to talk about Love, Dating and Romance in the Real-Time Web.

rachel greenwald have him at hello

Rachel Greenwald Knows Why Your Date Didn't Call

Last night, Melanie Gorman of YourTango and Dating Makeover Coach Kira Sabin teamed up with Rachel Greenwald—the author of Have Him at Hello—for the third telechat in our Girls' Night In teleseries. After putting on our jammies and pouring some wine, we settled in as Gorman and Sabin grilled Greenwald on what we all wanted to know most: Why didn't he call?

facebook manners and you webby awards yourtango

YourTango Video Is A 2010 Webby Award Honoree

About a year ago, YourTango's video team created the extremely popular Facebook Manners and You, an extended webisode spotlighting a couple apparently incapable of conducting themselves properly on Facebook. The video served to teach viewers the dos and don'ts of Facebook breakups. We'd like to announce that this video has just been named an official honoree in the 2010 Webby Awards.

Claire Daniel

Meet The Staff: Celebrity Editor Claire Daniel

The YourTango staff is like a well-oiled machine. We dutifully devour books on settling for Mr. Good Enough, edit essays and blog posts that bring you the love advice you're craving, and make sure the site both looks pretty and runs smoothly. Meanwhile, Celebrity Editor Claire Daniel does the tough, down-and-dirty work. Heading up a crack team of in-the-know bloggers, Claire keeps us up-to-date on celebrity love stories, heartbreaks and outright scandals on YourTango's Celeb Love blog.

lisa steadman

Recap: Lisa Steadman Helps Us Manifest Mr. Right

Last night marked the second telechat in our four-week, Girls' Night In teleseries (the first featured Lori Gottlieb, author of Marry Him, and set the tone for a month filled with fabulous, free love advice). Our guest of honor was Lisa Steadman, the author of If He's Not the One, Who Is? and It's a Breakup, Not a Breakdown and, after kicking back with glasses of wine, our phones glued to our ears, we settled in to learn about how to manifest Mr. Right.

lori gottlieb marry him

Recap: Lori Gottlieb Redefines Settling

Last Monday, Lori Gottlieb—author of Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr. Good Enough—joined us in a live telechat hosted by the dating makeover coach Kira Sabin and our own Melanie Gorman. She joined women across the country who were tuning in via their telephones and submitted herself to our questions and pleas for love enlightenment. The meat of her message? We're not keeping ourselves open to love.

Meet The Staff: Executive VP Brett Shamosh

Meet The Staff: Executive VP Brett Shamosh

We don't see a lot of of our Executive Vice President around the office (he telecommutes from home for part of the week, that lucky duck), but the ever-elusive Brett Shamosh has a lot going on behind the scenes. Allegedly (kidding!), he oversees all of YourTango's digital operations, including development, design, production, and ad operations. And on top of all that, he also handles business development. So basically, he makes sure that you have a site to look at, and that it looks pretty. Among other things.

Meet The Staff: General Manager Tom Miller

Meet The Staff: General Manager Tom Miller

With a staff as small as ours, it stands to reason that pretty much each one of us does the work of about 10 different people. It's no different with General Manager Tom Miller, who—on a constant high somehow unamplified by either caffeine or coke—makes us snort with his daily Tomfoolery posts, giving us just an eensy peep into the male mind; plays movie star in a good number of our web videos; and handles the day-to-day office-type stuff that the rest of us hate. Like, um, paying us so that we can buy new shoes. All that and he still manages to keep that hair of his looking perfect.